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  • Latin name: Wormin
  • ATH code: P02CA01
  • Active ingredient: Mebendazolum
  • Producer: Cadila Pharmaceuticals (India)


1 tablet contains 100 mg of active ingredient Mebendazolum.

Release form

Is issued in the tableted look (in the special blister on 6 pieces, 1 or 24 blisters).

Pharmacological action

Anthelmintic drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The principle of influence is based on exhaustion of stocks of a glycogen in a helminth body by irreversible disturbance of process of utilization of glucose.

Active agent Mebendazolum reduces adenosinetriphosphate synthesizing speed, interferes with synthesizing of a tubulin in cells.

Medicine is practically not soaked up from a digestive tract. 90% of active agent are removed with a fecal masses in not changed look, the remained 10% are brought through renal system at an urination.

Indications to use

The tablets Vorminum are appointed at an echinococcosis, a teniosis, a trichuriasis, an ankilostomidoza, an enterobiosis, a gnatostomoza, a kapillyarioza, an alveococcosis, multiple nematodes, the mixed helminthoses, a strongyloidosis.


The tablets Vorminum do not appoint at an illness Krone, individual intolerance and the expressed allergic reaction to Mebendazolum, at nonspecific option of ulcer colitis, at incubation of pregnancy, insufficiency of hepatic system, when feeding a breast.

Children can appoint Vorminum after achievement of two years.

Side effects

Treatment by Vorminum can be followed by headaches, nausea, dizziness and epigastric pains of spastic character.

Long therapy by Mebendazolum in the high dosages exceeding recommendations causes a leukopenia, diarrhea, vomiting, a giperkreatininemiya, an eosinophilia, increase of enzymes of hepatic system, allergic answers in the form of a Quincke's disease, the small tortoiseshell, rashes or a skin itch.

The cylindruria, hamaturia is in certain cases observed.

The application instruction of Vorminum contains the instruction on possible negative impact of Mebendazolum on fetation (forming of various forms of anomaly of development).

The instruction on Vorminum (A way and a dosage)

Tablets are recommended to be washed down with water.

Treatment of a strongyloidosis, ankolostomoz, ascaridosis, teniosis, trichuriasis, the mixed invasions: within three days twice a day to accept 100 mg of Mebendazolum.

Treatment of an enterobiosis: a single dose in 100 mg of Mebendazolum. At high risk of repeated infection the course is repeated in 2-4 weeks. To children of 2-10 years appoint 25-50 mg of Vorminum.

Treatment of a trichinosis: three days to accept 200-400 mg of Mebendazolum three times a day; the next seven days to accept 400-500 mg three times a day.

Treatment of an echinococcosis: three days to accept 500 mg of Mebendazolum twice a day; the next three days Vorminum increase quantity of a medicine to 1500 mg (by 3 receptions); further medicinal means is accepted in the maximum dosage which is calculated according to the scheme: 25-30 mg on 1 kilogram of weight a day (on 3-4 receptions).

For prevention Vorminum is appointed according to the scheme of treatment.


It is shown by a diarrheal syndrome, vomiting, nausea, epigastric, spastic pains.

Reception of high dosages of a medicine causes a neutropenia, development of hepatitis and reversible disturbances in work and functioning of hepatic system.

At overdose Mebendazolum recommends to cause vomiting, having as much as possible cleared a stomach of the remains of medicines, to appoint effective enterosorbents, absorbent carbon.


Inductors of metabolic processes and carbamazepine reduce the level of concentration of Mebendazolum in blood, back reaction is observed at simultaneous therapy by Cimetidinum.

It is recommended to avoid joint treatment by lipophilic medicines.

At patients with a diabetes mellitus Vorminum can reduce need for insulin.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

The temperature condition of storage of Mebendazolum recommended by the producer – is no more than 25 degrees Celsius. In the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity

No more than 4 years.

Special instructions

Long therapy by Mebendazolum demands regular supervision over changes of indicators of peripheral blood, work of kidneys and hepatic system.

Treatment by Vorminum does not demand purpose of laxative, it is recommended to refrain from reception of greasy food.

On end of a course of protivogelmintny therapy conduct obligatory research a calla and smears of proctal area. Therapy admits effective if within a week after reception of the last tablet in Calais and a smear neither eggs of parasites, nor helminths are found.

With alcohol

Alcohol intake within the first days of treatment is forbidden.

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs it is possible to call the drugs Mebendazolum, Vermoxum, Telmoks.

About Vorminum

About Vorminum at forums confirm high protivogelmintny activity of a medicine, its good tolerance even at children.

Vorminum price where to buy

The price of Vorminum depends on the region, pharmacy chain (6 tablets on average cost about 20 rubles).


  • Tabletkikadit Vorminum of 100 mg No. 6 Farmasyyutikalz Ltd
  • Tabletkikadit Vorminum of 100 mg No. 24 Farmasyyutikalz Ltd
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