The inflamed tonsils

The glandular fever is a symptom which is shown very often both at adults, and at children, and can be connected with development of a number of viral, bacterial, fungal infections, and also a consequence of allergic reactions. At children such symptom is noted approximately twice more often than at adults.

How the inflamed tonsils are shown?

Tonsils (almond) are one of bodies of immune system of the person. They consist of an adenoid tissue and are located between palatal handles. In an organism they function as a peculiar filter, protecting it from penetration of disease-producing microbes. Thus, almonds can neutralize an infection which gets into an organism with air, food, water. But in certain cases, if the organism is weakened, and at the same time a large number of microorganisms gets into a throat, tonsils cannot effectively carry out the functions and inflame.

As a rule, inflammatory process in almonds begins sharply. The patient has an expressed pain in tonsils when swallowing, feeling of the general weakness, a fever, the ache in joints can appear. The person is disturbed by a headache, body temperature can rise very promptly. Lymph nodes which are located under a jaw often increase, at their palpation morbidity is noted. Can be present and the inflammation of a front wall of a throat, is sometimes noted a voice osiplost. On a surface of almonds the white plaque appears. The purulent inflamed almonds demonstrate development of purulent quinsy. In that case it is necessary to address the specialist immediately.

The expressed pain in left or in the right tonsil is sometimes noted. Inflammatory processes of almonds practically never take place without pain. At infectious diseases throughout some time pain after removal of tonsils is noted.

If at the child tonsils increase and sharply body temperature increases, parents should not disregard these symptoms. However you should not use the means which is available at home from a pharyngalgia without consultation with the doctor as the state can only be aggravated. In the absence of the correct treatment the glandular fever can become the reason of serious complications — myocarditis, a rheumatic carditis, pyelonephritis, etc.

At an angina follicularis the pharyngalgia is often so expressed that gives to ears. During the acute period at children the diarrhea and vomiting is possible.

Воспаление гланд и миндалинAt an inflammation of almonds symptoms of a disease are expressed individually. Sometimes they acute and pronounced, sometimes – rather indistinct. But if the person understands how strongly inflamed tonsils look (for this purpose it is enough to consider a photo with images of the increased almonds), then the expressed inflammation can be seen with the naked eye. Even if a pharyngalgia not too strong, how to cure a disease, than to rinse a throat to reduce expressiveness of symptoms, it is necessary to consult on the doctor surely. In parallel with purpose of a basic course of treatment the specialist will tell how to treat tonsils folk remedies and whether it is worth doing it.

Why the inflamed tonsils are shown?

The inflamed tonsils – a symptom of the diseases relating to infectious and allergic illnesses. Basic reasons of development of such diseases – organism infection with viruses or bacteria. Streptococci, viruses, fungi can be infectious agents staphylococcus. As a result of influence of microorganisms and products of their life activity of an almond increase and inflame.

Inflammatory processes in tonsils often develop at people  whose immunity is considerably reduced. The factors promoting development of an inflammation is the general overcooling of an organism, contact with infection carriers. As a rule, the infection gets to an organism owing to cough and sneezing of people around which are already infected. It is also possible to catch when sharing ware, sanitary products. The internal infection which the person did not cure timely can become a source of infection. Often the inflammation of almonds is noted at the people having caries, inflammatory processes of gums, chronic antritis. Tonsils throughout some time can overcome such infection, but, sooner or later, inflammatory process begins to develop in them.

Thus, the inflamed almonds can be connected with bacterial, lacunary, monocytic, karatalny and an angina follicularis, tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis. Tonsils inflame also at quinsy having a fungal origin. In that case on them there is an expressed white plaque.

How to treat the inflamed tonsils?

Полоскание горла при воспалении гландOr the bilateral inflammation, the doctor will tell about how to treat a glandular fever on the one hand after carrying out inspection and establishment of the exact diagnosis. It is not necessary to tighten on a visit to the doctor as even the photo of a glandular fever of the people self-medicating often testifies to severity of an illness.

Treatment depends on what symptoms of a glandular fever are present at the patient what reasons led to development of inflammatory process. Depending on the final diagnosis the doctor appoints complex treatment and in detail explains what to do at a disease which symptoms are connected with inflammatory process of almonds. Sometimes it is required to carry out laboratory analyses, to take scraping for definition of existence of a fungal infection.

The main treatment at children and adults of tonsillitis and quinsy consists in carrying out effective antibacterial therapy. What to do at any disease of a throat, and than to treat if almonds hurt, the attending physician solves. Antibiotics have side effects and weaken protective forces of an organism. Antibiotics are appointed depending on features of bacterial microflora. Antibacterial agents of a broad spectrum of activity are often appointed. For determination of sensitivity to treatment antibiotics recommend to carry out crops of the activator.

Complex treatment also includes symptomatic antiinflammatory therapy by individually picked up drugs. Than to treat tonsils at the adult, depends on weight of a course of a disease. So, if it is necessary to treat tonsils in house conditions, and at the same time at the patient very high temperature of a body is noted, the doctor surely appoints febrifugal drugs. To children at the increased temperature drugs on the basis of paracetamol and an ibuprofen are appointed. But if the thermometer shows no more than 38 degrees, it is better to refrain from reception of antipyretics. This rule concerns both children, and adults.

If there were abscesses, tonsils swelled up and inflamed owing to influence of a viral infection, in the course of treatment antiviral therapy is surely used.

Лечение воспаленных гланд процедурамиAlso aerosols and tablets are applied to a rassasyvaniye. But such drugs need to be used correctly: after their use it is necessary to refrain from meal and liquid, at least, for half an hour. The doctor will in detail tell also about how to treat the increased tonsils folk remedies so that to gain the maximum positive effect. For example, carrying out inhalations is in certain cases shown, however at some diseases of a throat they are contraindicated. As an additional tool it is possible to use rinsings for a throat. At traffic jams and a plaque on tonsils rinsings are carried out by salt and soda solution (the soda teaspoon, a tablespoon of salt and several drops of iodine is added to one glass of water). It is necessary to rinse a throat 7-10 times a day.

Fungal quinsy treat by means of antifungal drugs. It is also necessary to accept drugs which normalize intestinal microflora.

If the inflammation of almonds is connected with allergic reactions, treatment has to include antihistaminic drugs, a calcium gluconate.

Treatment of tonsils in house conditions is carried out if the patient feels rather normally, in a throat there are no big purulent traffic jams and white lumps. House treatment of tonsils demands observance of a bed rest from children and adults, at least, during this period when the patient is hurt by almonds and high temperature of a body keeps. It is important to adhere to the correct drinking mode: for day to use a lot of liquid. Treatment of a glandular fever will be more effective if during this period when the almonds increased, the patient uses only warm food in small amounts. It is desirable to refrain also from spicy, salty, acid food. Everything that is used by the patient, has to be acquired easily.

Treatment of tonsils folk remedies provides use for rinsing of a pharynx of infusions and broths of herbs (a camomile, a sage, an eucalyptus a yarrow, a calendula, etc.). But if interests the person, than to treat the inflamed tonsils, it is not necessary to practice exclusively folk remedies as without antibacterial treatment it is difficult to get rid of quinsy.

It is necessary to remember that the immunity strengthening including a hardening, the use of vitamin-containing products, etc. will help to protect an organism from frequent inflammations of almonds.

Осложнения при воспалении гландIf treatment is not carried out timely, the illness can pass into a chronic form. In certain cases it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention and to delete almonds. Features of operation and the cost of removal of tonsils at children and at adults, interests those to whom the increased almonds bring essential discomfort. It is reasonable to carry out surgical intervention if difficulties at breath and the speech are observed if throughout the long period, despite treatment, tonsils hurt and painfully to swallow. After removal of almonds or adenoides often the person gets rid of adenoid diseases and quinsies. If parents doubt expediency of carrying out such intervention and are afraid that children will have unexpected effects of removal of tonsils, it is necessary to ask in detail on everything at the doctor, and also to read responses after removal of tonsils of those who already underwent an operation. The specialist after careful inspection will report about expediency of carrying out such operation. In more detail all interesting details are described on many medical resources. At desire there is an opportunity to look at removal of tonsils on video, to learn, how painfully to delete sick tonsils as well as where there takes place removal of tonsils the laser in Minsk, in Voronezh and in other regions.

It is wrong to believe that to cut out almonds painfully. Operation can be performed both under a local anesthesia, and under the general anesthesia. From the point of view of medicine such intervention is not difficult. Therefore operation on removal of tonsils in Moscow is performed practically in any clinic. The price of removal depends on the choice of a medical institution, anesthesia and other factors about which the doctor will in more detail tell. After procedure the patient remains in a hospital for 1-2 days, further he spends the recovery period at home. Several days in a throat can be felt pain. At this time it is desirable to eat the ground food.

However it is necessary to remember that in the absence of tonsils at the person the natural protective barrier disappears. Therefore, chances to catch an infection increase. Therefore it is necessary to delete almonds only in the presence of accurate indications to such operation.

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