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  • Latin name: Vizomitin
  • ATH code: S01XA20
  • Active ingredient: Plastokhinonildetsiltrifenilfosfoniya bromide (Plastohinonildetsiltriphenylphosphonium bromide)
  • Producer: CJSC Framon (Russia)


Drops Skulacheva (Vizomitin) contain in structure: bromide a plastokhinonildetsiltrifenilfosfoniya — 0,155 mkg.

Excipients: chloride a benzalkoniya — 0,1 mg; sodium chloride — 9 mg; a gipromelloza — 2 mg; dihydrosodium phosphate — 0,81 mg; hydrosodium phosphate dodecahydrate — 116,35 mg; sodium hydroxide solution — to a neutral rn; water — to 1 ml.

Release form

Eye drops Skulacheva (Vizomitin) represent the transparent colourless or a little painted liquid. 5 ml of such liquid in a bottle dropper, one bottle in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Eye drops Vizomitin possess keratoprotektivny action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Vizomitin created the academician Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev. Eye drops contain bromide a plastokhinonildetsiltrifenilfosfoniya (PDTF) — derivative a plastokhinona, containing the remains of a trifenilfosfin in structure. In low concentration substance has a strong antioxidant and promoting effect on epithelization, a slezootdeleniye, increase of stability of the lacrimal film.


Researches in the field of drug pharmacokinetics in public were not conducted. In researches on animals it is revealed that distribution of PDTF happened within two days after intravenous administration. Drug was present at the basic in tissues of a liver, kidneys and hearts in the first hour after introduction. PDTF quickly is exposed to metabolic decomposition and reaction with plasma proteins.

Indications to use

Syndrome of "a dry eye".

Quite often patients allocate drugs with doubtful effects, so we will remind that efficiency of drops of Skulachev from a cataract is not proved. Researches in this direction are conducted, however, to draw conclusions so far early.


  • Allergy to any of drug components.
  • Age less than 18 years.

Side effects

Extremely seldom allergic reactions can develop.

Application instruction of Vizomitin

The instruction on eye drops Skulacheva (Vizomitin) recommends to dig in drug for an eyelid on 1-2 drops three times a day. Duration of treatment is established by the attending physician and depends on the course of a disease and expressiveness of symptoms.


About overdose cases drug at topical administration there are no messages.


If it is necessary to apply Vizomitin along with other drops to eyes, then the break between instillations has to make not less than 5 minutes.

Terms of sale

Drug is released only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from children. To store in the dark place in the range of temperatures from 2 to 8 °C.

The open bottle is recommended to be stored in the dark place in the range of temperatures from 2 to 8 °C and to use not longer than 1 month from the moment of opening.

Period of validity

The period of validity makes one year. It is forbidden to use drug after the termination of a period of validity (it is specified on packaging). The open bottle needs to be used within one month.

Special instructions

If use of drug causes a short-term indistinct picture of sight, to its complete recovery it is not recommended to take the wheel of the vehicle and to be engaged in activity which demands the increased concentration of attention.


Now Vizomitin's analogs with identical structure do not exist.


  • Vizomitin 0,155mkg/ml drops eye 5 ml bottle-kapelnitsamitotekh of Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Vizomitin (Skulachev's drop) of a drop of hl of 0.155 mkg/ml 5 ml, Framon of closed joint stock company / Mitotekh Ooorossiya
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Experience: Work in an all-medical network 3 years the surgeon (The Vitebsk hospital of an emergency medical service, Lioznensky TsRB) and in combination the regional oncologist and the traumatologist. Work farm the representative within a year in the Rubicon company.

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