Chicken pox

Chicken pox (or chicken pox) is a disease of the infectious nature which is caused by a virus of herpes and is shown in the form of bubble rash. Distribution of chicken pox comes in the airborne way, and also owing to direct contacts with allocations from respiratory system of the infected person and liquid which contains in skin rashes of sick people.

Chicken pox can sometimes be transmitted also through the infected household objects, clothes. Those who already had chicken pox receive durable immunity to this illness, cases of a recurrent disease chicken pox are extremely rare. However the virus some time still is in an organism, and is capable to cause shingles, almost in 15% of cases.

Usually chicken pox practically all children in age from 7 to 14 years have, however recently this disease affects adults, and proceeds in severe forms. Kids aged about 6 months are ill very seldom since they usually have antibodies the had chicken pox of mother. If with chicken pox the woman on early durations of gestation got sick, then defect of a fruit in most cases develops and if last months — that it leads to a fruit disease. It is necessary to notice that a susceptibility to a disease very high.

As a rule, the incubation interval of a disease lasts from 10 to 20 days, and at the initial stage symptoms are absent. Chicken pox is shown by rash on a face, and then and on all body, including mucous, approximately for 10-14 day after the first contact with the infected person, and also sharp fervescence to 38, and even 39 degrees. Doctors compare the rash which is formed at chicken pox to drops of the water spilled on the heated frying pan. Most often such rash keeps from one to two weeks then bubbles burst, yellowish crusts are formed, gradually disappear, without leaving on skin of scars, however pigmentation can appear.

In most cases the disease proceeds rather easily. In difficult cases, at newborns, especially in the presence of associated diseases, the virus can affect a liver and kidneys, lungs, and even marrow, spasms, defeats of a nervous system can be observed, up to a lethal outcome.

Source of an illness is the person having chicken pox. It is dangerous to people around since the beginning of a disease and some more days after formation of the last bubbles. Usually it is possible to catch chicken pox in an airborne way, during cough or sneezing of the sick person, from touches to liquid from a wind bubble, the virus is hardy, and can get on ventilating systems into the neighboring apartments.

Symptoms of chicken pox

Ветряная оспаThe first symptom of chicken pox is rash, at simultaneous temperature increase to 37,5-39 degrees. At the same time sick the headache, weakness, sometimes — a pharyngalgia and vomiting, i.e. intoxication symptoms disturbs.

Rash develops approximately in 7-14 days after contact with the patient with chicken pox. Initially a symptom of chicken pox is emergence of roundish pink specks which gradually begin to tower over skin, forming vials of transparent liquid (their diameter — from 1 to 5 mm). Around the bubbles reminding water drops rose-red rims are formed. To contain in the liquid live viruses. Gradually they burst, become covered by yellow crusts, approximately in two weeks, and disappear. Rashes on a face and head skin are located, and quickly extend on a body and mucous a mouth, generative organs.

New bubbles appear constantly, they are located between old and therefore rash looks is heterogeneous. At the same time there are reddenings, bubbles and crusts. And each new wave of rashes is followed by increase in body temperature. Usually sick the itch disturbs, and a special inconvenience is given by rashes on mucous. Therefore treatment of chicken pox is more symptomatic. Many children, and especially small, comb bubbles and tear off crusts. Remember that from it pustules, and afterwards – and hems on skin can be formed. However at the uncomplicated course of chicken pox hems do not remain, only temporary pigmentation is possible.

Diagnosis of chicken pox

It is very simple to diagnose this disease. For the resolution of the diagnosis "chicken pox" it is necessary to find typical elements of rash. Other methods of research, for example blood tests, urine, additional information will not give. If symptoms of chicken pox are found in the pregnant woman, and also in adults having chronic diseases, it is necessary to see a doctor at once.

Treatment of chicken pox

Ветряная оспаUsually treatment of chicken pox happens in house conditions, the bed rest, drink is desirable as it is possible bigger amount of liquid and due hygienic care. The bed linen has to be pure. For acceleration of drying of bubbles, them it is necessary to grease 1% with brilliant green solution (diamond green), 10% solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or solution of methylene blue. These substances dry rashes and disinfect wounds.

For reduction of an itch antiallergic drugs, such as Diazolinum and tavegil can be appointed. It is at the same time possible to process leather water with addition of vinegar and dusting by talc. After bubbles will dry up, heat baths will be useful. If the patient is disturbed by intoxication symptoms, then for prevention of development of severe forms of chicken pox the acyclovir can be appointed.

For avoidance of combing of bubbles and entering in them of an infection, shear nails in time and you keep hands clean.

At the complicated forms of disease, as treatment of chicken pox, and also to pregnant women on late terms can enter immunoglobulin which promotes allocation of antibodies to chicken pox.

Complications of chicken pox

Complications of chicken pox are observed at heavy options of its current. At children of advanced age the acute cerebellar ataxy causing problems with muscular coordination can develop, at adults symptoms of chicken pox will be added with manifestations wind pneumonia. Damages of kidneys, joints, heart and lungs can sometimes develop. Bacterial complications arise because of infection of bubbles during combing, and most often occur at the weakened children.

It is considered that it is much better to have chicken pox in the childhood, than at adult age therefore the chicken pox inoculation is not obligatory for vaccination of children.

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