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  • Latin name: Visanne
  • ATH code: G03D
  • Active ingredient: Diyenogest (Dienogest)
  • Producer: Bayer Schering Pharma AG (Germany)


One tablet of pharmaceutical drug contains:

  • micronized diyenogest (osnovny biologically active component) – 2 mg;
  • monohydrate of lactose – 62,8 mg;
  • potato starch – 36 mg;
  • microcrystallic cellulose (MKTs) – 18 mg;
  • povidone To 25 – 8,1 mg;
  • talc – 4,05 mg;
  • krospovidon – 2,7 mg;
  • magnesium stearate – 1,35 mg.

Release form

In pharmaceutical booths medicine is delivered in the form of tablets white or close to white colors on 2 mg which are packed up in blisters (blister strip packagings) from PVC or aluminum foil expected 14 pieces. Tablets of a round form with a flat surface and slanted edges. On everyone there is an engraving on the one hand in the form of a letter "B". The cardboard box contains 2, 6 or 12 plates.

Pharmacological action

Diyenogest, the main operating component of tablets of Vizann, is a chemical derivative of a nortestosteron, that is is characterized by strong anti-androgenic activity. Active agent possesses relative affinity with progesterone for 10% that is shown in strong progestagenny effect.

Diyenogest contacts the receptors intended for progesterone in the woman's uterus then shows the therapeutic effects. So, at endometriosis endogenous production of oestradiol decreases owing to what its trophic influences both on euktopichesky, and on ectopic levels are suppressed. Further, at continuous treatment by tablets, the operating component, creating a specific endocrine environment, causes an initial stage of a detsidualization of fabrics of an endometria, that is layer-by-layer flaking of the struck covers. The following stage is the atrophy of the endometroidny centers, elimination of the pathophysiological reason of this nosological unit.

It is worth to remember that biological effects of Diyenogest also include immunological and antiangiogenic. These properties of active component of pharmaceutical drug for women allow to slow down considerably proliferation of cells, their maturing and germination of vessels in again formed covers. Thus tendency of endometriosis to distribution is suppressed.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine is used for oral administration then it is quickly enough and fully soaked up from a digestive tract. The maximum serumal concentration (47 ng/ml) is reached in 1,5 hours after one-time reception of tablets of Vizann. Bioavailability of biologically active components makes unprecedented 91%. Also it should be noted that in a certain framework (a one-time dosage from 1 to 8 mg), pharmacokinetic abilities of drug of a dozozavisima.

Getting to blood, the main operating component nonspecific contacts albumine (about 90%), other 10% are in a type of a free serumal steroid. Drug possesses low cumulative abilities – after daily use of tablets of Vizann concentration of active component increases by 1,24 times. The equilibrium amount of medicine in the main blood-groove is observed in 4 days of a course of conservative therapy.

Diyenogest by a hydroxylation with formation of inactive products of an exchange is metabolized. The main enzyme which participates in metabolic ways of an active component is CYP3A4 that is important in definition of clinical interactions with any pharmaceutical drugs. Products of an exchange are quickly enough brought out of an organism by means of kidneys and intestines – clearance speed makes 64 ml/min. of blood serum. A medicine elimination half-life – 9-10 hours. It is interesting that the elimination of medicine passes in two stages. First of all in the first 24 hours kidneys allocate the main part of a single dose then within 6 days the main quantity of the taken and soaked up pill.

Indications to use

Endometriosis is gynecologic nosological unit which develops at women of reproductive age. From the point of view of a pathophysiology the disease represents intensive growth of cells of an endometria (an inside layer of the fabrics covering walls of a uterus) outside borders of typical localization. Intensively proliferating fabric has specific receptors to women's hormones, that is neogenic cells are subject menstrual to a cycle. As a result of this sequence of changes monthly hemorrhages lead to an inflammation as blood cannot normally be emitted from a uterus wall.

Main symptoms of a disease:

  • pelvic pain of cyclic character;
  • lengthening of menstrual bleedings;
  • increase in generative organs in volume;
  • infertility;
  • dispareuniya – morbidity at sexual intercourse;
  • at the fourth stage of development bowel emptying or a bladder also causes megalgias.


  • the increased individual sensitivity to compound components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • intolerance hereditary or acquired biologically active agents of medicine;
  • acute thrombophlebitis;
  • venous thromboembolisms;
  • bleedings from a vagina with the obscure reason and a pathogeny;
  • diabetes mellitus (especially in the presence of vascular complications);
  • atherosclerotic damages of a vascular bed;
  • heart diseases (in particular coronary heart disease, stroke or tranzitorny ischemic attacks);
  • the liver pathologies changing indicators of functional trials;
  • cholestatic jaundice of pregnant women in the anamnesis;
  • high-quality and malignant new growths of a liver;
  • disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism – intolerance of a galactose, glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption, deficit of lactase;
  • hormonedependent malignant new growths (in particular adenoma of a mammary gland);
  • children's and teenage age before achievement of 18 years.

It is necessary to use medicine with care (passing of a conservative therapeutic course in a specialized hospital under supervision of the qualified medical personnel is recommended) at:

Side effects

Side effects are shown, as a rule, at the beginning of a course of conservative therapy and in process of treatment continuation their number and force considerably decreases. Adverse effects of sanitation for convenience are broken into systems and frequency of manifestations (pharmaceutical literature establishes the following norms of manifestation of side effect – often from 1/1000 to 1/10, and infrequently from 1/1000 to 1/100):

  • From the hemopoietic system: infrequently – anemia.
  • Alimentary and metabolic disturbances: often – increase in body weight; infrequently – decrease in body weight or increase of appetite.
  • Alimentary system: often – nausea, vomiting, pains in the field of an epigastrium or in the bottom of a stomach, a meteorism and feeling of a raspiraniye of an abdominal cavity; infrequently – a konstipation or diarrhea, inflammatory diseases of a digestive tract, an ulitis.
  • From integuments: often – an acne (an acne illness with defeat of sebaceous glands), an alopecia (hair loss); infrequently – dryness of integuments, a hyperhidrosis (excessive accumulation and release of liquid), an itch, a hirsutism (excess terminal growth of hair on man's type), a hypertrichosis, an onikhoklaziya (fragility of nail plates), dandruff, dermatitis with various activators, disturbance of pigmentation, reaction of a photo of sensitivity.
  • Reproductive system: often – increase in mammary glands, morbidity of a breast, cystous damage of ovaries, irregular uterine bleedings, an amenorrhea; infrequently – vagina candidiasis, dryness of mucous membranes of vulvovaginal area, pain in pelvic area, an atrophic vulvovaginitis, allocations from generative organs, a fibrous and cystous mastopathy or consolidations of mammary glands of other origin.
  • Central nervous system: often – a headache, migraines, disturbance of a sleep pattern and wakefulness, decrease in a libido, frequent changes of mood; infrequently – an imbalance of a peripheral nervous system, a depression, disturbances of attention, uneasiness.
  • From sense bodys: infrequently – feeling of dryness of eyeglobes, a ring in ears.
  • Cardiovascular system: infrequently – disturbance of blood circulation of the obscure genesis, tachycardia, arterial hypotension.
  • From a musculoskeletal system: often – pains which are localized in the bottom of a back; infrequently – bone pains, especially in extremities, short-term muscular spasms, "nepripodjemny extremities" (unpleasant heavy feeling in hands and legs).
  • Urinary system: infrequently – an infection of uric ways and a bladder.
  • Others: often – astenisation (increased fatigue, an indisposition and irritability); infrequently – puffiness.

Vizanna, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Tablets are intended for intake. It is possible to begin a conservative course of treatment in any day of a menstrual cycle. The dosage makes 1 tablet a day. Pharmaceutical drug should be used regularly, every day, at the same time. This fact is explained by fluctuations of a hormonal background within a day, that is the therapeutic effect of medicine will be far higher if the instruction on Vizanna is carried out most correctly.

If packaging ended, then it is necessary to get immediately following within duration of a course of conservative therapy. In case of the admission of one or several receptions further treatment continues the same dosage (one tablet a day) since the next possible moment, however such break adversely influences the result of sanitation (the course can be more long, than it was initially supposed). If after reception of pharmaceutical drug within 3-4 hours plentiful vomiting or diarrhea is observed, then instead of not absorbed tablet it is necessary to drink another for maintenance of constant concentration of biologically active components of medicine.


When using excess concentration of medicine the following symptoms can be observed: nausea and vomiting, metrorrhagias and bloody allocations of the smearing character from generative organs. The specific antidote from overdose by the drug Visanne among pharmaceutical products at the moment does not exist therefore at the adverse effects stated above it is necessary to stop further therapy and to carry out a symptomatic treatment.


The metabolism of active components of drug of Vizann is closely connected with system of biological catalysts of an isoenzyme CYP3A (microsomal enzymes of system of P 450 cytochrome), respectively clinically significant interaction is shown by groups of medicines which in one way or another influence biochemical properties of this metabolic link.

Typical inductors of enzymatic system

Medicines which increase activity of biological catalysts of system of cytochrome indirectly promote increase of clearance of sex hormones. As the main operating Vizanna's component – the derivative of gormonopodobny substance, respectively a metabolism of tablets also undergoes certain changes. First of all, it leads to considerable decrease in therapeutic effect (biologically active agents circulate insufficiently long in the main blood-groove). Also such clinical interaction can cause side effects, for example, change of character of uterine bleedings (quantity, a consistence, morbidity and so on).

Treat drugs which work in this way: Phenytoinum, antibiotics Carbamazepine and Rifampicin, barbiturates, Primidonum, Felbamat, Grizeofulivin used in fight against pathogenic fungi and also drugs on the basis of a medicinal St. John's Wort.

The maximum influence of inductive character on enzymes is noted not at once, and only after 2-3 weeks, however this pharmaceutical effect for a long time remains – there pass not less than 4 weeks after the termination of the combined therapy before recovery of usual speed of metabolic ways.

Substances which are capable to slow down effect of enzymes

Inhibitors of fermental systems at joint sanitation with Vizanna considerably increase concentration of gestagen in a plasma component of blood, and respectively cause heavy side effects from the list stated above. The following groups of medicines possess such action:

Compatibility of drug with foodstuff

Meal with the high content of fat does not influence pharmacokinetic abilities of the making components and the therapeutic effect which had by them, that is when passing a course of conservative therapy the special diet is not required. However it is necessary to exclude grapefruit juice as it contains the microelements acting as inhibitors of enzymatic system of cytochrome from a diet (the cm is higher possible adverse effects).

Not medicinal types of interaction

The active operating components of tablets of Vizann can bend results of clinical analyses several. So, for example, influences of pharmaceutical drug should be considered at biochemical functional trials of a liver, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and kidneys. Also fractional parameters, for example, concentration of proteins (including specific conveyors carriers), lipids and lipoproteids, hemocoagulative constants, indicators of carbohydrate metabolism change.

Terms of sale

Medicine only according to the certified receptor form is released.

Storage conditions

The tablets Visanne should be stored in the place, unavailable to children of younger age, at constant temperature condition not above 30 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

5 years

Special instructions

Vizanna – drug as a part of which there is a hormonal component. It means that after a conservative course of therapy by medicine, the organism undergoes certain changes at the level of biological hormones especially as drug intake was preceded by such serious gynecologic pathology as endometriosis. As a result, during passing of a course of therapy peroral tablets note temporary fertility (suppression of processes of an ovulation).

However you should not arrange panic once again. Monthly after Vizanna begin not at once, and during one - two-three months that is norm, with return of a natural menstrual cycle also possibilities of reproductive system of a female organism are recovered. Of course, at once on the termination of a rate of pharmaceutical drug it is necessary to pass consultation at the qualified specialist.

Vizanna's analogs

Vizann medicine at the moment in the pharmaceutical market has no analogs per se. This optimum means for treatment of such pathology, as endometriosis. From time to time at a slow disease and the corresponding indications these products can be replaced with other hormonal means which do not have the proved reliability and clinically confirmed effect at this nosological unit.

So, for example, as analogs of drug of Vizann are often represented medicines of Jeanine or "Ethinylestradiol + to Diyenogest" which in fact are the same pharmaceutical name (the first name is used for commercial purposes therefore meets on shelves of pharmaceutical booths more often, and the second – is the international unlicensed name).

The huge number of women at thematic pharmaceutical forums and Internet resources asks a question so it is better — Jeanine or Vizanna and what positive properties in therapeutic practice it is more preferable to choose at treatment of endometriosis.

First of all it is necessary to understand that Jeanine is classified as monophase contraceptive pharmaceutical drug. That is this medicine represents an oral contraceptive on the basis of the hormonal operating components. It and that other is a main objective of purpose of this medicine.

Of course, on open spaces of the Internet it is possible to find information according to which clinical tests of Zhanin as means for fight against endometriosis were carried out. However compound components of pharmaceutical drug also include etilenestradiol and a large number of excipients which considerably expand the list of adverse effects and side effects of a therapeutic course.

Respectively Vizann or Jeanine's question at endometriosis is not correct in essence. Absolutely definitely it is necessary to choose Vizann's tablets as this pharmaceutical drug was specially created for fight against gynecologic pathology. Excipients were picked up thus as much as possible to promote an active component, to minimize risk of side effect and considerably to reduce duration of a course of conservative sanitation.


  • Vizanna of 2 mg No. 28 a tabletkibayer Weimar Gmbh and To. KG (GERMANY)
  • Vizanna of 2 mg No. 168 a tabletkibayer Weimar Gmbh and To. KG (GERMANY)
  • Vizanna of 2 mg No. 84 a tabletkibayer Weimar Gmbh and To. KG (GERMANY)

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  • Vizanna of 2 mg No. 28 of table.
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