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  • Latin name: Vivitrol
  • ATH code: N07BB04
  • Active ingredient: Naltrexone (Naltrexone)
  • Producer: Alkermes, INK., Bakster Farmasyyutikalz Solyushnz of LLS (USA), Johnson & Johnson (Russia)


Active component naltrexone is a part of powder.

Solvent in the form of transparent colourless liquid consists from: a karmelloza of sodium, polysorbate, sodium of chloride and water for injections.

Release form

Vivitrol in the form of powder for preparation of the suspension intended for intramuscular introduction in bottles of 5 ml is issued. Packaging also includes special solvent in a bottle of 5 ml, the syringe and needles.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses the action capable to block opioid receptors. Therefore it is used at treatment of alcohol addiction.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Vivitrol is the antagonist of opioid receptors possessing high similarity to opioid mu receptors. When using this drug only its activity directed to blocking of opioid receptors is shown.

Sometimes during treatment by Vivitrol there is an inexplicable narrowing of a pupil. However tolerance development, and also mental or physiological dependence is noted. The patients having physical opioid dependence can feel cancellation symptoms. It is supposed that this drug exerts impact on endogenous opioid system.

It is established that Vivitrol does not treat means of aversivny treatment and its use does not lead to disulfiramopodobny reactions during alcohol intake or opiates.

The maximum concentration of naltrexone at intramuscular introduction as a part of a blood plasma is found already later 2 h. The following peak is noted 2-3 days later. Approximately in two weeks there is a decrease in its concentration, but it is quite enough for manifestation of therapeutic effect which remains not less than a month.

In an organism naltrexone is actively metabolized therefore several metabolites are formed, basic of which is – 6 - beta naltreksol.

Removal of metabolites and small part of invariable drug happens mainly in composition of urine.

Indications to use

Indications for purpose of drug are:

  • treatment of alcohol addiction if patients are capable not to take alcohol in an initiation of treatment;
  • the prevention of recurrence of opioid dependence, as a result of the postponed opioid detoxication.

It is important that in an initiation of treatment patients refrained from reception of any opioids. Except medicamentous therapy the program of elimination of dependence has to include the corresponding psychosocial support.

Contraindications to use

Vivitrol is not appointed to patients:

  • accepting narcotic analgetics;
  • continuing to accept opioids during treatment;
  • at acute cancellation of opioids;
  • not passed provocative test by Naloxonum, and also received the positive take of the analysis confirming availability of opioids in structure to urine;
  • with heavy abnormal liver functions;
  • at a lactation, pregnancy;
  • aged till 18 flyings;
  • with high sensitivity to drug.

Side effects of Vivitrol

At treatment the side effects affecting work of various systems and bodies can arise this drug. Disturbances in activity of the alimentary system are possible: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, increase of desires to defecation, frustration, pain and discomfort in a gastrointestinal tract, dryness in a mouth, appetite disturbance, anorexia.

Also the deviations in work of a respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous system shown are not excluded: infectious damages of upper airways, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, arthritis, pains and constraint in joints, dorsodynia and extremities, spasms of muscles, headache, drowsiness and so on.

Besides, side effects mention a condition of skin and hypodermic fabrics, are shown by the general and local reactions.

The instruction on Vivitrol (A way and a dosage)

As the instruction specifies, only medical specialists can enter Vivitrol, using what is available in packaging.

It is recommended to administer the drug intramusculary to the area of buttocks, times a month on 380 mg. Other forms of introduction or reception of solution are contraindicated. At the admission of introduction of the next dosage, the following injection is done at once as soon as possible.

Preparation of suspension is allowed only using the solvent entering packaging. It is necessary to carry out an injection also by means of the syringe and needles provided in a set. The summary to drug contains detailed recommendations about preparation of suspension and administration of drug which need to be observed strictly.


In overdose cases serious deviations arise rather seldom. Development of reactions in the place of an injection, display of nausea, abdominal pains, drowsiness and dizzinesses belongs to widespread by-effects.

Therefore treatment is carried out depending on the shown symptomatology.


Medicinal interaction of Vivitrol with various drugs is completely not studied. As clinical practice shows, at a combination of this drug to other drugs of development of significant symptoms it is not revealed.

Special instructions

To avoid emergence of a syndrome of acute cancellation or to warn him an aggravation, patients with opioid dependence need to stop before therapy use of opioids not less than in 7-10 days.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that lack of opioids as a part of urine cannot serve as sufficient confirmation of their absence in an organism. Therefore for the purpose of the prevention of the subsequent development of a withdrawal before treatment by Vivitrol carrying out provocative test with Naloxonum is required.

Terms of sale

In drugstores it is possible to get Vivitrol according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The instruction reports that it is possible to store powder with solvent in the refrigerator at 2-8 °C. Drug cannot be frozen. It is necessary to prevent penetration of light and access for children.

Period of validity

3 years.


Drugs possess similar action: Antakson, Zambon and Naltrexone.


  • Vivitrol powder for suspension 380 of mg No. 1 flakonalkermes Controlled Therapeutics II
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Section: For a nervous system
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