The vegetable matters preventing development of cancer

Eliptida — group of vegetable matters, the having medical and preventive effect on different types of cancer diseases. The mechanism of work of eliptid still is up to the end not studied. There are assumptions that, getting to an organism, they turn into such substance which influences directly cancer-stricken cells and developing of cancer reduces probability. It is proved that the enzymes which are contained in the eliptitsena render medical effect on some types of cancer diseases of a mammary gland at women, and also slow down development of a carcinoma cutaneum.

Indole — one more vegetable matter which has preventive effect against cancer diseases. It contains in the Brussels, color and white cabbage. Except an indole these vegetables contain a lot more other useful substances which also play not an unimportant role in prevention of malignancies. For example, coumarins reduce various cancerogenic actions on a stomach, thereby help to bring carcinogens out of an organism. It is also necessary to note that some substances which contain in cabbage help not only to prevent intake of carcinogens in an organism, but also help to remove the carcinogens which already got to an organism.

One of the simplest and effective prevention of cancer, is inclusion in a food allowance of the person of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables and fruit in a large number contain substances which, getting into a digestive tract of the person, thanks to the fibrous components, clear it. It is known that the daily use of carrots, apples, is good protection against cancer diseases of a rectum.

Вещества растительного происхождения, предупреждающие развитие ракаAt research of plants and the substances which are contained in them all new and new ways both for prevention of various cancer diseases, and for maintenance of health of the person in general open.

Researches were conducted, throughout some time people drank goat milk and ate some species of plants which contain poisonous pirolizidinovy alkaloids, and found out that their organisms are capable to process alien substances at a metabolism. Changes were found in monooxygenases which participate in chemical changes of carcinogens, and it is possible to make the assumption that this alkaloid can influence the processes interfering origin of a tumor.

Summing up the results, it is possible to draw a conclusion that vegetable matters, carry out the major protective function in an organism, it concerns in particular prevention and treatment of various cancer diseases.

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