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  • Latin name: Vasar
  • ATH code: C09CA03
  • Active ingredient: Valsartan
  • Producer: Actavis Group (Bulgaria)


Active ingredient is Valsartan.

As additional ingredients are present:

  • cellulose microcrystallic;
  • silicon colloid anhydrous;
  • lactoses monohydrate;
  • povidone;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • talc;
  • croscarmellose sodium.

Release form

Is issued in the form of tablets on 40 mg, 80 mg, 160 mg and 320 mg of Valsartan.

One packaging may contain from 30 to 90 tablets.

Pharmacological action

Hypotensive (anti-hypertensive).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Valsartan is active agent of drug and treats group of blockers of receptors of angiotensin II. Selectively affecting the receptors which are responsible for angiotensin II regulates cardiovascular function without blocking and without tying other hormonal receptors or ion channels.

Anti-hypertensive action of Valsartan is shown in 120 minutes after reception of a single dose and reaches the maximum value for 4-6 hours. The hypotensive effect of a single dose proceeds within 24 hours. At everyday reception full stabilization of arterial pressure is observed in 2-4 weeks and remains in such indicators throughout all further course of therapy.

At insufficient efficiency of Vazar appoint Vazar of N, hypotensive action which 10 times more, because of presence at its structure of a hydrochlorothiazide. Actually difference Vazar and Vazar N. also consists in it.

The termination of therapy by Vazar does not lead to a withdrawal. Small cumulation of drug at repeated reception is observed.

After oral administration of a tablet of Vazar it is well and quickly absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract.

Absolute biological availability makes 23%.

Contacts proteins of plasma for 94 — 97%.

It is brought out of an organism in not changed look through intestines (83%) and kidneys (13%).

Indications to use

Drug Vazar is used for therapy of arterial hypertension, and also pathologies of cardiovascular system which are followed by symptoms of chronic heart failure.


  • serious illness of a liver, including cirrhosis;
  • bile outflow disturbances;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • renal failures, including carrying out hemodialysis;
  • hypersensitivity to Valsartan or other components of drug.

Side effects

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug Vazar, for convenience of appointment, is issued in a different dosage from 80 mg to 320 mg. Due to the disease severity and specific features of an organism recommend reception of medicine with the different content of active ingredient.

The instruction on Vazar of 160 mg recommends this dose as an average daily therapeutic dose of drug at therapy of arterial hypertension. According to indications, at inefficiency of this dose, it can be increased to the maximum dose — 320 mg, accepted one or two times a day. Drug Vazar of 160 mg can be combined with other hypotensive medicines.

At CHF (chronic heart failure) the one-time initial drug dose makes 40 mg — 1 tablet of 40 mg or a half of a tablet of 80 mg. The following dose can make 80 mg — 1 tablet of 80 mg or, at use of a dose of 160 mg, a half of a tablet Vazar, the application instruction of drug Vazar of 80 mg recommends gradual increase of this dose to a single dose of 160 mg.

The single dose is accepted by two times a day (in the morning and in the evening), before achievement of the maximum effect. Then, depending on portability of drug, make correction of its dose to minimum effective. Do not recommend to exceed the maximum daily dose in 320 mg.

At a myocardial infarction, in its postinfarction period, the initial single dose of Valsartan makes 20 mg (a tablet of 40 mg divided in half), two times a day. For several next weeks it is possible to increase an initial dose to the maximum single dose — 160 mg, two times a day.

Vazar's pill is taken orally (inside) washing down with water. Meal does not influence time of administration of drug. Only the attending physician can determine duration of a therapeutic course.


At overdose by drug development of the arterial hypotension which is followed by dizziness is possible.

To the patient recommend to accept horizontal position and carry out parenteral administration of saline solutions.

Because of considerable linkng of Valsartan with proteins of plasma purpose of a dialysis is not effective.


Parallel use with Vazar of the kaliysberegayushchy diuretics, drugs of potassium or drugs increasing its concentration demands extra care and control over the content of potassium in blood.

At joint reception of Vazar and Glibenclamidum, Cimetidinum, Indometacin, Atenolola, Furosemide, Digoxin, Warfarin, the Hydrochlorothiazide, Amlodipin their clinically significant interaction is not observed.

Purpose of other hypotensive medicines can lead to strengthening of anti-hypertensive effect of Valsartan.

The combined reception of NPVS causes lowering of hypotensive action, and also can promote a reversible renal failure. In certain cases at patients with a renal failure and patients at advanced age the acute renal failure can develop.

Terms of sale

Drug Vazar is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

4 years.

Special instructions

Drug Vazar demands careful appointment to patients with a renal artery stenosis, and also in case of parallel use of kaliysberegayushchy diuretics and drugs of potassium.

Reception of high doses of diuretic drugs can lead to development of symptomatic hypotension, because of decrease in volume of the circulating blood and level of sodium.

At the initial stage of therapy of HSN, at cirrhosis, in the postinfarction period, a concomitant use of APF inhibitors it is necessary to appoint Vazar with extra care and under constant medical control.

At liver pathologies the daily dose of Valsartan should not exceed 80 mg.



  • Vazaractavis (Malta)
  • Vazar90
  • Vazaractavis (Malta)
  • Vazar HActavis (Malta)
  • Vazar H30


  • Vazar of N of table p / about 160 mg / 12.5 mg No. 30aktavis Group
  • Vazar of N of table p / about 160 mg / 12.5 mg No. 30aktavis Group
  • Vazar of N of table p / about 160 mg / 12.5 mg No. 30aktavis Group
  • Vazar of N of table p / about 160 mg / 12.5 mg No. 30aktavis Group
  • Vazar of N of table p / about 160 mg / 12.5 mg No. 30aktavis Group


  • Vazar of 40 mg No. 30 tabl.p.p.o.balkanpharma-Dupnitza AD (Bulgaria)
  • Vazar of 160 mg No. 30 tabl.p.p.o. Aktavis Ltd for JSC Farm.zavod EGIS, Hungary (Malta)
  • Vazar of 80 mg No. 30 tabl.p.p.o. Aktavis Ltd for JSC Farm.zavod EGIS, Hungary (Malta)
  • Vazar of N of 80/12,5 mg No. 30 tabl.p.p.o. Aktavis Ltd for JSC Farm.zavod EGIS, Hungary (Malta)
  • Vazar of N of 160 mg / 12,5 mg No. 30 tabl.p.p.o. Aktavis Ltd for JSC Farm.zavod EGIS, Hungary (Malta)
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