Cherries of Fruit stems Extract Evalar

Вишни Плодоножек Экстракт Эвалар Drug photo

The description is actual on 25.05.2015

  • Latin name: Cherry stalks extract Evalar
  • Active ingredient: Cherries of fruit stems extract + Ascorbic acid (Cherry stalks extract Evalar + Ascorbic acid)
  • Producer: CJSC Evalar, Russia


Are a part of drug: cherries of fruit stems extract and ascorbic acid.

Release form

Cherries of fruit stems extract Evalar in the form of tablets on 100 pieces in packaging is issued.

Pharmacological action

This dietary supplement possesses the clearing and diuretic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The soft diuretic effect thanks to which during reception of extract any collateral manifestations do not develop is characteristic of this means. Cherry fruit stems are used in traditional medicine as clearing and a diuretic for a long time. Their structure contains salts of potassium and the flavonoids promoting removal of liquid by means of kidneys, reducing an inflammation of an urinary path at infectious diseases. Elimination of excess liquid from an organism also helps to normalize indicators of arterial pressure. Cherries of fruit stems extract Evalar in the form of tablets is rather new drug therefore its use is not eurysynusic in clinical practice.

Indications to use

The main indications to use of dietary supplement are:

  • need for clarification of an organism;
  • removal of excess liquid from an organism.

Contraindications to use

Drug is not appointed at:

Side effects

Usually this means is well transferred by patients, but it is not necessary to exclude development of allergic manifestations.

Application instruction of Cherry of fruit stems extract Evalar (Way and dosage)

For adult patients appoint daily 1-4 tablets which need to be accepted along with food. Duration of reception averages 2 weeks. If necessary this dietary supplement is used constantly, carrying out a break of 10 days.


Cases of overdose it was not established.

Terms of sale

Dietary supplement can be bought without recipe in drugstores, and also official representatives have companies.

Storage conditions

Tablets store in unavailable to children, the dry and cool place.

Period of validity

3 years.


Also possess similar action: Erva shertisty grass, mountain ash Fruits, Tea of a grass and flowers of a clover meadow.

About Cherries of fruit stems extract Evalar

In a network of discussion of this dietary supplement meet quite seldom. The matter is that the additive is considered a novelty in the pharmacological market and is still insufficiently known to patients. However the delay of liquid disturbs many people, and the reasons of it can be the most different. Therefore additional drugs, such as, Cherries of fruit stems extract Evalar About whom in most cases positive are quite often used.

The ascorbic acid and extract of cherry of fruit stems which are a part of drug indicate its relative harmlessness and allow reception long time. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that some vegetable means are capable to cause development of allergic reactions.

Those patients who already tested this means, note a positive effect. At the same time impact of dietary supplement on an organism happens rather softly, without allowing emergence of frequent desires to an urination and without causing discomfortable feelings.

Anyway independently it is not recommended to clear an organism and to remove excess liquid. The matter is that its delay, as well as emergence of puffiness can be the cause of a serious disease. Therefore at first consultation of the specialist and statement of the diagnosis is required. And similar dietary supplements already include in structure of complex therapy.

The price of Cherry of fruit stems extract Evalar where to buy

The price of Cherry of fruit stems extract Evalar of 100 tablets makes 250-280 rubles.

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