B12 vitamin (cyanocobalamine)

B12 vitamin belongs to biologically active kobaltsoderzhashchy agents. By the way, this in general only nutrient which contains cobalt – the microelement necessary for health.

Vitamin role

B12 vitamin takes active part in exchange processes, interacts with pantothenic, folic acids, vitamin C, vitamin A. For health of a nervous system and ensuring resistance to stress, this substance promotes production of sincaline. Active interaction with vitamin A is based on providing karotin with B12 vitamin of the introduction in a metabolism and their transformation into an active form of Retinolum.

B12 vitamin plays an important role in construction of fatty and proteinaceous structures of a myelin layer, is important for health of bones and teeth which cannot fully develop at deficit of this substance. At a lack of oxygen B12 vitamin strengthens its absorption and consumption by fabrics.

Anti-atherosclerotic action is shown in decrease in level of cholesterol, and also its removal from vessels. Normalization of development and growth is provided due to stimulation of synthesis of protein with this vitamin.

Regulation of processes of a hemopoiesis is one more of the most important functions of B12 vitamin. It is provided due to synthesis of nucleic acids, pirimidinovy and purine bases, accumulation of sulfur-containing connections in erythrocytes.

Ability to strengthen a host defense of an organism is provided for the account activation of action of reticuloendothelial system and increase of phagocytal ability of leukocytes.

Existence of a glycoprotein – special protein in a stomach, is a necessary condition for digestion of B12 vitamin. Sufficient concentration of calcium is also necessary for good digestion of vitamin.

Indications to use

  • Anemias of various look
  • Liver diseases: cirrhoses, hepatitises, etc.
  • Dystrophy
  • Radial illness
  • Polyneurites
  • Skin diseases: neurodermatitis, dermatitis, photodermatosis, psoriasis
  • Radiculitis
  • Migraine
  • After infectious diseases

Deficit of B12 vitamin

In time not revealed deficit of B12 vitamin can be fraught heavy disturbances of a nervous system and mentality: multiple sclerosis, for example, at which there are destructions of a protective surface of nervous cells that leads to paralyzes and even to a lethal outcome.

Even absolutely microscopic doses of this substance are extremely useful to health of the person.

Symptoms of constant shortage of B12 vitamin can come to light even several years later. The constant condition of grief, feeling of concern, nervous breakdowns and panic can quite be symptoms of shortage of this substance.

Except nervous breakdowns, shortage of vitamin can lead to various anemias, problems with digestion and even to deafness and a blindness.

Possible reasons of deficit:

  • Wrong food allowance
  • Alcoholism
    Insufficient absorption (the wrong acidity, sick ileal gut, lack of free calcium, availability of the destroying enzymes)
  • Defects of enzymes
  • Hyperthyroidism

For determination of level of B12 vitamin carry usually out blood test to blood, however because of a number of factors it can sometimes show doubtful results. The most exact method is definition in blood of level of a gomotsistein.

Vitamin sources

  • Pork, beef, liver, language, eggs
  • Fish, mollusks
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Bean
  • Nuts

This vitamin can come to our organism only from the outside as it cannot independently be made therefore for an exception of deficit of B12 it is necessary to saturate the diet with products which are rich with it.

For vegetarians deficit of B12 vitamin can turn back the real problem, especially for those who do not consume dairy products. For them remain the only source bean and nuts, and also additives to food.

By the way, B12 vitamin at heat treatment practically does not collapse.

Norm of consumption

The norm of consumption in days of vitamin B 12 makes about 2,4-3 mkg at what for pregnant women it can increase a little.

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