Vitamins – simple organic compounds of various nature. Taking part in a huge number of the chemical changes occurring in an organism they carry out alarm functions of hormones and some pro-hormones, provide Catholic function of a set of enzymes, can act as regulatory intermediaries, provide healthy functioning of TsNS, etc. The huge part in a metabolism even is assigned to these substances in spite of the fact that they are not a supplier of energy.

The fact that some food is capable to exert positive impact on a human body was known still in the ancient time. Ancient Egyptians, for example, used a liver against night blindness. In the 14th century the famous Chinese doctor published three-volume work on advantage of food and drinks for health of the person. In the 18th century one of the Scottish specialists conducted interesting research. Entering sailors into food a citrus which is rich with vitamin C, he managed to protect seamen from a scurvy. James Cook put into broad practice of sourcrout by the seamen, having proved efficiency of such method of disposal of a disease of gums in practice. Since then useful products against various diseases were it by practical consideration.

Thus, physical and intellectual effeciency, ability of an organism to fight against adverse factors of environment, including against toxins and an infection depends on the level of the consumed vitamins. Diverse participation of vitamins B a metabolism and process of ensuring normal life activity of the person does not leave any doubts at specialists any more.

The bulk of vitamins comes to an organism with food, some are synthesized by microorganisms in intestines. It means that from food the organism allocates both vitamins, and provitamins (predecessors) which as a result of certain transformations become vitamins.

Avitaminosis is a shortage of these or those vitamins B an organism. Such state can arise because of is long lack of these connections in a diet, and also Wednesday at which occurs strengthened vitamin destructions appeared from behind any disease as a result of which absorbability of a digestive tract was broken or.

The hypovitaminosis represents failure partial shortage of this or that vitamin. It proceeds almost imperceptibly, for example, can be shown in the form of deterioration in working capacity, slackness, drowsiness or in general without external manifestations.

Giperavitominoz is a condition of excessive content of vitamins B an organism. It is observed in case of the wrong diet which is usually caused by exclusively flavoring addictions, and also the wrong reception of vitamin complexes.

For the person caring for the health it is very important to understand that not always the vitamins eaten completely ustaivatsya. Oxidation processes, heat treatment, chemicals, etc. can destroy all vitamins almost completely. For their preservation it is necessary to carry out a number of simple rules:

  • You store vegetables in the dark cool room
  • It is the best of all to steam potatoes if in water – that in a peel
  • To wash salad under cool flowing water
  • It is the best of all to cook vegetables in a double boiler or a microwave
  • Buy only fresh fruit and vegetables
  • You clean vegetables just before inclusion in food

For anybody not a secret that any vitamin B of the increased concentration can become poison for an organism. Therefore the excessive use in food of food stuffs, strongly rich vitamins, and also vitamin complexes, without corresponding to the instruction, can do considerable harm to health.

So far about 50 popular vitamins are known, 20 of which are extremely important for health.

It is possible to distinguish the following from them:

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