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  • Latin name: Vitaxon
  • ATH code: N07XX
  • Active ingredient: Tablets (Benphothiaminum + Pyridoxine); Injection solution (Thiamin + Pyridoxine + Cyanocobalamine)
  • Producer: PAO Farmak (Ukraine)


1 tablet includes 100 mg of Benphothiaminum and 100 mg of a pyridoxine of a hydrochloride – active ingredients.

Minor ingredients: povidone (To 29/32), microcrystallic cellulose (101) and (102), corn starch, calcium stearate, anhydrous colloid silicon dioxide, talc.

Cover: Opadry II 85 F 18422

1 ampoule includes 50 mg of thiamin of a hydrochloride, 50 mg of cyanocobalamine and 50 mg of a pyridoxine of a hydrochloride – active ingredients.

Minor ingredients: polysodium phosphate, lidocaine hydrochloride, benzyl alcohol, potassium hexacyanoferrate ІІІ, sodium hydroxide, water for infection.

Release form

Drug Vitakson is let out in the form of tablets No. 30 or 60 in packaging, and also injection solution in ampoules of 2 ml, on 5 or 10 pieces in packaging.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug Vitakson belongs to neurotropic vitamins of group B which possess positive efficiency in relation to degenerative and/or inflammatory painful conditions of a musculoskeletal and nervous system. This group of drugs is shown for prevention of scarce states.

In the raised doses improves blood circulation, shows analgeziruyushchy action, contributes to normalization of processes of a hemopoiesis and activity of a nervous system.

One of active ingredients B1 vitamin being phosphorylated in an organism forms biologically active agents: tiamintrifosfat (TTR) and tiamindifosfat (cocarboxylase). As coenzyme, cocarboxylase participates in exchange processes of nerve fibrils and processes of an exchange of carbohydrates, in synapses exerts impact on carrying out nervous impulses.

At shortage of B1 vitamin there is cumulation of metabolites in fabrics, first of all pyroracemic and milk acids that can lead to various disturbances and morbid conditions of functionality of a nervous system.

The Fosforilirovanny form of B6 vitamin (piridoksal-5 ’-phosphate, PALP) represents coenzyme of group of enzymes which jointly participate in the general amino-acid metabolism (not oxidizing). By means of decarboxylation they take part in forming of physiologically active amines (a histamine, adrenaline, serotonin, tyramine, a dopamine and so forth), by means of transamination participate in catabolic and anabolic exchange processes (for example, a glutamate-oksalatsetattransaminaza) and various processes of replication and splitting of amino acids.

The pyridoxine influences 4 different steps of metabolic transformation of tryptophane, at synthesis of hemoglobin acts as the catalyst of production of acid α-amino-β-ketoadininovy.

B12 vitamin is irreplaceable in the course of a metabolism of cells, exerts impact on the hemopoietic function (an antianemic external factor), participates in forming of methionine, sincaline, nucleic acids, creatinine, shows the anesthetizing activity.

At reception orally, with assistance of intestinal phosphatases, dephosphorylation of Benphothiaminum happens to fat-soluble S-benzoyl of thiamin (SBT) which possesses big degree of permeability and is absorbed without significant transformation of thiamin.

Absorption of a pyridoxine, as well as its derivatives, to a large extent quickly happens in an upper part of a gastrointestinal tract by means of passive diffusion, to allocation for 2-5 hours. Piridoksal and piridoksal-5-phosphate in a blood plasma contact albumine. Piridoksal is the transported form. For penetration through cellular membranes, the piridoksal-5-phosphate connected with albumine, it is hydrolyzed in piridoksal by means of an alkaline phosphatase.

Unlike thiamin, the saturation kinetics is not inherent to Benphothiaminum. When absorption of water-soluble B1 vitamin remains at a low step, bioavailability of Benphothiaminum equals nearly 100%. Also Benphothiaminum remains in fabrics longer.

At administration of drug parenterally there is a distribution of thiamin in an organism. About 1 mg of thiamin gives in to a metabolism every day, about removal of metabolites through kidneys. Process of dephosphorylation is observed in kidneys, with T1/2 about 21 minutes. Thanks to weak fat solubility of cumulation of thiamin in an organism it is not observed.

Transformation and removal of an injection pyridoxine happens according to the same scheme, as at its reception orally.

At parenteral administration cyanocobalamine creates the proteinaceous transport complexes quickly enough absorbed by marrow, a liver and other bodies. B12 vitamin gets to bile and participates in the enterohepatic address, and also gets through a placenta.

Indications to use

Vitakson's tablets

Symptomatic treatment of various painful conditions of a nervous system:

  • alcoholic and diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • neurologic diseases of system character, because of a vitamin deficiency of B1, B6.

Vitakson's pricks

Morbid conditions of the neurologic sphere of various genesis:

  • neuralgia;
  • shingles;
  • mialgiya;
  • alcoholic and diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • radicular syndrome;
  • neuritis;
  • paralysis of a facial nerve;
  • retrobulbar neuritis.


For tablets

For injection solution

  • hypersensitivity;
  • breastfeeding;
  • dekompensirovanny acute heart failure;
  • disorder of cordial conductivity of acuity;
  • pregnancy;
  • psoriasis;
  • children's age.

Side effects

For tablets

In isolated cases observed:

  • skin rash;
  • dispeptic phenomena;
  • itch of integuments;
  • depressed case.

For injection solution

At fast introduction observed the system, quickly passing phenomena:

Allergic manifestations:

In isolated cases:

The instruction on Vitakson

Tablets Vitakson, application instruction

Tablets are shown to be accepted inside (orally), washing down with water.

The recommended daily dosage equals to 1 tablet in three steps.

At an acute pain and in hard cases, for the purpose of fast increase in plasma level of drug, apply injection solution. Therapy continuation, as a rule, demands daily reception of 1 tablet for 30 days.

Vitakson's pricks, application instruction

Injections carry out deeply to a muscle, slowly.

At an acute pain and in hard cases, for the purpose of fast increase in plasma level of drug, appoint injections in oil on 2 ml (1 ampoule) a day. At diseases benign or after stopping of an aggravation apply on 1 ampoule 2 — 3 times in 7 days, for not less than a month.


At overdose by any dosage form of Vitakson observed strengthening of side effects of drug: dizziness, arrhythmia, nausea, bradycardia, spasms, the increased perspiration.

The symptomatic treatment is shown.


At combined use with the drugs including the Levodopa its peripheral decarboxylation increases and antiparkinsonichesky efficiency goes down.

Benphothiaminum is incompatible with alkaline connections and oxidizers: iron-amony - citrate, iodide, mercury chloride, a carbonate, tannin acid, acetate, and also with Riboflavinum, Phenobarbital, Benzilpenitsillin, metabisulphite and glucose as at their presence there is its inactivation.

At increase rn more than 3 values thiamin loses efficiency.

Drugs of copper are accelerated by splitting of Benphothiaminum.

At interaction to solutions of sulfates there is a full disintegration of thiamin.

Terms of sale

Both dosage forms of Vitakson are released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store tablets – to 25 °C, an ampoule – to 15 ºС.

Period of validity

Ampoules and Vitakson's tablets keep the properties for 2 years.

Special instructions

With extra care patients need to appoint Vitakson's tablets with acute and heavy dekompensirovanny heart failure.

Purpose of tablets is contraindicated to patients with intolerance of a galactose, malabsorption of a galactose and glucose, deficit of lactase.

At patients with hypersensitivity, administration of B12 vitamin intramusculary can lead to anaphylactoid reaction.



  • Vitakson solution for injections of an ampoule of 2 ml No. 5farmak (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Vitakson solution for infection. amp. 2 ml No. 5farmak
  • Vitakson solution for infection. amp. 2 ml No. 5farmak
  • Vitakson solution for infection. amp. 2 ml No. 5farmak


  • Vitakson No. 30 tabl.p.p.o. Farmak (Ukraine)
  • Vitakson of 2 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp. Farmak (Ukraine)
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