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  • Latin name: Velaxin
  • ATH code: N06AX16
  • Active ingredient: Venlafaksin (Venlafaxine)
  • Producer: EGIS PHARMACEUTICALS, Plc (Hungary)


Velaksin includes in structure active agent — venlafaksin. Additional components of tablets: lactoses monohydrate, starch sodium glycollate (type A), magnesium stearate, MKTs, silicon dioxide colloid anhydrous.

Capsules include such auxiliary components as microcrystallic cellulose, ethyl cellulose, dimetikon, kopovidon, gum xanthane, sodium chloride, talc, potassium chloride, silicon dioxide colloid anhydrous, ferrous oxide yellow. Their cover consists of titanium dioxide, ferrous oxide yellow, ferrous oxide red, gelatin.

Release form

Medicine is on sale in tablets and capsules. Flat tablets of white color have the round form with a facet on one party. Capsules are firm, gelatinous, have a cover of an orange-brown shade and the colourless transparent basis. Both inodorous dosage forms or almost inodorous.

Pharmacological action

Velaksin is antidepressant.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

By the chemical nature this medicine does not belong to one of the known classes of antidepressants.

Its action is connected with strengthening of neyrotransmitterny activity in a nervous system. It is powerful inhibitor of the return serotonin reuptake and noradrenaline. Venlafaksin and his metabolite poorly block the return capture of dopamine neurons. They with identical efficiency influence the return capture of neurotransmitters and suppress beta and adrenergic reactions.

Extent of absorption of active component after reception of a one-time dosage – 92%. Bioavailability makes 45%. Capsules Velaksin of the prolonged action differ in slower absorption, but have the same extent of absorption, as a tablet.

After intake the maximum concentration of active ingredient and its metabolite in a blood plasma is observed about 6 and 8 hours later, respectively. Absorption speed from capsules of the prolonged action is less than the speed of elimination. Time of semi-removal of active component at reception of capsules of the prolonged action about 15 hours.

Extent of communication of a venlafaksin with proteins of plasma – 27%, its metabolite – 30%. At administration of drug during food indicators of the maximum concentration and extent of absorption do not change.

Medicine in the form of active agent and its metabolites is removed mainly through kidneys. Some insoluble part of microspheres of capsules of the prolonged action is allocated with a stake.

In case of a renal and/or liver failure time of semi-removal increases.

Indications to use

Medicine is applied at depressions of various origin, and also social and generalized alarming frustration.


Drug is contraindicated to use at:

With care it is appointed in case of recently postponed myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, spasms in the anamnesis, closed-angle glaucoma, predisposition of integuments and mucous to bleedings, unstable stenocardia, tachycardia, increase of intraocular pressure, maniacal states in the anamnesis, the small weight of the patient.

Side effects

Side effects of Velaksin depend generally on a dosage. At long therapy weight and frequency of the majority of negative manifestations decrease. There is no need to cancel treatment.

At administration of drug the following undesirable side effects are possible:

  • weakness;
  • headache;
  • fever;
  • increased fatigue;
  • painful feelings in a stomach;
  • temperature increase;
  • TsNS: dizziness, overexcitement, sleeplessness, drowsiness, unusual dreams, confusion of consciousness, paresthesia, alarm, increase of a muscle tone, apathy, myoclonus, hallucinations;
  • sense bodys: accommodation disturbance, vision disorder, mydriasis, feeling of a sonitus, taste disturbance;
  • skin: perspiration, skin rash, itch, reactions of a photosensitivity, makulopapulezny rashes, Quincke's edema, small tortoiseshell;
  • metabolism: increase in content of cholesterol in blood serum, weight reduction, a hyponatremia, disturbance of laboratory liver function tests, a syndrome of insufficient secretion of ADG;
  • digestive tract: obtusion of feeling of hunger, nausea, dryness in a mouth, a lock, vomiting, a bruxism, reversible increase of activity of enzymes of a liver;
  • cardiovascular system: arterial hypertension, cardiopalmus, expansion of blood vessels, orthostatic hypotension, tachycardia, faints;
  • system of a hemopoiesis: hemorrhages in skin and mucous;
  • urinogenital system: problems with an ejaculation, anorgazmiya, disturbance of an erection, reduction of a libido, menorrhagia, disturbance of a menstrual cycle, ischuria;
  • musculoskeletal system: arthralgia, mialgiya, muscular spasm.

The following manifestations are in rare instances observed: bleeding in a gastrointestinal tract, pancreatitis, an ataxy, a hypomania, convulsive attacks, disturbances of the speech, mania; manifestations which remind an antipsychotic malignant syndrome; serotonergic syndrome, nonsense, extrapyramidal frustration, psychomotor excitement or akathisia, late dyskinesia, arrhythmia, lengthening of an interval of QT, fibrillation of ventricles, thrombocytopenia, lengthening of a bleeding time, agranulocytosis, neutropenia, aplastic anemia, pancytopenia, alopecia, Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, mnogoformny erythema, galactorrhoea, hepatitis, increase in level of prolactin, rabdomioliz.

After sharp drug withdrawal or reduction of a dosage increased fatigue, a headache, vomiting, dryness in a mouth, diarrhea, excessive concern, a disorientation, paresthesias, drowsiness, nausea, anorexia, dizziness, sleeplessness, alarm, a hypomania, the increased perspiration are possible.

Because of a possibility of emergence of similar symptoms the dosage of medicine should be reduced gradually. The period during which it is necessary to reduce a dose depends on specific features: sizes of a dosage, features of a disease, treatment duration.

Application instruction of Velaksin (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Velaksin reports that capsules and tablets should be used during meals, washing down with water. They cannot be crumbled, chewed or dissolved. The daily dosage is accepted in one step, in morning or an evening. It is necessary to do it every day in the same hour.

At a depression the application instruction recommends a daily dosage in 75 mg.

In need of reception of higher doses it is recommended to begin with 150 mg. The day dosage is increased by 37,5–75 mg with an interval of at least 14 days. The maximum dose recommended by specialists makes 225 mg in case of moderately expressed depression. It is desirable for the expressed depression to accept 350 mg at much. When the necessary effect is reached, the dosage is gradually reduced to minimum effective in each case. The accepted dose is higher, the emergence of side reactions is more probable.

Acute episodes of a depression are treated not less than half a year.

The dosages shown for prevention of recurrence of a disease are similar to those which are accepted for therapy of patients with primary episode. It is necessary to inspect the patient not less once in 3 months for control of efficiency of treatment.

At generalized and social alarming frustration appoint usually 75 mg for reception of times a day. As much as possible after 14 days of treatment improvement has to be noticeable. If the effect did not come, the dosage can be raised to 150 mg.

The patients with a depression taking a pill can be transferred to reception of capsules of the prolonged action in an equivalent dosage. In certain cases doses are required to be corrected.

The patient with a renal failure in case of a glomerular filtration rate from 10 to 30 ml/min. the dosage is reduced in a half. If a glomerular filtration rate to 10 ml/min., administration of drug is undesirable as information on carrying out therapy at such patients has not enough.

In case of moderately expressed liver failure it is desirable to reduce a dosage in a half. At increase in the accepted dosages of the patient has to be under constant medical control.

To patients at advanced age drug is appointed with care. The dosage has to be minimum effective. In case of increase in a dose patients have to contain under medical control.

When medicine in high dosages was used for 6 weeks, not less than 14 days are desirable to reduce gradually a dose. The general duration of the period of reduction of a dosage is defined in an individual order.


The following manifestations of overdose are possible: changes ECG, bradycardia, spasms, sinus or ventricular tachycardia, hypotension, changes of consciousness. There are messages on deaths.

Therapy is symptomatic. The specific antidote does not exist. It is recommended to control and support the vital functions of an organism constantly. In certain cases it is possible to appoint Absorbent carbon to slow down medicine absorption. It is not desirable to cause vomiting specially. The dialysis is inefficient.


The combination to MAO inhibitors is contraindicated. After the end of their reception it is necessary to wait not less than 2 weeks. In case of reception of the MAO reversible inhibitors time can be reduced to days. And after end of a course of Velaksin use of MAO inhibitors it is possible to begin a minimum a week later.

At a concomitant use with lithium its concentration can increase.

The combination to Imipraminum leads to strengthening of action of its main metabolites desipramine and 2-IT-Imipraminum.

At interaction with the Haloperidol its content in blood increases, and also its action amplifies.

The combination to Clozapine can lead to increase of its content in plasma and emergence of negative side reactions.

Alcohol intake at Velaksin's reception is undesirable. At a combination to alcoholic drinks and/or other psychotropic medicines there were messages on a lethal outcome.

With care it is necessary to appoint drug at a combination to the drugs inhibiting CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 enzymes.

The combination to Warfarin can increase its anticoagulating action.

Terms of sale

Is on sale according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep medicine dry. Optimum temperature is up to 30 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

Five years.

About Velaksin

Velaksin, his minuses and pluses, are often discussed on the Internet recently. The majority of responses report about emergence of side effects at administration of drug. Especially often patients complain of dependence and emergence of a withdrawal. Nearly all About Velaksin report that it is very difficult to reduce a drug dosage.

At use of medicine especially often tell about such by-effects as weakness, spasms, sleeplessness, drowsiness, disturbances of thinking, confusion of consciousness, a depression. Some patients report that negative reactions remained also after completion of therapy.

At the same time comments of doctors on Velaksin in many cases are positive. Some specialists still continue to claim that medicine is safe, and only abusing this means can get to physical and psychological dependence.

Most of patients do not agree with it. They claim that they accepted drug strictly according to the instruction, but at the same time received a set of negative effects. More than 2000 patients even signed the petition and sent it to the producer. The text of the petition reports about there that at reception of this means serious side reactions including during drug withdrawal are observed.

Those who tried this means and became dependent on it or were influenced by negative effects, claim that risks from its reception are many times higher, declared by medical community.

Velaksin's price where to buy

Velaksin's price differs depending on a release form. Tablets of 37,5 mg on 28 pieces in packaging cost about 660 rubles. In a dosage of 75 mg (28 pieces in packaging) them can be bought on average for 850 rubles. Velaksin's price in capsules of 150 mg on 28 pieces in a cardboard pack – about 1600 rubles. Capsules of 75 mg (28 pieces in packaging) cost about 900 rubles.


  • Velaksin 37,5mg No. 28 tabletkiegis
  • Velaksin of 75 mg No. 28 tabletkiegis
  • Velaksin of 150 mg No. 28 of a capsule pro-longum. deystviyaegis
  • Velaksin of 75 mg No. 28 of a capsule pro-longum. deystviyaegis

Drugstore of IFC

  • Velaksin tbl 37,5mg No. 28, Egisvengriya
  • Velaksin tbl 75 mg No. 28, Egisvengriya
  • Velaksin kaps. pro-longum. 150 mg No. 28, Egisvengriya
  • Velaksin kaps. pro-longum. 75 mg No. 28, Egisvengriya
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  • Velaksin of a capsule of the prolonged action 150 mg No. 28egis (Hungary/France)
  • Velaksin of a capsule of the prolonged action 75 mg No. 28egis (Hungary/France)
  • Velaksin of a capsule of the prolonged action 37.5mg No. 28egis (Hungary/France)


  • Velaksin kaps.prolong.deyst. 150 mg No. 28egis
  • Velaksin kaps.prolong.deyst. 150 mg No. 28egis
  • Velaksin kaps.prolong.deyst. 150 mg No. 28egis
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