B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum)

B2 vitamin is a water-soluble vitamin which is one of the most important for the person. Together with folic acid this vitamin creates new blood cells, together with iron provides its normal contents in an organism, also B2 vitamin prolongs a life cycle of red blood cells. Such interaction with other substances needs to be considered, buying polyvitaminic complexes.

Insufficient content of B2 vitamin can negatively affect a condition of skin, an eye, frustration of a nervous system, digestive organs, to cause damage of mucous membranes, to break absorption in a gastrointestinal tract, to provoke a hair loss, to lead to sleeplessness, a growth inhibition, to slow down intellectual reaction of the person, to increase a photosensitivity, to create feeling of gripes in eyes. At the same time overdose of Riboflavinum is almost impossible.

It is possible to distinguish the following from the main functions which are carried out by the B2 vitamin which is also called by Riboflavinum:

  • Ensuring processes of oxidation
  • Maintenance of energy balance
  • Regeneration and recovery of body tissues
  • Ensuring synthesis of a rhodopsin which protects eyes from sunshine
  • Protection of skin against microbes
  • Provides visual acuity

The products richest in the content of B2 vitamin, are: an offal (in particular a liver and kidneys), eggs, yeast, the majority of mushrooms, grain (buckwheat, the purified rice, etc.), and also products from them, fish (a herring, a mackerel, a cod), it is especially possible to distinguish from vegetables broccoli, salad, cabbage, and also many others. Meat, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, almonds are also fine sources of this vitamin.

The human body is not capable to accumulate B2 vitamin therefore its stocks have to be replenished constantly with food if it is impossible – by means of vitamins B tablets. To learn whether you use Riboflavinum above norm, it is very simple: urine of the person drinking this vitamin above norm at once is painted in bright yellow color, and also quite often has a specific smell that almost should be noticed.

Use of additional vitamins from a drugstore is necessary in cases of skin diseases and diseases of eyes, at badly healing wounds, at diabetes, diseases of a liver, gastrointestinal tract, anemias, and also during treatment of insufficiency of Riboflavinum and its prevention.

Interesting facts

In Russia rigid deficit of the tableted B2 vitamin form is observed. One of plants which was letting out its long time ceased to do it, another lets out mainly solution for injections that is extremely inconvenient for constantly use by most of people.

Riboflavinum is actively used as a food dye, at the same time does not do harm to health and enriches products with vitamin. It is E101 dye.

But recently even more often begin to use other dyes, not safe for the person. For example, tartrazine which is prohibited in Norway and Austria, and also yellow quinolinic, not got permission to use in the USA, and other chemical dyes.

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