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  • Latin name: Vitagamma
  • ATH code: N07XX
  • Active ingredient: Pyridoxine + Thiamin + Cyanocobalamine + Lidocaine (Pyridoxine + Thiamine + Cyanocobalamin + Lidocaine)
  • Producer: Bryntsalov-A closed joint stock company (Russia)


Active components are a part of drug: Thiamini chloridum, cyanocobalamine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, lidocaine hydrochloride.

Additional components: benzyl alcohol, potassium hexacyanoferrate, sodium polyphosphate and hydroxide, injection water.

Release form

Vitagamma in the form of solution for introduction intramusculary is issued. Drug is packaged in the ampoules of 2 ml packed on 5 pieces into planimetric cells on 1 or 2 cells in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Drug is intended for completion of a lack of vitamins.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Effect of this drug is defined by properties of substances which are its part. It is known that for B1, V6 and V12 vitamins regulation and normalization proteinaceous, carbohydrate and a lipometabolism is peculiar. Improvement of activity of a nervous system is also noted.

Thanks to thiamin (B1) the protein glikolizirovaniye is prevented, antioxidant activity is shown. Besides, this component takes part in regulation of carrying out nervous impulses.

B6 or pyridoxine is a participant of synthesis of neuromediators, for example, dopamine, noradrenaline and other reactions of decarboxylation, and also a feather - and deaminations of amino acids, preventing accumulation of ammonia and accelerating regenerative actions in nervous tissue.

Substance cyanocobalamine (B12) is required for a normal hemogenesis, takes part in forming of myelin fabric.

Indications to use

Drug is appointed at:

  • treatment of the neurologic diseases caused by a vitamin deficiency of B1, B6 and B12;
  • need for a supportive application for a symptomatic treatment of diseases of a nervous system, for example: neuritis, polyneurites, peripheral paresis, neuralgia, polyneuropathy and so on.


Use of this means is not recommended at:

  • hypersensitivity to its components;
  • lactations, pregnancies;
  • thromboses and thrombembolia;
  • severe forms of dekompensirovanny heart failure;
  • hyperglobulia;
  • erythremias;
  • heavy bleedings;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • depressed cases;
  • children's age.

It is necessary to carry out treatment with extra care for patients with Vernike's encephalopathy, a premenopausal and menopausal syndrome at women, the heavy stenocardia, high-quality and malignant new growths accompanied with megaloblastny anemia and a lack of B12 vitamin, tendency to formation of blood clots at advanced age.

Side effects

Sometimes treatment by Vitagamma leads to development of the increased sweating, tachycardia, acne rash. Manifestation of skin allergic reactions, for example, of an itch, small tortoiseshells, rashes is possible. Also some system reactions are not excluded: difficulty of breath, acute anaphylaxis, Quincke's edema.

When the drug is administered too quickly, patients can feel dizziness and a headache, vomiting, tachycardia, arrhythmia, bradycardia, a convulsive state, a cardialgia and excitement develops.

Vitagamma, application instruction (Way and dosage)

This means is intended for deep intramuscular introduction. In especially hard cases or at acute pain syndromes about 2 ml are recommended to enter daily. After removal of an aggravation, at easy forms of an illness drug is appointed on 2 ml to 2-3 one-time introduction to week.


In cases of overdose strengthening of symptoms of side effects of drug at which carry out symptomatic therapy is possible.


At a combination to solutions of sulfites thiamin destruction is noted.

In therapeutic dosages of B6 vitamin action of the Levodopa decreases.

Interaction with copper ions: at values rn more than 3 thiamin disintegration can accelerate.

Incompatibility of B12 vitamin with salts of heavy metals is established. Solutions with thiamin or cyanocobalamine are subject to fast destruction though iron ions in low concentration are capable to prevent it.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The dark and cool place is suitable for storage of medicine unavailable to children.

Period of validity

2 years.


Refer to the main analogs: Binavit, Vitakson, Kompligam of B and Milgamma.

About Vitagamm

Drugs with similar action enjoy wide popularity. At the same time About Vitagamm, as a rule, positive. Significant advantage is that Vitagamm's pricks are well transferred, that is side effects practically do not arise. In general many people prefer to receive vitamins B injections because thus they are quicker distributed in an organism.

Though some patients are interested whether there are Vitagamm's tablets as for them it is more convenient to take this form. Nevertheless, tablets often are exposed to destruction in a digestive tract.

Also specialists specify that drug is a vitamin complex, but not anesthetic and an excitant. Therefore it is not capable to eliminate disturbances and can be applied only as a part of a combination therapy. Thanks to its use the organism receives necessary substances which shortage reduces full value of therapeutic process.

Sometimes also negative responses meet. For example, some patients do not accept morbidity of pricks. However the majority prefer to choose this means as it quite effective and cost its quite acceptable.

By the way, this drug is not always used directly. It is included in structure of masks, growth-promoting hair. Drug is actively used by athletes who are sure that similar injections promote fast recovery of an organism after the postponed injuries and diseases.


  • Vitagamma of 2 ml No. 5 ampbryntsalov-A
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