Vitamin F

Vitamin F represents the whole complex of the fatty polyunsaturated acids which are of great importance in a set of biological processes. This family of polyunsaturated acids is subdivided into two: omega-3 and omega-6. The human body from one class is capable to transfer substance to another, but it cannot synthesize these acids from simpler.

Acid an omega-3 contains mainly in some fats of a plant and sea origin, nuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, wheat sprouts, etc. This vitamin renders the antioxidant, fortifying, immunoadjusting and fortifying action. Reception an omega-3 is appointed at heart troubles, for normalization of level of lipids, functioning of brain activity.

Main functions of vitamin F:

  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Antiarrhytmic action
  • Protection against atherosclerosis
  • Cardiotyre-tread action

To an omega-3 the following acids belong:

Dokozageksayenovy acid – contains in algas, the Atlantic herring, sea mollusks, in salmon. This acid concerns to the most valuable to health of the person, and during pregnancy women are recommended to look narrowly especially attentively at the diet for the purpose of reception of enough dokozageksayenovy acid.

Eykozapentayenovy acid – this acid contains in brown and diatomic seaweed, sea mollusks, fish fats (a mackerel, a sardine, a cod, a salmon). Ana is useful during depressions as the means stimulating production of serotonin.

Linolenic acid is the irreplaceable polyunsaturated acid relating to group an omega-3. It contains in vegetable oils, mainly in perilla, hempy, soy, linen.

The following acids belong to family an omega-6:

Linolic acid is irreplaceable acid in an organism which provides normal life activity. This substance comes to an organism in with food in the form of the difficult lipids which are a part of many oils of plant and animal origin.

Arachidonic acid sometimes call vitamin F in spite of the fact that the concept of this vitamin is broader. For some living beings, cats, for example, this substance is irreplaceable, the human organism is capable to synthesize it independently. Normalization a ligand - receptor reactions is a main role of arachidonic acid in an organism.

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