Blisters are educations on integuments in the form of the outlined disk towering over skin. Watery blisters can have the most various form and the size. As a rule, they dense to the touch.

How blisters are shown?

Water blisters on different areas of integuments arise, as a rule, suddenly, and through a certain span they disappear. The size of blisters depending on the reason of their emergence varies: they can be small, but sometimes blisters have quite big size.

Color of blisters also happens different. They can be pale, pink, have more dark pink rim. At some diseases red blisters appear. Often the person notes that blisters on site appeared having combed or where earlier burning and an itch was observed.

Why there are blisters?

Swelling of skin can occur under the influence of stings of insects, chemicals, and also owing to a number of other reasons. At different diseases blisters appear on different parts of a body of the person.

Blisters on hands can arise at people of any age. If previously there was a friction of any subject about integuments of palms or fingers then hands became covered by blisters, then in that case it is about callosities. Small blisters appear after weak friction. As a rule, the fact that on hands blisters appeared is often noted by those who after some break work with different tools on a kitchen garden.

Blisters on hands can be a burn consequence the hot steam one skin hotter than too long influence of the sun or hit than liquid. One more frequent origin of blisters on hands — corrosive burns. It occurs at direct contact with different chemicals: toxic substances for pest control, fertilizers, etc. After some time blisters on fingers of hands scratch, than bring discomfortable feelings to the person.

Sometimes small blisters between fingers appear after contact with chemicals after a while. Even small blisters can bring serious discomfort. For example, if on a finger there were such educations, then the person works much more slowly, and cannot perform some work at all. Therefore at any contact with chemicals or substances of an unknown origin it is necessary to put on rubber gloves.

Sometimes blisters on hands appear owing to the allergic reactions happening in an organism. It can be both an allergy to food stuffs, and the reaction provoked by reception of some medicines.

Волдыри на спинеRather serious problem are autoimmune diseases, one of symptoms of which — blisters including on hands. At an ordinary pemphigus bubbles not only in a mouth, but also on hands are observed. At an autoimmune illness which is called herpetiform dermatitis small blisters on palms scratch, itch. This disease is chronic, and hypodermic blisters periodically appear throughout all life.

Blisters on palms and stupnyakh, and also appear owing to development of a number of infectious illnesses. It is chicken pox, fungus diseases, shingles, infectious diseases of integuments.

Blisters on lips at some people appear quite often. A basic reason which explains a situation when at the person the blister — herpes jumped out on a lip. At development of this disease blisters are located along border of lips with skin. Blisters on upper and on an under lip appear in several days after the beginning of an illness. In bubbles transparent liquid contains. After a while several blisters merge in one then discomfortable feelings at the person considerably amplify. Gradually liquid in a bubble in a lip grows turbid, bubbles burst. Approximately in ten days after emergence they dry up and disappear. Bubbles at herpes appear periodically in the period of an exacerbation of an illness.

Blisters on the lip interior sometimes appear at stomatitis. It can be both white blisters, and vials of transparent liquid inside.

Red blisters in language also arise at people who are infected with a herpes virus. They are, as a rule, painful therefore the patient constantly feels strong discomfort. Sometimes blisters appear language, under language on each side. They are similar to small cones. The reason of such phenomenon — barmy fungi which constantly are in a mouth. But their activity can increase owing to immunity disturbance.

Blisters on a language root, and also in other its zones can appear owing to infectious diseases. At severe cold blisters are present at a throat and language. At the same time in language the white plaque is observed. Besides, bubbles in language can appear during pharyngitis, and also some diseases of skin. The blood bubble in language often appears owing to traumatizing.

The reasons of blisters in a mouth are sometimes connected also with gerpeptichesky stomatitis. At this disease blisters appear in an oral cavity, in particular, on mucous a mouth. The reasons of emergence of blisters — the inflammation of a mucous membrane of a mouth provoked by a herpes virus. In this case it is not necessary to self-medicate. If there are in a mouth or in language blisters, it is necessary to see a doctor to establish the correct diagnosis. Especially you should not delay consultation if in a mouth the blister which brings strong discomfort swelled up.

White blisters in a throat will roll about at an angina follicularis. These are well noticeable bubbles which are localized on almonds. But sometimes, at especially heavy course of quinsy, blisters on a back wall of a throat appear. At the same time the person feels a sharp pharyngalgia, at him temperature strongly rises, blisters on a wall of a throat appear against strong reddening, increase in lymph nodes is noted. The course of such quinsy always heavy, especially at children. The angina follicularis usually develops owing to strong overcooling or decrease in immunity.

Волдыри на ногахEmergence of blisters standing is, as a rule, connected with carrying very close footwear and strong friction in some places. Sometimes small blisters standing scratch, bring weak discomfort, but disappear quickly enough. That there were no blisters of the bigger size, and this problem was not aggravated, it is important to select good footwear and it is obligatory to keep clean integuments about the appeared blister. Water blisters on toes, on feet of legs it is impossible to puncture. If blisters on hands and legs were damaged accidentally and on their place red wounds were formed, then it is necessary to apply a bandage at once. Sometimes blisters between toes appear also in connection with fungus diseases. In that case it is necessary to visit the doctor and to carry out antifungal treatment.

If on a body blisters of white color appeared and scratch, then the speech can go about the small tortoiseshell. Bubbles at the small tortoiseshell sometimes happen pinkish color, their sizes can also vary. At the small tortoiseshell on places of emergence of blisters of people feels a severe itch.

Blisters owing to burns appear if there was a contact with hot steam, a surface, liquid, fire. Treatment of a blister for burns initially assumes first aid — it is necessary to cool the burned place with cold water. Blisters after a burn cannot be punctured as the risk of infection with an infection increases after that. If the blister nevertheless became torn or if burst, then it is necessary to protect the place of a burn from hit of dust, foreign objects and not to allow sharp drying of this place. How to treat burns, envy for extent of defeat. At the first degree of a burn, as a rule, there is only a reddening which disappears in several days. The blister appears at the second degree of a burn. In that case medical care is necessary for the victim. Therefore if there was a burn boiled water, or the person got strong sunblisters, it is necessary to see a doctor surely. Blisters after receiving a burn appear in several hours. Even at defeat of a small site of skin (for example if there was a finger burn) on site defeats can remain scars.

How to get rid of blisters?

Как избавиться от волдырейBefore taking any measures directed to treatment of blisters it is necessary to define surely what origins of blisters took place in a specific case.

Watery blisters on a body, as a rule, pass after a while without use of special measures. The main thing — not to break their integrity. If on a body there were blisters owing to friction or weak burns, then in most cases they disappear independently and do not demand special treatment. Gradually under an affected area of integuments new skin appears. Small blisters cannot be punctured as it will provoke irritation, pain also will increase risk of infection with an infection. If the blister is filled with liquid, then it protects the damaged integuments from an infection and promotes more intensive healing.

If there were red blisters on a body, it is initially necessary to pass inspection and to exclude infectious diseases. Rash on a body can sometimes testify to chicken pox, a rubella, measles, etc. In that case the patient can note that at him all body became covered by rash. Blisters cause discomfort, the body itches, febricula symptoms are shown. It is necessary to see urgently a doctor to learn the correct diagnosis.

Treatment of blisters which appear in language is carried out with the purpose to reduce unpleasant feelings of the patient as such bubbles are very painful. If herpes is the reason, then outside drugs are appointed. For reduction of discomfort and pain it is possible to rinse periodically a mouth broths of herbs — camomiles, turns.

To rinse a throat broths of herbs, and also other solutions it is useful also at an angina follicularis at which white blisters in a throat appear. For this purpose also soda solution with iodine addition is used. However rinsings will give effect only if to practice them each two hours for day. At heavy quinsy to the patient reception of antibiotics is appointed.

If the person had blisters on a face owing to herpes, then treatment is made with use of special drugs — an acyclovir, etc. Children are recommended to grease the struck places with Oxolinic ointment.

Волдыри на рукеAt emergence of blisters from burns it is initially necessary to cool the burned place with cold water, later to carry out its antiseptic processing. Further if necessary the ointments, gels and other outside drugs accelerating healing process are appointed. The water blister which arose after a burn does not need to be punctured.

Blisters on vulvar lips and on man's generative organs can demonstrate development of genital herpes. Such problem demands consultation of the specialist - the venereologist.

People who are ill a diabetes mellitus and diseases of blood circulation cannot treat independently blisters.

If blisters appeared owing to stings of insects, it is necessary to grease the place of a sting with outside means — corticosteroids (for example, a hydrocortisone). Such blisters on skin scratch therefore it is important to reduce an itch that the person did not comb the place of a sting. If right after a sting on skin there were watery blisters, it is possible to put a cold compress on this place, to pound the place of a sting the cotton plug which is previously impregnated with soda solution. In order to avoid strong allergic reactions reception of antihistamines practices. Severe pain at a sting is killed analgetics. Even if skin strongly itches, it is not necessary to touch the place of a sting. As a rule, at the correct leaving watery blisters on skin disappear in several days.

At emergence owing to friction of blisters standing or on skin of hands it is necessary to stick with a plaster an affected area that skin was not injured further. If after carrying footwear red attritions standing appear, and at the same time the person feels discomfort, it is necessary to replace at least with some time footwear in order to avoid emergence of blisters. But if the big blister on a leg burst, and from it blood constantly flows, in that case it is impossible to self-medicate. It is necessary to see a doctor surely also at infection of a wound under a blister.

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