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  • Latin name: Vibrocil
  • ATH code: R01AB01
  • Active ingredient: Dimetinden + Fenilefrin (Dimetindene + Phenylephrine)
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


Active components are a part of drug in the form of drops: Phenylephrinum and dimetinden maleate. Also drug contains additional components: 50% solution benzalkoniya chloride, monohydrate of citric acid, sorbitol, sodium hydrophosphate, lavender oil, water.

Spray Vibrotsil contains Phenylephrinum and a dimetinden in structure a maleate as active agents, and also additional components: monohydrate of citric acid, sodium hydrophosphate, sorbitol, lavender oil, solution of 50% chloride benzalkoniya, water.

Gel Vibrotsil contains active components in structure Phenylephrinum and a dimetinden a maleate, and also additional substances: anhydrous sodium hydrophosphate, sorbitol, monohydrate of citric acid, solution of 50% benzalkoniya of chloride, gipromelloz, lavender oil, water.

Release form

The producer offers the following forms of production of drug:

  • Nasal drops – transparent solution which can have weak yellow color or to be completely colourless. Drops possess weak lavender aroma. Contain in bottles from dark glass on 15 ml. The cover pipette is also put in a cardboard box.
  • Nasal spray – the transparent solution which does not have color or having a weak yellow shade. Possesses weak aroma of a lavender. Means contains in bottles from polyethylene on 10 ml, the bottle with the sprayer is put in a cardboard box.
  • Nasal gel – has a homogeneous consistence, can be colourless or have a weak yellow shade. Does not contain mechanical impurity. Possesses weak aroma of a lavender. Contains in tubas from aluminum, on 12 g which put in packs from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

Means exerts antiallergic and vasoconstrictive impact, is applied to local therapy at diseases of ENT organs.

Substance Phenylephrinum is a sympathomimetic, at its use vasoconstrictive influence is locally noted (owing to stimulation α1-адренорецепторов which are located in venous vessels mucous a nose). Substance provides elimination of hypostasis mucous a nose and adnexal bosoms.

Substance dimetinden is a blocker histamine H1 receptors. Provides antiallergic effect. Under its influence activity of a ciliary epithelium mucous a nose does not go down.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

As means is applied exclusively locally, activity of its action does not depend on concentration of the operating components in plasma.

Indications to use

Vibrotsil drops in a nose, and also spray and gel are applied at such diseases and states:

  • rhinitis is acute, including shown at cold;
  • rhinitis is allergic, including shown at a pollinosis;
  • rhinitis is chronic;
  • rhinitis is vasculomotor;
  • sinusitis acute and chronic;
  • acute average otitis (it is applied as a supportive application);
  • the period of preparation for operative measures in a nose;
  • the period after operations – for the purpose of elimination of hypostasis.


Vibrotsil in such cases is not applied:

  • at atrophic rhinitis (also at rhinitis with fetid separated);
  • at high sensitivity to any of components of drugs;
  • at simultaneous treatment by MAO inhibitors, also for 14 days after cancellation of such drugs.

Carefully Vibrotsil the people having cardiovascular diseases, diseases of a thyroid gland, a diabetes mellitus insulin-dependent, a benign hyperplasia of a prostate apply.

Also drug is carefully appointed to people at whom the expressed reactions to sympathomimetics, in particular display of sleeplessness, dizziness are noted.

Side effects

As by-effects at administration of drug at patients the burning sensation and dryness mucous a nose, as a rule, poorly expressed can develop.

Application instruction of Vibrotsil (Way and dosage)

Drops Vibrotsil, application instruction

It is necessary to dig in drops in each nasal course, doing these are 3-4 times a day. Children who were not 1 year old yet in each nasal course need to drip to about 1 drop of means. Children aged from 2 till 6 flyings need to dig in 1-2 drops. To patients after 6 flyings, and also to adults it is necessary to drip about 3-4 drops. It is necessary to clear very carefully a nasal cavity before applying this means. It is necessary to dig in medicine, having thrown back the head. After introduction of medicine such situation it is necessary to keep still some time. To babies dig in means before feeding.

The instruction on spray Vibrotsil

This form of medicine is appointed to patients after 6 flyings. Is shown to carry out to each nasal course on 1-2 injections. This procedure it is necessary to carry out 3-4 times a day. In the course of spraying it is necessary to hold vertically the sprayer, a tip up. In the course of injection it is desirable to inhale a little through a nose

Application instruction of gel

Nasal children after 6 flyings and the adult need to enter ointment into each nasal course, doing it as it is possible more deeply. Such procedure it is necessary to carry out 3-4 times a day. If means to apply before going to bed, it promotes lack of a congestion of a nose for night.

The application instruction of Vibrotsil for children

Children's Vibrotsil is applied on doctor's orders and taking into account the instruction. It is necessary to consider contraindications and to adhere to the appointed scheme of reception.


If for babies or small children the drug overdose was entered, serious by-effects do not develop. In certain cases at patients at overdose sleeplessness, stomach aches, feeling of fatigue, arterial hypertension, tachycardia, pallor of skin were noted.

In that case it is necessary to accept absorbent carbon, and also laxative drugs. It is inexpedient to wash out a stomach. After 6 flyings and the adult it is desirable for children to drink a lot of liquid. The specific antidote is absent.


People who receive MAO inhibitors cannot use vasoconstrictive drugs. Reception of vasoconstrictors for two weeks after cancellation of MAO inhibitors is not allowed.

Vibrotsil it is impossible to accept along with beta adrenoblockers, tricyclic antidepressants.

Terms of sale

Vibrotsil can buy without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Vibrotsil in the dark place unavailable to access for children. Temperature at the same time should not exceed 30 degrees for drops and gel, 25 degrees – for spray.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 3 years drops and gel, spray — 2 years.

Special instructions

It is not necessary to apply means to newborns and to babies without appointment of the doctor. It is not necessary to apply means longer, than 1 week without consultation with the doctor. At long use of medicine (longer, than 2 weeks) at the patient the tachyphylaxis and so symptoms of the called medicamentous rhinitis can develop. Also system vasoconstrictive influence can be noted.

You should not exceed the specified doses to avoid development of symptoms of systemic action.

Use of means does not influence speed of response.

Many patients are interested where Vibrotsil was gone in drops and why is not present on sale and in drugstores of this means. The producer, answering a question why Vibrotsil was gone from drugstores, answers that it is connected with the fact that the drug re-registration was made.

Vibrotsil's analogs

The analogs of drops for children containing the same active agents no. Those who looks for than can replace drops, specialists offer drug Adrianol containing in structure active component Phenylephrinum. However there are cheaper analogs of Vibrotsil having similar effect on an organism. These are drugs Nazivin, Otrivinum, Ksimelin, Rinofluimutsil, etc.

Because disturbs many users why laid off this drug, it is recommended to see a doctor before reception of any of analogs.


  • Vibrotsil of a drop nasal 15mlnovartis Farm
  • Vibrotsil gel 12gnovartis of Farm
  • Vibrotsil spray nasal 10mlnovartis Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Vibrotsil gel 12 of, Novartis Consumer Health/Novartisshveytsariya
  • Vibrotsil of a drop nasal 15 ml, Novartis Consumer Health/Novartisshveytsariya
  • Vibrotsil spray of nasal 10 ml, Novartis Consumer Health/Novartisshveytsariya
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  • Vibrotsilnovartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)
  • Vibrotsilnovartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)
  • Vibrotsilnovartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


  • Vibrotsil gel 12gnovartis Konsyyumer
  • Vibrotsil gel 12gnovartis Konsyyumer
  • Vibrotsil gel 12gnovartis Konsyyumer
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