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  • Latin name: Visine
  • ATH code: S01GA02
  • Active ingredient: Tetrizolin (Tetryzoline)
  • Producer: Pfayzer, (Canada)


In 1 ml of drops of a tetrizolin of a hydrochloride of 500 mkg. Boric acid, dinatrium edetat, sodium chloride, solution benzalkoniya of chloride, sodium borate, water as excipients.

Release form

Drops on 15 ml in a plastic bottle with a dropper and the screwing-up cover.

Pharmacological action

Vasoconstrictive, antiedematous.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Active agent is the sympathomimetic stimulating alpha adrenoceptors practically without having effect on beta adrenoceptors. Tetrizolin has vasoconstrictive effect, reduces reddening and hypostasis. After an instillation action is shown in 60 seconds and lasts from 4 to 8 hours.


At local use it is almost not soaked up and does not show systemic action. More detailed researches of pharmacokinetics were not conducted.

Indications to use

Wiesen to eyes is applied:

  • hypostasis and reddening of eyes at a seasonal allergy;
  • conjunctiva hyperemia at influence of a smoke, the chlorinated water, dust, bright light, contact lenses and cosmetics.


With care it is applied at heavy coronary heart disease, a diabetes mellitus and at reception of inhibitors of a monoaminooxidase.

Side effects

System reactions arise seldom. Local reactions:

  • burning sensation;
  • sight zatumanennost;
  • eye pain;
  • pricking in an eye;
  • mydriasis;
  • reddening of eyes.

Eye drops Vizin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drops for eyes dig in on 1 - 2 in an eye 2–3 times a day. Use is not recommended more than 4 days in a row. For an instillation it is necessary to uncover a bottle and to turn it. Without touching a mucosal surface of eyes to dig the necessary quantity and to screw up a cover.

Whether children can drip? Drug is allowed for use for children since 2. To children it is appointed under control of the doctor.

Whether it is possible to drip with lenses? Contact lenses should be removed before an instillation of drug and to establish them approximately in 15 min.

The application instruction of Vizin contains the warning that drug has to be used only at insignificant irritation of eyes. If for two days the state does not improve, it is necessary to cancel drug and further treatment to carry out according to the recommendation of the doctor. Drops are not intended for treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis, at foreign bodys of an eye or injuries of a cornea.

Wiesen from spots

Indications to use do not provide use it from spots. Nevertheless, if to consider composition of drug and the description of action, then it is possible to draw a conclusion that the fast lasting vasoconstrictive effect and elimination of reddening can be used, in this case. For this purpose the cotton plug impregnated with drug is put to the problem place for 5 minutes. If the inflammation is expressed also the sizes impressive, it is possible to repeat procedure through time 2–3 times (operates on skin till 4 o'clock). Responses of visitors of some websites also testify to it:

  • "… Perfectly helps, I use in case of emergency";
  • "… Even the cosmetologist advised me. It is necessary to put the wadded disk impregnated with Vizin. Previously to take a disk in a deep freeze";
  • "… Stops bleeding if to squeeze out a heat-spot and does reddening less noticeable";
  • "… Indeed reduces heat-spots in a few minutes, but ate many spots, it will not rescue".

It is possible to use drug for this purpose situationally if it is necessary quickly "to put a face in order", but it is impossible to apply it constantly as it has no medical effect on an acne (the antiseptic agents and means improving function of sebaceous glands are necessary here) and besides, causes a number of by-effects at prolonged use. It helps to mask spots, but does not relieve of them. Will get rid of spots it is possible only by means of professional cosmetics.


If to apply means according to the instruction, then risk of overdose minimum. At accidental hit in a stomach nausea, a mydriasis, cyanosis, fever, increase of the ABP, a spasm, tachycardia, a fluid lungs, heart arrhythmia, disturbance of functions of breath and TsNS are possible.

The risk of emergence of overdose is high at small children at a drug proglatyvaniye. Treatment is begun about a gastric lavage and reception of absorbent carbon. Further symptomatic therapy is carried out: oxygen inhalation, antipyretics and anticonvulsant. At increase of the ABP in/in, slowly enter phentolamine, 5 mg on normal saline solution. The antidote is unknown.


Data are not provided.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature of storage is up to 30 °C.

Period of validity

3 years. A period of validity after opening no more than a month.

Use at pregnancy

Considering risk of system reactions, women can apply eye drops Vizin during this period only then if according to the decision of the doctor the advantage for mother exceeds risk for a fruit. At pregnancy without restrictions it is possible to apply Vizin the Pure tear.

Vizin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

From the drugs containing active agent tetrizolin it is possible to call eye drops Montevizin, Spersallerg, Vizoptik, Oktiliya, Naphazoline. The price of analogs of Vizin makes: Vizoptik of 15 ml — 121-182 rub, Montevizin of 10 ml on 116-153 rub, Oktiliya of 8 ml on 203-364 rub. Therefore, the cheapest analog taking into account amount of substance in a bottle — Vizoptik, Rompharm Company (Romania).


  • Wiesen Pure Tear of a drop eye 0,5ml No. 10 flakonyjohnson & Johnson
  • Wiesen Classical drops eye 15mljohnson & Johnson
  • Wiesen Pure Tear of a drop eye 10mljohnson & Johnson
  • Montevizin of 0.05% of a gl.kapla of 10 ml
  • Wiesen Classical drops eye 0,5ml No. 10 flakonyjohnson & Johnson

Drugstore of IFC

  • Wiesen Pure tear of a drop of hl. 10 ml, Farmigea S.P.A.Frantion
  • Wiesen Pure tear of a drop of hl. 0,5ml No. 10, Farmigea S.P.A.Frantion
  • Wiesen Classical hl drops. 0,5mg/ml 0,5ml No. 10, Farmigea S.P.A.Frantion
  • Wiesen Alerdzhi of a hl drop. 0,05% 4 ml, Famar C.A. Grgretion
  • Wiesen hl drops. 0.05% of 15 ml, Pfizerkanada
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  • Wiesen pure tear kap.gl. 0.5ml No. 10 Johnson and Johnson (Greece)
  • Wiesen is classical
  • Wiesen pure tear kap.gl. 10mldzhonson and Johnson (France)


  • Wiesen hot-smoked 0.05% 15mlkeata Farm
  • Wiesen hot-smoked 0.05% 15mlkeata Farm


  • Wiesen 0,05% 15 ml of a drop glazn.
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