Venereal diseases

Venereal diseases (diseases, sexually transmitted) received the name from a name of Venus, the goddess of love in Ancient Rome. All venereal diseases yavdlyatsya by diseases of an infectious origin. In most cases infection with such illnesses happens during the sexual intercourse to the one who is the carrier of such infection. Among the venereal diseases which are most extended today it is necessary to call gonorrhea, syphilisa venereal ulcer. Also clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, a human papillomavirus infection, a bacterial vaginosis, a tsitomegalovirusny infection, genital herpes, HIV infection, a mange, a pubic pediculosis, a contagious mollusk belong to group of venereal diseases today.

Symptoms of venereal diseases

In most cases symptoms of venereal diseases are shown by typical signs. The person who caught a venereal illness often has pain at an urination, and desires to an urination become more frequent. As symptoms of venereal diseases also allocations from generative organs and their reddening are shown. Depending on a disease of allocation can be mucous and foamy, white or greenish. Allocations can sometimes have an unpleasant smell. Often owing to irritations there is an itch in a groin. At the patient body temperature sometimes increases. Venereologic diseases cause the pain in a scrotum later extending in a waist and a sacrum in men.

Other symptoms of venereal diseases are shown depending on a type of an illness.

However rather often venereal diseases at men and women proceed in general without manifestation of symptoms. At a latent current of this type of diseases specialists consider them the most dangerous, owing to lack of adequate therapy the masked infections can pass into a chronic form.

At chronic venereal diseases also complications of local character can be shown (infertility, inflammations of a uterus and appendages at women, prostatitis at men), and to exert a negative impact on a condition of an organism in general. The tightened, chronic diseases can provoke developing of diseases of cardiovascular system, dysfunction of adrenal glands, atherosclerosis and some other a serious illness. At development in an organism of a venereal illness the immune system is noticeably overstrained. After immunity easing all internals begin effectively work well-coordinated less, respectively, the organism cannot fight against negative action of a number of factors any more. Therefore usual overcooling, attack of viruses and bacteria can lead to diseases.

Diagnosis of venereal diseases

First of all, for high-quality diagnosis of diseases, sexually transmitted, it is necessary to address immediately specialists at the first suspicion on existence of symptoms of venereal diseases. As a rule, symptoms of venereal diseases are similar, however they are caused by different activators. Respectively, such illnesses through certain time are shown after there was infection. Diagnosis of such diseases is difficult process therefore even the experienced specialist has to approach diagnosis very elaborately. Laboratory analyses by means of which it is possible to establish a contagium are without fail carried out and to appoint the most effective treatment.

Conditions are carried out several types of analyses on venereal diseases to laboratory. By means of the microscopic analysis of a smear from a vagina, urethras, the cervical channel establish existence in an organism of the patient of trichomonads and gonokokk. Also in certain cases such analyses define an ureaplasma and chlamydias. This analysis is carried out very quickly, however its informational content rather low.

венерические заболеванияIf a situation disputable, then to the patient appoint carrying out blood test to venereal diseases. This analysis allows to track development of pathology.

By means of analyses on venereal diseases – crops – the activator decides on high precision. Also crops allow to establish, the disease-producing factor is how susceptible to antibiotics. Bacteriological crops are the most informative of all analyses.

When carrying out any of the described analyses at the patient who stays in an acute stage of an illness the activator is defined rather simply. But if symptoms of venereal diseases at the person are absent, in an organism there is no enough disease-producing factors. Therefore, the patient needs to prepare for analyses previously, having satisfied several conditions: to refrain for three days from sexual contacts, not to urinate several hours before capture of a smear.

Treatment of venereal diseases

Venereologic diseases at women and men it is necessary to treat surely only under control of the specialist doctor. It is important to realize that treatment of venereal diseases in an acute stage happens much more simply and more effectively, than therapy of the diseases which passed into a chronic form. For the fastest and effective treatment it is necessary to carry out timely statement of the diagnosis.

Today treatment of venereal diseases takes place with use of both medicamentous, and physiotherapeutic methods. Before purpose of the scheme of treatment the specialist has to carry out careful diagnosis and it is obligatory to use exclusively individual approach to the therapy choice. In certain cases treatment of venereal diseases can not have due effect because a certain drug, getting to blood, and later to fabrics, does not influence properly an infestant which is in a cell. After the end of action of the appointed medicine the activator leaves cells and begins to breed and provoke recurrence of a disease again.

Therefore, the doctor has to select the scheme of therapy only in an individual order and only after careful statement of the diagnosis. Choosing a treatment method, it is necessary to consider efficiency of a certain drug, convenience of its use to the person, how well he transfers drug and whether are shown at treatment side reactions. The specialist also considers whether there is a possibility of a combination at the patient of different infections, drug resistance of the causative agent of a venereal disease which was chosen for treatment.

One more important point which is necessary for productive treatment of an illness, this point of attention of the patient that his sexual partner also needs immediate inspection and treatment regardless of whether symptoms of venereal diseases are shown at it. Otherwise treatment will not conceive due effect.

Complications of venereal diseases

If the illness does not give in to timely therapy, then manifestation of a number of various complications is possible. So, venereal diseases at women can become the reason of the subsequent development of an adnexitis, an endometritis, a salpingitis. At men often prostatitis, an urethritis, a vesiculitis turn out to be consequence of such illnesses. The infertility which is shown at representatives of both floors becomes one more serious complication of this type of diseases sometimes. Some venereal diseases can be transmitted from mother to the newborn child. If the woman is sick with genital clamidiosis, then bronchitis, atypical pneumonia, conjunctivitis is often diagnosed for her newborn child. At the baby various pathologies of a brain can be also observed, and in certain cases he can die. So rather recently herpes, a cytomegalovirus and chlamydias were recognized as threat for normal incubation of pregnancy.

Men have diseases which basis is clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, provoke noticeable decrease in a potentiality, pathological changes in composition of sperm and as a result become the reason of man's infertility.

Prevention of venereal diseases

венерические заболеванияMethods of prevention of venereal diseases are directed to preventing developing of a disease. Today the most effective remedy which is used for the prevention of infection with venereal diseases is the condom. This means should be used at all types of sex, at the same time it is necessary to put on a condom correctly.

Prevention of venereal diseases also consists in legibility in relation to the choice of sexual partners. The sexual relations with the only thing checked by the partner are optimum.

If sexual contact happened to the sexual partner at whom it is possible to suspect existence of a venereal infection, follows as soon as possible (it is desirable) to wash out in the first two hours a genital tract solution of antiseptic agents.

It is important to remember that many infections which are transmitted at sexual contact can provoke developing of an illness without manifestation of the expressed symptoms. If sexual intercourse without condom took place, it is necessary to take place inspection to exclude existence of an infection. Self-treatment in case of manifestation of any symptoms of diseases, sexually transmitted or at suspicion on existence of such illness is categorically contraindicated. Prevention of venereal diseases has to be constant and very carefully observed.

Widespread venereal diseases

Bacterial vaginosis – the disease of infectious character leading to disturbance of normal microbiological structure in a vagina. At women it is shown in the form of a bacterial vaginosis, at men proceeds asymptomatically. Display of a disease is promoted by prolonged treatment by antibiotics, syringings, pregnancy, continuous change of sexual partners, etc. At this disease at women displays of an itch and notable discomfort in a vagina and external genitals are observed. Allocations from a vagina with a bluff smell are observed. For diagnosis of an illness the analysis of a smear is carried out. For treatment antibacterial, and also antiprotozoan means are used. Sexual contacts before the end of therapy are prohibited.

Gonorrhea — is a specific infectious disease. It is transferred almost always to time of sexual contact. Strikes, first of all, fabrics which are covered with a ferruterous cylindrical epithelium. Gonorrhea affects a number of systems and bodies. Today oligosymptomatic gonorrhea, severe forms of a disease is often observed. Complication of an illness infertility at both floors becomes frequent. Gonorrhea symptoms at men are shown for the second or sixth days after infection. At first at an urination painful feelings are shown, the urination becomes frequent, at the same time urine to become rather turbid. To become also painful the erection. If the address to the doctor is untimely, then at men complications in the form of defeats of seminal glands and bubbles, a seminal hillock, epididymis inflammation, prostatitis can develop.

Венерические заболеванияAt women the illness often develops without manifestation of symptoms. Manifestation of some symptoms is frequent (nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, allocations from a vagina of yellowish color) confuse to other diseases. However after the woman begin to experience difficulties with an urination – frequent desires, pains. Temperature can rise, appear allocations of purulent type, be broken a monthly cycle.

Diagnose gonorrhea by the analysis of a smear, bacteriological and immunofluorescent analyses. Treatment is appointed depending on a stage of a course of a disease. It can be reception of antibiotics, drugs of tsefaloprorin, physioprocedures.

Clamidiosis is caused by chlamydias. It is possible to catch clamidiosis at sexual contact, however take place and cases of infection with an infection in life. The incubation interval proceeds from 5 to 30 days. At an acute form of clamidiosis change of mucous membranes of generative organs, allocations from a vagina, urethras, an itch, problems with an urination can be observed. Chlamydias can be found in an organism only during laboratory research. The main means of therapy of an illness are drugs antibiotics.

The milkwoman (candidiasis) arises owing to influence of drozhzhepodobny mushrooms of Candida. The itch, existence of inflammatory processes become symptoms of this illness often. Men have an itch and burning is shown on a balanus then there is pain, hypostases, a plaque. Treatment is carried out by means of special outside means – creams, gels, ointments. Sometimes therapy includes also reception of antifungal drugs.

Syphilis – an illness at which skin, mucous, internals, nervous and bone and joint systems is surprised. It is possible to catch an illness at sexual contact, however there are also cases of infection with syphilis in life, through public things. Syphilis can be transmitted to a fruit from mother. In primary period of syphilis the patient has a hard ulcer, as a rule, it arises on generative organs. Syphilis by laboratory blood test is diagnosed. It is important to see doctors in time, syphilis is one of the most serious venereal diseases. Treatment is carried out with use of antibiotics, at the same time it is very important to cure an illness completely.

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