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  • Latin name: Virolex
  • ATH code: D06BB03
  • Active ingredient: Acyclovir
  • Producer: KRKA (Slovenia)


1 tablet of Viroleks contains active ingredient an acyclovir of 200 mg.

In 1 bottle of powder for preparation of solution for infusions — 250 mg.

In 1 g of cream — 50 mg.

In 1 g of an oculentum — 30 mg.

Release form

Tablets, lyophilisate for preparation of infusions, cream, an oculentum of Viroleks.

Pharmacological action

Antiviral, antiherpetic drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main substance is the acyclovir. Active component of drug of Viroleks is provided by analog of a nucleoside of thymidine of a synthetic origin. The principle of impact on a virus cell is based on transformation and impact of active agent on enzyme a virus thymidinekinase.

Acyclovir vysokospetsifichen, vysokoselektiven. Drug collects in the cells infected with a herpes virus. Medicine is highly active concerning the causative agent of shingles, chicken pox, a virus Epstein-Burra, against herpes a simplex of the first and second type. The acyclovir exerts moderate impact on a cytomegalovirus.

Active agent of medicine has the immunostimulating effect.

Indications to use

Viroleks appoint at the heavy and recurrent course of genital herpes, for prevention of herpes. Medicine is applied at the surrounding herpes, chicken pox.


Viroleks do not appoint at intolerance of an acyclovir, valatsiklovir. At chest feeding and incubation of pregnancy the acyclovir is applied with care.

Intravenous injections carry out after consultation of specialists at dehydration, pathology of renal system, at a concomitant use of tsitostatik.

Side effects

Viroleks can cause skin allergic reactions, anaphylactic reactions, Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, fever, increase of level of enzymes of a liver, a vision disorder, peripheral hypostases, a leukopenia, hallucinations, a limfoadenopatiya, a leukopenia, headaches, an exudative erythema.

At parenteral administration development phlebitis, symptoms of encephalopathy, insufficiency of hepatic system, hemolitic disturbances, hemolysis, mental disorders, a hamaturia, falling of a blood pressure, psychosis, oppression of a mental state, the IDCS is possible.

At intake of Viroleks causes an alopecia, disturbances in work of a digestive tract, an indisposition, a mialgiya, dizzinesses, agitation, drowsiness, paresthesias, abdominal pains, nausea.

Viroleks, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Viroleks appoint intravenously kapelno, inside, outwardly.

To patients with an immunodeficiency for recurrence prevention herpes a simplex an acyclovir is appointed by each six hours on 200 mg. At the expressed immunodeficiency the dose is increased to 400 mg by five times a day. Duration of antiviral therapy is 5 days.

Initial therapy at genital herpes: on 20 mg of 6 times during wakefulness.

Treatment of a herpes simplex: 5 times a day on 200-400mg, a course of 10 days.

At the surrounding herpes of Viroleks appoint in number of 800 mg each four hours during wakefulness.

At generalized defeat herpes the simplex of newborn children of Viroleks is appointed within 10 days by each 8 hours on 10 mg/kg.


Reception of 20 grams of an acyclovir does not cause development of certain specific symptoms.

At bolyusny, parenteral administration of high dosages disturbances of water and electrolytic balance, a giperkreatininemiya, a coma, a convulsive syndrome, increase of an urea nitrogen, a lethargy, disturbances in work of renal system are noted.

The hemodialysis, maintenance of functions of the struck bodies is required.


At co-administration of immunostimulators strengthening of effect is registered. In case of mixing of solutions with medicines it is important to consider alkali reaction of drug of Viroleks at intravenous administration.

At appointment of canalicular secretion as a blocker it is noted decrease in secretion in tubules for the entered acyclovir that leads to increase in concentration of drug in medullispinal liquid, blood.

Also strengthening of toxic influence, lengthening of time of semi-removal from an organism is registered.

Purpose of nephrotoxic means increases probability of defeat of renal system.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

In the dry place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

Till 5 flyings.

Special instructions

With reduced immunity long therapy by an acyclovir can cause emergence of viruses which are steady against active ingredient of drug of Viroleks in patients.

At peroral therapy it is recommended to provide the patient with enough liquid. For treatment the woman is recommended to stop feeding by a breast.

Viroleks does not protect from transfer of herpes at sexual contact therefore patients need to abstain from sexual contacts at the time of therapy.


Analogs of drug are the Acyclovir, Zovirax, Agerp, Atsik, Atsivir, Gerpetad, Provirsan.


  • Viroleks cream 5GKRKA
  • Viroleks oculentum 4,5gkrka
  • Viroleks 200 mg No. 20 tabletkikrka
  • Viroleks dioffice powder for Preeg. solution for infusions of 250 mg No. 5 flakonykrka

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  • Viroleks tbl 200 mg No. 20, Krkasloveniya
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  • Virolekskrka (Slovenia)
  • Virolekskrka (Slovenia)


  • Viroleks cream of 5% 5 g
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