Eighth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy approaches a logical outcome: the eighth month is time when future mother is engaged in registration of a maternity leave and actively prepares for motherhood. At this time the kid already completely occupies space in a uterus therefore sometimes its pushes even deliver certain discomfortable and pain to future mother. Besides, the woman can feel pain also in view of preparation of a uterus for patrimonial process: Braxton-Higgs's pains are so shown.

8 month of pregnancy – fine time for rest. The woman has to walk, take care much of stressful situations, receive positive emotions from reading books, communication with fine. There will pass not enough time, and such free, measured life will remain in the past, and the woman will plunge into the world of new pleasant efforts.

Development of the child on the eighth month of pregnancy

When the eighth month of pregnancy comes to an end, the child already weighs nearly two kilograms, and his "growth" equals about 40 cm. During this period the kid begins to open eyes and to distinguish changes of light. If the woman comes for bright solar lighting, in a uterus becomes much more brighten, and the child notices it. This fact is confirmed by the fact that the fruit at bright lighting begins to blink eyes. Pregnancy which 29th week already behind, is marked also by other achievements of the developing child. Researches confirm that on the 8th month of development the child feels pain, distinguishes taste and smells.

During this period the fruit can adopt that provision which will remain also before childbirth. At this time most of children are already located in a uterus a head down. However, up to the 36th week of pregnancy in a uterus there is a lot more place in order that the kid managed to accept other position. Therefore future mother should not worry ahead of time if the doctor reported to her about the wrong position of the kid.

8 month of pregnancy are that period when the child's heart almost completely develops and takes final shape. But even at so late stage of development heart, and also cardiovascular system have features which are characteristic of a fruit. At the kid at this stage of development in all blood vessels the venous blood and blood oxygenated circulates. Only from mother to the child on an umbilical vein there passes the pure arterial blood. In this regard it is very important that maternal blood was most oxygenated, and also substances, other, important for the kid. At insufficient amount of oxygen in the woman's blood the child can be exposed to serious risk. Therefore during pregnancy future mother has to not only to abstain from smoking, but also not to be near those who smoke. In the presence at the woman of cardiovascular pathology that also affects blood saturation by oxygen, the woman needs to consult constantly with specialists and to receive adequate treatment.

Other bodies of the child form not less actively at this time. In a liver of the kid segments actively form, blood supply of a liver is improved. Intensively also the pancreas works, supplying the child's organism with insulin.

At the same time in lungs of the child alveoluses which are covered by special substance – surfactant stop forming that is characteristic of mature lungs in the functional plan. The respiratory center is also created, and the child can already independently breathe. Therefore pregnancy which 8 months already behind, can end with the birth of the viable kid. But nevertheless it is much better if the kid is born in time.

Also the child's head grows and develops at this time: on the eighth month its size is already equal to 60% of the size of the head of the adult. The habit view of the kid also changes: it quickly accumulates a fatty hypodermic layer, and his skin is smoothed. Now the child has much less wrinkles, and skin becomes not red and more likely pink. Still the vernix caseosa remains, however primary down gradually disappears.

Outward of the woman on the eighth month of pregnancy

Восьмой месяц беременностиPregnancy which 30 weeks at the woman the stomach gradually increased at this stage can give already more noticeable inconvenience. The uterus gradually rose to edges, and can even sometimes seem to future mother that it is difficult for it to breathe. At the end of the eighth month the uterus is located most highly. But nevertheless each woman, estimating own appearance at this time, has to realize the fact that pregnancy always develops with specific features. Therefore there is no sense to compare the sizes and a shape of own stomach to tummies of other pregnant women on the same term. And even the sizes of the kid do not influence what will be a stomach.

During this period the pregnant woman's weight actively increases, and she to become more sluggish and clumsy. On average in a week 500 grams of weight grow. But if these indicators are much higher, then it is necessary to see a doctor as it is fraught with existence of the obscure edemas. Perhaps, he will recommend to carry out several fasting days. But nevertheless if the weight gain equals to about ten kilograms by this time, then, as a rule, such woman quickly comes to a former form after the delivery.

Last months pregnancies appearance of the woman can comprehend one more change connected with a special hormonal background. It is too intensive growth of hair on skin. The matter is that during incubation of the child at the woman the hair loss considerably decreases, and here new hair continue to grow. However after the birth of the kid the situation will cardinally change, and the number of hair on integuments will recover.

Health of the woman on the eighth month of pregnancy

Восьмой месяц беременностиOn the 8th month of pregnancy the woman is gradually overcome by nervousness. She can suffer from strong fatigue, not sleep at night.

At this time so unpleasant phenomenon as a gestosis is diagnosed for many future mothers. Increase of arterial pressure and developing of hypostases is characteristic of this disease. In this case it is regularly very important to hand over urine on the analysis as at emergence of protein in it it is possible to speak about development of a gestosis. In that case urgent treatment in a hospital is necessary. However, if pregnancy which 31 weeks on an outcome, proceed normally, then, most likely, a gestosis not to be shown any more. The gestosis most often develops at those women who have a certain pathology of pregnancy in the anamnesis.

At this stage of incubation of the kid constant attacks of heartburn, and also very frequent desires to an urination can also overcome the woman. It is necessary to rise sometimes several times at night. The matter is that the uterus increased at this time very strongly therefore its pressure upon other bodies affects.

Except the described troubles at this time the woman can suffer from frequent manifestation of locks, nausea, continuous gas generation, difficulty of breath. Because the uterus presses a diaphragm, it becomes gradually more difficult for woman to breathe. Before childbirth the uterus falls, and breath is facilitated. And on the eighth month of pregnancy doctors advise women to try as it is possible to hold more exactly a back that will allow to breathe more deeply. But if the woman notes not only a pant, but also pain in a thorax, acceleration of pulse and a posineniye of lips and finger-tips, then it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible.

On the eighth month of pregnancy the varicosity of legs, and also a rectum is often shown. There can be hypostases of legs which are shown by the evening is more expressed. The person can also swell.

What disturbs the woman on the eighth month of pregnancy

During this period the woman to continue to note a number of feelings which disturbed her earlier, on earlier durations of gestation. However to these phenomena also other feelings gradually increase. So, pregnancy which 32nd week already on an outcome, is celebrated by very strong and constant activity of the child. From a vagina allocations continue to appear, but at this time their quantity can increase. At this stage of pregnancy the woman is often disturbed by periodic nasal bleedings, blood appears also from gums during a chishcheniye of teeth.

Especially future mother is disturbed at this time by dorsodynias as its bearing strongly changes in view of the increased stomach. To these feelings also the stomach skin itch which is shown periodically can increase. In it there is nothing surprising as integuments considerably stretch.

From a breast of future mother colostrum is periodically emitted: so there is a preparation for the coming stage of breastfeeding of the kid.

Except the physiological features described above the pregnant woman is overcome also by psychological difficulties. To the termination of the eighth month most of future mothers has a feeling of strongly bothered pregnancy and desire somewhat quicker to see the child. To this feeling the absent-mindedness, fatigue, feeling of weakness increases. At this time the woman is overcome by the most different fears connected with future families, health of the child, own future status of mother. Besides, often disturbs the woman and even present appearance irritates her. To dispel fears, it is necessary to communicate with the women having positive experience of childbirth and also to receive as much as possible positive emotions.

Wrong position of the child

Восьмой месяц беременностиIf in recent weeks the eighth month of pregnancy the doctor reported to the woman about the pelvic provision of a fruit, then it should try to activate process of turn of the child. Optimum conducting childbirth provides head presentation. Therefore in the last eight weeks of pregnancy the woman can do special exercises for stimulation of turn of the kid.

Sometimes external version of a head of the child which is carried out by the doctor the first period of childbirth practices. Controlling a condition of a fruit an ultrasonografiya, the specialist turns the child, laying hands to the woman's stomach. But similar procedure doctors sometimes are afraid to carry out in view of a possibility of manifestation of some complications.

If the kid stays in longitudinally pelvic situation, then its birth is possible in the natural way. However the doctor has to conduct very attentively childbirth, controlling process by means of electronic devices and making decisions on use of an epidural anesthesia, use of nippers, carrying out cuts of a crotch. Besides, at patrimonial process with the wrong presentation of the child doctors have to be ready to resort to Cesarean section at any time. The doctor defines position of the child before childbirth by palpation of a stomach of the woman.

Sex on the eighth month of pregnancy

If the course of pregnancy does not become complicated certain diseases or other factors, then doctors do not prohibit the woman the sexual relations up to childbirth. However if the doctor warns the woman about existence of a certain risk of abortion, then sexual contacts should not be practiced. Especially risky to have sex to those women who bear polycarpous pregnancy, and also that who already had in due time premature births. Also sexual relations last months of pregnancy are prohibited those women at whom you take place the offer of a placenta, the obscure bleeding, premature department of an afterbirth, cracking of covers of a fruit.

However in recent months pregnancies the woman has to think that with emergence in a family of the small child her husband should not be the deprived attention and care. Therefore, already at this time it is important to find close psychological contact with the husband and to try to prepare together for the forthcoming changes.

Recommendations to the woman on the eighth month of pregnancy

Восьмой месяц беременностиThe doctor recommend to sleep during this period on one side. It is important to avoid a pose on spin as in such situation there is a tightening of the lower vena cava. As a result heartbeat becomes more intensive, to be turned the head. To provide the most comfortable position during a dream, it is possible to use several small pillows, having enclosed them under a back and a stomach.

Last months pregnancies at the woman the urine incontience owing to the uterus pressure upon a bladder can sometimes be shown. Similar can occur when the woman laughs, sneezes, coughs. That such phenomenon disappeared after the child's birth, it is regularly necessary to carry out exercises of the Size which promote strengthening of a tone of muscles of a basin.

Doctors do not recommend at this time to the woman to travel far from the house. Such adventures in view of existence of a certain load of the woman's organism during moving threaten both health of the woman, and a condition of a fruit. Besides at development of premature patrimonial process the attending physician it will be very far.

If the woman feels well, then and during this period of pregnancy she can drive the car on small distances, having fastened a seat belt. However long trips should be avoided as long sitting in the same position is extremely undesirable.

On the eighth month of pregnancy on condition of a health normality the woman can continue to take baths as from hit of microorganisms the fruit is protected by covers, a stopper from slime which is in a neck of uterus, and amniotic liquid. However each future mother has to think that her movements are extremely clumsy now therefore to take a shower and a bath it is necessary very carefully not to slip. To avoid it, it is possible to put in a bathtub or in a shower cabin a rubber rug. And leaving a bathtub, it is possible to ask about the help of the loved one.

Time to considerably reduce intensity of physical exercises came. But nevertheless the woman can carry out the easy, not straining gymnastics every day. At the same time it is important to pay attention to breathing exercises which will significantly facilitate a condition of the woman during patrimonial activity.

To avoid hypostases, it is worth refusing the use of a large amount of salt. It is desirable to eat food often and small portions.

The eighth month of pregnancy is the period when the woman already has to pack all things which will be useful to it in maternity hospital. Let everything will be ready, childbirth will begin already soon.

Researches on the eighth month of pregnancy

Last months pregnancies the woman visits the gynecologist more often. Traditionally at each visit determination of weight and indicators of a blood pressure, the laboratory analysis of urine is carried out. The doctor will surely measure uterine fundus height, will listen to heartbeat of a fruit. On the eighth month it is also important to find out the provision of a fruit and its sizes. Besides, the woman shall show to the doctor of an extremity that he defined whether it is subject to hypostases and displays of varicosity.

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