Instead of drugs – fruit

Nobody loves tablets and mixtures. They are bitter, and, besides, have a negative side of impact on an organism, being developed by an artificial way. But how then to be treated?

The main thing governed, of course, not to be ill. Or at least to take the beginning of an illness as soon as possible to nullify it. And with it we will be helped quite by natural drugs. Certainly, all of us know about medicinal properties of herbs. And here most often we assign to fruit a part only of a dessert. Meanwhile, still ancient people knew – what sweet fruit to eat with pleasure to avoid tortures from an illness.

Of course, we know something also some of us even resort to the medical help of berries. For example, it is rather widely known that the dried apricots and grapes help cores, and prunes help out those, who have problems with a digestive tract. But, perhaps, further it our knowledge do not extend. And all the year round fruit do not descend from dining tables. What recommendations are made by the traditional medicine which saved up solid experience in millennia?

Headache – one of widespread tortures, especially at women. It appears, well relieves so usual orange of it. However, not it is one. It is necessary to add grams to half a kilo of these fleshy bright fruits hundred gruel from roots of horse-radish, about a kilogram of sugar, liter of white grape wine and all this to boil nearly an hour on the water bath. Further as usual: to insist, wring out and accept – in this case on a third of a glass two hours later after food.

By the way, the orange peel well helps also at other problem – locks. Only besides not it one, and in mixing with fruits of caraway seeds and bark of a buckthorn (1 part and 1 part to 8 parts respectively). To boil all this in a glass of water, to accept on 1 glass of the turned-out drink twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

And here at purely female indispositions — plentiful periods and uterine bleedings, for example — only one orange without any impurity is used. Only it has to be a little unripe. To iskroshit such fruit together with a peel and to cook on the water bath half an hour in two glasses of water. Let broth will be drawn minutes ten. To wring out and take on a third of a glass for half an hour to food up to four times a day.

Than not less widespread fruit can help with our country – banana? He effectively struggles with warts. To cut a peel of a mature fruit about a centimeter small squares on three, to lay the color party down, garlic juice (it is possible to replace with a dandelion milk) to drop from above, to put this "compress" to a wart and to record a plaster. If it becomes since evening, then it is necessary to replace in the morning. It is considered that literally for a week of a wart descend.

Section: Female health Cosmetology