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  • Latin name: Venoruton
  • ATH code: C05CA51
  • Active ingredient: Rutoside (Rutoside)
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland), SwissCo Services (Switzerland), Novartis Farmaceutica (Spain)


Drug contains active agent rutoside.

Additional components: macrogoal, gelatin, titanium dioxide, iron dye dioxide yellow and black, shellac, N butanol, propylene glycol, isopropanol and water.

Release form

Venorutonum in the form of gel, capsules, tablets forte and sparkling is issued.

  • Gel of 2% is intended for outside use and packaged in tubas on 40 and 100 g.
  • Capsules are offered in the blister on 10 pieces, on 2 or 5 blisters in a pack.
  • Tablets Forte, with the content of active agent of 500 mg, on 10 pieces in the blister, on 3 blisters to packaging.
  • Tablets are sparkling, with the content of active agent of 1 g on 15 pieces in packaging from polypropylene, on one in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Angioprotektivny action is characteristic of Venorutonum.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This drug has considerable angioprotektorny and flebotoniziruyushchy effect. Also this medicine helps with a correcting of disturbances of microcirculation which cause changes of vascular and capillary walls. Thanks to this drug tonic action on vascular walls is shown, reducing fragility of capillaries. By reduction of the sizes of a time in vascular walls there is a normalization of their permeability for liquid and lipids.

Treatment by Venorutonum helps to recover normal structure of an endothelium of vessels and its function. As a result of oppression of activation mechanisms and adhesion of neutrophils medicine shows antiinflammatory effect. At the same time rutosides which contain in drug oppress activity and release inflammation mediators.

In addition, antioxidant action which is provided with certain mechanisms is noted it. Rutosides are capable to lower oxidizing effect of oxygen, to oppress peroxide process of oxidation of lipids, to protect fabrics of vessels, preventing influence of hypochlorous acid, and also free radicals. Thanks to this drug rheological characteristics of blood improve that reduces aggregation of erythrocytes and normalizes degree of their deformability. It is the major factor in treatment of a deep vein thrombosis and venous insufficiency of a chronic form. The antiedematous, anesthetizing and anticonvulsant effect helps to normalize microcirculation, relieving patients of trophic disturbances and varicose ulcers at chronic venous insufficiency. Drug helps to improve the general condition of the patients suffering from inflammations of hemorrhoidal veins, to lower bleedings, an itch and pain at hemorrhoids. Exerting impact on capillary walls and rheological qualities of blood, emergence of microblood clots is prevented and the risk of development of various deviations of a vascular etiology goes down.

Administration of drug orally helps to improve a condition of patients who suffer from a diabetes mellitus, slowing down development of a diabetic retinopathy.

When drug is used outwardly, it gets through epidermis, reaching a derma and hypodermic cellulose, but at the same time its presence at composition of blood is not defined. Achievement of a maximum level of concentration in a derma is reached 0,5-1 hour later from the moment of drawing and approximately in 2-3 h in hypodermic cellulose.

Getting in an organism, drug is exposed to the low absorption from a gastrointestinal tract making about 10-15%. Achievement of the maximum concentration as a part of a blood plasma happens during 4-5 h, even after administration of drug in a single dose. The elimination half-life makes 10-25 hours. The metabolism is carried out with production of glyukuronizirovanny substances. Removal of drug from an organism happens to bile, a stake and urine in an invariable look and metabolites.

Indications to use

Gel Venorutonum is recommended for external use at:

  • the pain syndromes and puffiness caused by various injuries;
  • the pain caused by carrying out sclerosing therapy;
  • complex therapy of chronic venous insufficiency, varicosity, for example, onychalgias, strong fatigue, weight of legs, puffiness of the lower extremities.

Tablets and capsules appoint at:

  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • postflebitichesky syndrome;
  • the varicose dermatitis, ulcers and other states caused by disturbances of a trophicity and microcirculation;
  • complex therapy of patients, after sclerosing treatment or removal of varicose nodes;
  • hemorrhoids with the expressed symptoms – pain, an itch, rectal bleedings and so on.


It is not recommended to use drug at:

  • high sensitivity to its components;
  • initial stage of pregnancy, namely in the first 3 months.

Side effects

Usually patients transfer this drug well, but development of undesirable effects in a look is possible: nausea, vomitings, disturbances of a chair, heartburn, abdominal pains. Headaches or a hyperemia in an upper body are in rare instances shown.

External use of drug can be followed by local allergic reactions, for example, a skin itch and the small tortoiseshell.

Application instruction of Venorutonum (Way and dosage)

Capsules and the tablets Venorutonum the application instruction recommends to use only on doctor's orders, considering disease severity and specific features of the patient.

For example, for treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, varicosity, hemorrhoids by the adult patient appoint drug in an initial dosage of 300 mg to 3-times or 500 mg to 2-times reception in day. Drug intake in a one-time daily dosage on 1 g is possible.

It is recommended to take capsules or a pill during food. Treatment needs to be carried out until disease symptoms then therapy is stopped before the next resuming of symptoms completely disappear. On average, the effect of treatment remains 4 weeks. In cases of manifestation of undesirable symptoms it is possible to accept the supporting daily doses – 600 mg a day.

Venorutonum the application instruction recommends to apply gel outwardly not more often than 2 times a day. At the same time ointment is applied in necessary quantity rather thin layer, and then rubbed before its full absorption. Also this outside means is actively applied to drawing under elastic rollers or special stockings. When undesirable symptoms disappear, the supporting dosage at which put only once a day can be applied, it is preferable for the night.


Overdose cases by any form of drug it is not established.


Its simultaneous use with means which contain ascorbic acid can strengthen effect of this drug.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

The dry, cool place unavailable to children is suitable for storage of this drug.

Period of validity

4 years.

Analogs of Venorutonum

The main analogs are provided by the drugs Rutoside, Rutinum and Vazoket.

About Venorutonum

Discussions of this drug meet quite often. Quite often About Venorutonum in tablets confirm efficiency of medicine. At the same time patients who are disturbed by different types of limfovenozny insufficiency, report about noticeable improvement of health.

Quite often users describe also efficiency of outside means. To a large extent About gel Venorutonum are connected with normalization of venous disturbances standing. Cases of decrease in symptoms of an exacerbation of hemorrhoids are also noted that under the influence of this drug occurred much quicker.

Quite actively effect of drug is discussed by pregnant women. In this state drug can be appointed for treatment of fetoplacental insufficiency, and also in cases of disturbances of venous outflow when the fruit presses on vessels. At the same time capsules or other form of drug it has to be cancelled for several weeks to the expected term of childbirth.

As for specialists, they to the patients appoint this medicine. Doctors consider that it well helps at treatment of venous insufficiency, but especially at hemorrhoids.

It should be noted that Venorutonum is one of the most efficient venotonik. Nevertheless, even its use demands additional measures, for example, of carrying compression linen, change of food, way of life, use of other procedures and drugs which are capable to exert beneficial influence on health of absorbent vessels and veins.

Only at such approach it is possible to hope for good therapeutic effect.


  • Venorutonum gel of 2% 40 g tubanovartis Farm
  • Venorutonum of 300 mg No. 50 kapsulynovartis Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Venorutonum kaps 300 mg No. 50, Novartis Farmaceutica S.A.Ispaniya
  • Venorutonum gel of 2% 40 g, Novartis Consumer Health/Novartisshveytsariya
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  • Venorutonnovartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)
  • Venorutonnovartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)
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