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  • Latin name: Wellman
  • ATH code: A11AA04
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins + Other drugs (Multivitamins + Other medicines)
  • Producer: Vitabiotics (Great Britain)


Is Velmen's part (the 1st capsule):

Release form

Vitamins Velmen (Wellman) let out in the form of capsules, 30 pieces in secondary packaging.

Pharmacological action

Compensating for the deficiency (deficit) of vitamins, and also micro and macrocells.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Dietary supplement (dietary supplement) Velmen for men is specially picked up complex of mineral components, various vitamins, micro — and macrocells, and also vegetable ingredients which effect directionally on recovery, maintenance and normalization of functionality of a man's organism.

Mineral components of drug, vitamins, and also micro — and the macrocells which are its part level effects of not normalized and unbalanced diet, eliminate effects of harmful external ecological effects, reduce influence of stressful factors and stimulate activation of protective and reserve forces of a man's organism, both against relative health, and at a serious long illness.

Garlic acts as the regulator and the stabilizer of a lipidic exchange.

Bioflavonoids promote improvement of course of internal oxidation-reduction processes.

Ginseng components (polysaccharides, ksatriola, saponins, poliatsetilena, peptides, essential oils, minerals and vitamins) are characterized by the disintoxication and tonic efficiency, and also take active part in adjustment of serumal levels of glucose and cholesterol, arterial pressure and work of many closed glands.

Indications to use

Wellman vitamins are shown to use by men at:

  • the conditions of overfatigue and asthenic states which arose owing to various reasons;
  • long exercise stresses and long cerebration;
  • continuous influence of negative external mental factors;
  • frustration of attention and memory;
  • the dizzinesses, headaches and sonitus (in particular at elderly patients) arising because of cerebrovascular disturbances;
  • passing of the recovery period after the postponed serious illness;
  • unfavorable conditions of ecology;
  • conditions of deficit of the microelements, vitamins and other substances which are a part of drug;
  • carrying out treatment with use of chemotherapeutic means, and also during the period after it.


Purpose of drug Velmen is contraindicated at:

  • conditions of a hyperexcitability of a nervous system;
  • personal hypersensitivity to separate ingredients of drug or their set;
  • observed frustration of a dream;
  • excess contents in an organism of the microelements and/or vitamins which are a part of dietary supplement.

Do not recommend Velmen's use in parallel with the other medicines or Dietary supplements including similar microelements, vitamins and vegetable substances, and also its combined reception with the drugs which are excitingly influencing TsNS.

Side effects

Occasionally at administration of drug of Wellman noted emergence of various allergic manifestations which most often developed owing to personal sensitivity of the patient to dietary supplements ingredients.

Velmen, application instruction

Capsules Velmen are appointed to adult men on 1 piece disposable at 24 o'clock. Reception of capsules should be carried out in time or right after food and to wash down with cold water or other neutral (nonalcoholic) liquid. The therapeutic course, depending on indications and their weight, varies from 20 to 30 days. Repeated treatment can be appointed by the doctor after 1-3 months.


At one-time reception of excessive quantity of capsules of the drug Wellman emergence of various allergic phenomena which need carrying out a symptomatic treatment is possible.

In case of regular reception of the overestimated doses of drug the morbid conditions connected with excess quantity of microelements and/or vitamins B an organism, demanding adequate therapy can develop.


It is not necessary to allow the combined dietary supplement uses Velmen with the other medicines or Dietary supplements including similar ingredients (minerals, microelements, vitamins, vegetable substances) because of risk oversaturation of an organism by them.

It is necessary to avoid parallel use with the medicines which are excitingly influencing TsNS.

Because of inclusion in drug of calcium and iron the absorption delay in intestines jointly of the taken medicine from group of ftorkhinolon and tetracyclines is observed.

The ascorbic acid which is Velmen's part can strengthen both positive, and negative effects of streptocides (including formation of crystals in urine).

Simultaneous use of thiazide diuretics increases risk of forming of a hypercalcemia.

Colestyraminum and means of antiacid action which part are aluminum, magnesium, calcium reduce iron absorption.

Terms of sale

As well as Velmen can buy all other dietary supplements without providing the recipe.

Storage conditions

The temperature maximum of storage of capsules equals 25 °C.

Period of validity

Capsules of the drug Wellman are suitable for use for 3 years from the moment of their production.

Special instructions

When passing a therapeutic course it is necessary to adhere to reception of the dose recommended by the doctor in accuracy, without reducing and without increasing it independently.

Effects of Riboflavinum which is present at drug can lead to yellow coloring of urine, and effects of iron to black coloring of a chair that is absolutely harmless and passes after the end of treatment.


Velmen it is possible to refer polyvitaminic complexes of such medicinal rulers as Aktival to analogs of drug, Vitrum, Van-E-Dai, Complivit, Multi-tabs, Teravit, Multiprodukt, Superiya, Doppelgerts and so forth.

Also the Vitabiotiks company makes multivitamin supplements Velmen Plus, Velmen Trikholodzhik and drug for women Velvumen.


  • Velmen No. 30 kapsulyvitabiotiks LTD.
  • Velmen trikholodzhik No. 60 tabletkivitabiotiks LTD.
  • Velmen energy drink 250mlvitabiotiks LTD.

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