Recovery of a breast after the delivery

The woman bearing the child, as a rule, is happy with a form and outward of own breast. During pregnancy in view of influence on a female organism of hormones a breast at the woman roundish and elastic. But when the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding of the child remains in the past, the breast attractive earlier, as a rule, looks exhausted and drooped.

In advance to learn as far as outward of a breast after the birth of the kid will change, alas, it is impossible. It depends on elasticity of connecting fabrics. If to judge such changes from the point of view of medicine, then their emergence is quite normal and natural. There is a reduction of the sizes of mammary glands, but at the same time skin remains stretched, and fatty stocks which served as support for a breast during incubation of the child were already spent.

Shower and massage for recovery of a breast

Recovery of a breast after the delivery can be carried out if to follow some recommendations submitted, first of all, on improvement of blood supply of skin and connecting fabrics and also to make regular training of pectoral muscles. There are some methods which are quite available to performance in house conditions and at the same time they are very effective.

The positive impact on blood supply of a breast is exerted by an alternating douche which needs to be done by a so-called method of Kneypp. For this purpose every morning, taking a shower, it is necessary to pour in turn over each breast at first more hotly, then cold water for ten seconds. At the same time it is necessary to make a light massage, doing roundabouts. By means of regular performance of this simple procedure it is possible to strengthen fibers of fabrics and a wall of vessels. The alternating douche with a special nozzle which provides the rotating water stream will be more effective. Alternation of cold and hot water guarantees essential training for blood vessels, and also a time on integuments. As a result not only skin color improves, but also the level of its elasticity increases.

Also regular applying of ice to a breast will help to strengthen chest gland. Such cold shock promotes intensive tightening of skin pores and activates blood circulation.

Восстановление груди после родовOn integuments of a breast there are no sebaceous glands therefore in order to avoid withering of skin it is necessary to grease a breast with qualitative cream every day. It is proved that positive impact on a condition of a breast is made by creams in which to contain the microelements influencing skin stimuliruyushche. It is, first of all, about collagen, elastin, extracts of some plants. There are also special cosmetics for lifting which basis are sea components. Such means will have effective influence if to use their long time and to apply regularly. When putting cream on a breast it is necessary to do every time massage at which easy strokings will be the main movements. It is the most convenient to apply cream, doing the massage movements by the right hand on the left breast, and the left hand to mass the right breast. Stroking is made on a spiral, it is necessary to begin them from a nipple, at the same time the nipple does not need to be touched. Initially the breast should be pounded a little, then to pass to stroking. It is possible to finish massage with easy effleurage of a breast which should not hurt.

Correct selection of linen

That the breast kept the initial form, it is already necessary to take care of a good and qualitative bra during pregnancy when the size of a breast begins to increase gradually. That the woman had not less beautiful breast after the delivery, it is important to pick up linen for the size and surely made of high-quality fabric. Wearing such bra will be able to prevent extension of connecting fabrics.

Later, after the delivery, perhaps, the bra should be replaced with linen of the smaller size. However, carrying out exercises during trainings, it is always important to put on a bra which will well hold a breast.

Applications for recovery of a breast

Восстановление груди после родовThere are many recipes of mixes for applications which will be useful to women who are anxious with how to recover a breast after the delivery. General rules of implementation of such masks-aplikatsy following. Special medical masks need to be done, at least, once a week. It is necessary to apply mixes on clean skin. In the course of procedure it is necessary to relax and to lie down quietly fifteen-twenty minutes. It is possible to wipe a breast after washing off of a mask with green tea or broth of a dogrose.

Creamy cottage cheese which needs to be warmed up to room temperature will be suitable for this purpose and to apply on a zone of a decollete and a breast. Also it is possible to put segments of fruit and vegetables to a breast. The lemon, orange, grapefruit, a cucumber will be most effective in this case.

It is possible to prepare the special strengthening mix from starch. For this purpose it is necessary to boil half of liter of water and to slowly pour into it one tablespoon of starch. Two tablespoons of the received paste need to be shaken up with one protein of egg and two tablespoons of honey. The received mix is applied on a breast and a zone of a decollete.

The vivifying and strengthening influence makes means from a walnut. For its preparation it is necessary to take several cleared nuts and carefully to crush them. One yolk and on one tablespoon of honey and butter is added to this weight. Before drawing mix mixes up to a homogeneous consistence.

To prepare special mix which tightens skin it is necessary to mix on one tablespoon of sour cream and the rice which is previously crushed in the coffee grinder. One egg is added to mix. After washing off of a mask it is necessary to apply good nutritious cream on a breast.

Barmy application for which 20 g of the yeast stirred with water to consistence sour cream are used has good effect.

If skin on a breast fat, it is possible to make a mask of white clay to which 100 g about 5 g of alcohol and glycerin, and also 30 g of water are added.

Bathtubs for recovery of a breast

The usual bathtub can also be prepared so that its acceptance will become useful cosmetic procedure for recovery of a breast after the delivery. The easiest and useful way is addition in water of sea salt. For this purpose it is necessary to pour 400 g of coarse sea salt into a usual bathtub. At the same time the bathtub has to be not hotter, and more likely warm. Too hot water will dissolve fat on skin, and, as a result, skin will be overdried. Therefore, temperature in a bathroom should not exceed 37 degrees. Sea salt positively influences an organism in general, saturating it with important microelements.

It is important to consider several rules which allow to strengthen effect of such procedures. First of all, duration of acceptance of a bathtub should not proceed more, than fifteen minutes. It is not necessary to take a bath in a hurry, this procedure not only strengthens a breast, but also promotes the general relaxation and improvement. Therefore in process it is necessary to relax as much as possible. At acceptance of a bathtub with sea salt it is not necessary to wash a body with gel or soap.

Acceptance of bathtubs will be the most effective in the conditions of a sanatorium therapy as this procedure is always combined with other useful cosmetic procedures. However if to take such bath in house conditions, then after it it is possible to make a light massage of a breast.

Also periodically it is possible to add a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar which provide narrowing of skin pores to a bathtub.

As a useful hydrotherapeutic procedure it is possible to use a so-called irrigation. For this purpose in the mornings cool water is gathered in a spray and irrigate with it a breast. For bigger effect instead of water it is possible to use broths of herbs, for example, of a camomile, lindens, a burdock.

Wrappings for recovery of a breast

Восстановление груди после родовVery effective procedure for improvement of the general condition of a breast are wrappings algas. However this procedure is made only in specialized salons and in resorts. And here not less useful mud wrappings can be done also in house conditions. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to buy special drug with therapeutic muds. It is the best of all to carry out a wrapping in the evening as exactly in the evening skin of the person most effectively absorbs useful mineral substances.

It is necessary to apply therapeutic mud on a body by means of a special brush that guarantees putting dirt an even layer and even carrying out a light massage.

It is important to watch that dirt did not get on nipples as they are very sensitive, and the irritation as a result is possible.

Such wrappings can last till 20 minutes. The breast at the same time needs to be covered with a towel. It is enough to carry out of them once a week, alternating to other procedures which are directed to strengthening of a breast.

For a wrapping it is also possible to use the leaves of roses which are previously dried up. For this purpose dry leaves need to be pounded to a condition of powder and to mix two tablespoons of this flour from one tablespoon of cream. The wrapping is carried out to similarly mud.

Food for recovery of a breast

Not to exchange it is important for recovery of a breast to eat and consider properly some moments by drawing up a daily diet. Specialists advise not to use a large amount of salt as at too high content of salt in connecting fabric there is a liquid accumulation, and as a result the breast stretches even more.

At the same time in a diet of the woman it has to be obligatory many products making salutary impact on a condition of a breast. This light meat of chicken, all dairy products, different nuts. It is important to use enough protein. Also in a diet regularly there has to be fish and fish oil. And here coffee, alcohol, fat food should be included in a diet on a minimum as their influence is negative. It is important to drink every day enough clear water – to optimum use waters about one and a half liter.

The condition of a breast directly depends on sufficient level in an organism of some useful substances. So, potassium promotes removal of slags and excesses of liquid from an organism. Calcium does fabrics by more elastic. Magnesium influences the general condition of muscles, strengthening them. Therefore important constantly to provide to own organism enough these elements.

Exercises for recovery of a breast

Восстановление груди после родовDirectly in a breast there are no muscles. However they surround a breast and provide its deduction at a certain height. Therefore, height of deduction of a breast directly depends on that, how well at the woman these muscles are developed.

For training of these muscles there are special exercises for a breast after the delivery. It is the best of all to carry out these exercises in the first half of day, however, not early in the morning.

It is important that the woman surely carried out them in a complex that will provide the maximum effect. Exercises should be done every day. And at the same time it is important to understand that result to appear far not at once as the muscles located about a breast train very difficult.

It is possible to begin a complex with a ducking in different directions at the shoulders which are taken away back and straightened. After that it is necessary to raise several times serially shoulders, having stretched them to ears.

One hand needs to be bent on a waist, the second rises up. The trunk should be inclined towards the bent hand.

One of the most useful exercises in this case is ordinary squeezing. It is possible to be wrung out from a floor, being kneeling at the same time. It is necessary to pull in a stomach, to put elbows parallel to a body, to straighten a back. In the course of squeezing the breast has to reach a floor. Enough ten squeezing will be initial, later the number of repetitions can be increased gradually.

One more very useful exercise consists in tightening of palms at the level of a breast. It is necessary to squeeze strongly palms and to count to five then to relax. It is necessary to repeat exercise not less than thirty times. It is desirable to do three approaches at different times days.

For increase of a tone of upper muscles of a breast it is necessary to squeeze the put palms behind a nape. Such exercise repeats as much how many and previous.

For performance of the following exercise in a standing position it is necessary to bend in elbows of a hand and to raise them to level faces. Fingers on hands clench in the lock. It is necessary to part sharply hands on the parties, carrying out these are ten times.

The following exercise is carried out near a wall. It is necessary to rise facing it on distance of outstretched arms and to lean against a wall palms. Further hands are bent in palms so that the body approached a wall. Without reducing an emphasis on hands, it is necessary to return to initial situation.

For the following exercise it is necessary to relax hands and "to draw" them circles at first forward, then – back.

Finally it is necessary to do ten-twelve movements by corners of lips to a bottom. At the same time the neck has to strain.

Exercises with dumbbells are also effective. Two dumbbells weighing on one or on two kilograms will be suitable for their performance. Various exercises can be done as in a standing position, and lying on spin. Also serially it is possible to lift dumbbells in a sitting position.

Carrying out these exercises every day, it is possible to achieve desirable result for several months. However the combination of several methods described above will be the most effective for recovery of a breast.

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