Recovery in a puerperal period

There is nothing especially surprising that the puerperal period is called sometimes the fourth trimester of pregnancy. Memories of incubation of the child are still so fresh in memory of young mother, and the organism "was already developed" in the opposite direction. There is its global reorganization which it is accepted to call recovery of the woman in a puerperal period.

Puerperal period

The beginning of a puerperal period at the woman can be counted since then as the afterbirth is born. This period only comes to the end when all systems and bodies which underwent changes during incubation of a fruit are completely recovered. The puerperal period is subdivided into an early stage (the first hours after appearance of the child) and a late stage (up to a complete recovery). At an early stage young mother stays in the patrimonial hall as in the very first hours after the delivery often there are various complications. Therefore control of doctors is extremely important.

The late puerperal period is time throughout which the female organism should endure a big stress. Therefore at this time it is necessary to take care not only of the small child, but also of the woman who gave birth to him. Rest, a dream, good food, and also psychological support from all close people is extremely necessary for it now.

In the very first days after the kid was already born, the woman endures global changes of own consciousness. She learns to realize herself as mother, is adjusted on the fact that now her life cardinally changed. Besides, on shoulders of young mother responsible mission lays down – to make the decisions concerning the little person. All these changes will become usual and usual over time, but now, in the course of recovery after the delivery they directly influence the general condition of the woman. It is important to overcome all these difficulties in the first weeks. The help of relatives – in particular, the husband who has to pass together with the wife through process of emotional recovery is for this purpose very necessary.

Early stage of a puerperal period

Восстановление в послеродовой периодAt once after the birth of the child and an afterbirth doctors perform inspection of a placenta and make all necessary procedures for care of the woman in labor. Careful survey of an afterbirth and placenta is made to be convinced that all process took place normally, and in a cavity of the uterus there is no fragment left. At detection of a delay of part of a placenta in a uterus or in case of existence of certain damages to the woman some additional procedures are carried out. Carrying out ultrasonic research of a uterus is sometimes reasonable after a while.

After patrimonial process completely ended, to a crotch and the woman in labor put a hot-water bottle with ice on a stomach bottom. Such procedure stimulates reductions of a uterus and its recovery to the former sizes. Besides, under the influence of cold bleeding stops. It is necessary to hold a hot-water bottle no more than 20 minutes.

After the delivery the woman has to urinate surely. This action sometimes happens quite problematic as just given rise woman has a spasm of a sphincter of a bladder or an atony of a bladder. Initially it is necessary to try to cause process of an urination reflex: for example, it is possible to listen to a sound of the current water, to be adjusted on process mentally. In the absence of bleeding also the warm hot-water bottle on area over a pubis will approach. If nevertheless nothing is impossible, to the woman put a catheter or apply drugs. After process of an urination was recovered, it is necessary to drink more to refill a water balance.

And here women who already gave birth several times after the delivery sometimes suffer from manifestations of an incontience of urine owing to a bladder atony. The similar phenomenon is characteristic of those at whom stretched and lost a tone of a muscle of a pelvic bottom. In this case specialists advise every day several times to carry out Kegel's exercises.

After return to chamber of maternity hospital to newly made mother it is necessary to treat all actions as strong weakness after the delivery and a big loss of blood remains very accurately. Recovery after the delivery – process smooth and gradual therefore the woman should be ready to the fact that in the first days she will show dizzinesses, faints. Therefore it is necessary to get out of a bed very smoothly, slowly and quietly. It is not necessary to hurry when walking. Even if mother suddenly heard crying of the kid, then it is "reaktivno" not necessary to rush to it: it is better not to fuss, talk to the child tenderly, to sing to him. The kid already learns mother's voice.

In the first days and nights after the delivery the pose on a stomach will be an optimum pose for a dream. If the health allows, in a day or two after the delivery it is possible to begin small trainings. At first they can be done lying to raise, for example, hands, to do the easy movements by legs. Every day such exercises can be done by more intensive. It is worth to remember also about breathing exercises – they not only can help to bring a body into a tone, but also to improve overall health.

Late stage of a puerperal period

Восстановление в послеродовой периодThe puerperal period is characterized by emergence of vaginal allocations which are called lokhiya. At once after the birth of the kid such allocations remind plentiful periods. They have a characteristic rotten smell which disappears after a while. But if such allocations have a decay smell which gradually amplifies, it testifies to certain problems, in particular, about development of an infection. Therefore in that case the woman needs to see a doctor.

Initially lokhiya look as bloody allocations, later they become brownish. Approximately by fourth week after the delivery such allocations become scanty and disappear.

In a puerperal period the woman has to use laying until lokhiya do not disappear completely. Regular hygienic procedures are not less important: it is necessary to take as often as possible a shower, at the same time, trying to wash generative organs only outside.

In the first days after the delivery at the woman the breast increases, formation of colostrum, and then – milk begins. At this time actively there is a process of reduction of a uterus: in the first puerperal week the uterus decreases twice, and completely the uterus decreases by 6-8 week after the birth. It is so-called process of involution of a uterus which directly depends on how works nervous, endocrine systems of the woman, from the general condition of her organism, and also from some other factors. In the course of formation of breastfeeding in an organism oxytocin is actively allocated hormone. It occurs in the course of stimulation of a nipple by the kid. Not only stimulation of a lactation, but also more active reductions of a uterus turns out to be consequence of influence of this hormone.

At the woman who was giving birth to the child, the uterus weighs about 75 g. Several days later after the delivery the woman can feel a certain weight and intensity in a uterus.

All changes which happen at once after the delivery in a female organism are very serious therefore on them a lot of time and many forces is necessary.

Pain after the delivery

Pain in the bottom of a stomach after the delivery proceeds several days then they gradually abate. If the pain which is shown as a result of active reduction of a uterus especially intensive, then the woman has to adopt the provision in which it will be most convenient to it. It is possible to lay down and enclose a pillow under a stomach, and in a sitting position it is better to bend a little forward. If not really pleasant feelings are shown during feeding of the kid, then it is necessary to try several poses afterwards to choose optimum. The easiest at displays of pain to feed the child in lying situation, on one side or semi-sitting.

Except pain which is provoked by uterine reductions the woman often suffers also from morbidity of muscles which took active part in patrimonial process. If prelum abdominale muscles very strongly hurt, it is possible to make the warming massage which will help to relax muscles. In this case also breathing exercises which the woman used at the time of delivery are effective.

Women who were at the time of delivery subject to an epiziotomiya (carrying out an episiotomy) can also suffer from pain in places of seams. It is important that seams were always pure and dry. Therefore after return home the woman has to process them carefully. It is in that case recommended to wash generative organs broths of medicinal herbs – camomiles, an eucalyptus, a calendula.

But if morbidity does not stop, and in places of seams the unpleasant smell is shown and pus is emitted, it is necessary to see a doctor at once. The woman needs to get very carefully out of a bed, to go, perform a physical activity. The first three months while recovery after the delivery continues, the woman is forbidden to lift weights.

Even if scars heal normally, then afterwards nevertheless there are hems. To soften them, it is possible to do massage of a crotch, using different vegetable oils. Sedentary bathtubs with herbs also positively influence a condition of hems, softening them. Already mentioned earlier Kegel's exercise it is also necessary to carry out regularly to return a tone to vagina muscles.

Diseases during the recovery period after the delivery

Восстановление в послеродовой периодIn a puerperal period often at women hemorrhoids become aggravated. Generally the phlebectasia of a lower part of a gut arises even during incubation of the child. It occurs owing to the strong pressure of a uterus upon a pelvic bottom and the increased blood inflow.

If the disease progresses, it is worth seeing a doctor. Besides, it is important to pay attention to food: it is reasonable to enter many products rich with cellulose into a diet. Sedentary bathtubs with medicinal herbs will also help to facilitate a state. For their preparation it is possible to use a grass of a nettle, a clover, leaves of an alder or to buy special collecting herbs in a drugstore.

One more illness which can trap the woman in a puerperal period is a puerperal depression. After the child at last was born, the mood at the woman becomes joyful and raised. However so-called differences of mood which can develop into a condition of a puerperal depression are characteristic of a puerperal period. Doctors assure what frequent changes of mood after the delivery is a characteristic state for the period when in an organism there are so grandiose changes. But if after return home from maternity hospital on young mother all burden on care of the kid falls, besides she nurses the child and in parallel tries to recover own figure, then such efforts can lead to moral exhaustion and, as a result, to a depression. Therefore it is extremely important that all daily efforts with young mother were divided by her house assistants, and the woman had an opportunity though a little bit to have a rest and relax. Then recovery after the delivery will take place without unpleasant displays of a depression.

How to facilitate recovery in a puerperal period?

To be painless this stage as much as possible, the woman has to not allow too severe exhaustion and fatigue, first of all. It is important to show consideration for own state in spite of the fact that all the time is devoted to the kid. Walks with the child – an occasion to stay in the fresh air that is very useful for recently given rise woman. However in the first weeks when mother is still rather weak, walks can be replaced with a dream of the kid on a balcony and to spend this time for own rest.

Young mother is recommended to drink herbal teas which promote improvement of a lactation and at the same time well influence process of recovery of an organism. In particular, it is possible to make drinks from flowers and fruits of a hawthorn, leaves of a birch, blackcurrant, raspberry, hips, herbs of a melissa and mint, a motherwort. All these herbs promote overcoming of nervous excitement, stimulate work of cardiovascular system.

It is not less important to balance food, using enough proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates. Besides, acceptance of an alternating douche, bathtub from grass infusions, an aromatherapy with use of essential oils is recommended to young mothers. However at the choice of essential oil which can also be added to a bathtub it is necessary to study contraindications of each of them.

But if recovery after the delivery happens slowly, and the woman constantly feels broken, suppressed, strained, then consultation with the psychologist will be an optimum step in that case.

Recovery of a figure after the delivery

Восстановление в послеродовой периодFatty accumulation are available for each woman who recently gave birth to the kid. During incubation of the kid the fatty layer carries out protective function, and in the future provide normal process of natural feeding. After childbirth extra kilos sometimes become a subject of serious frustration for young mother. To return former forms, just it is necessary to observe some recommendations. First of all, an excellent way to normalize a body is feeding by a breast. In the course of feeding the uterus is reduced much more intensively, and fat is spent on the course of formation of breast milk. If at the same time to eat properly, without exceeding the admissible number of calories and without abusing sweet and greasy food, then process of weight loss will be rather intensive. In the consumed dishes there have to be many vitamins, microelements.

And here it is possible to begin active occupations with sports exercises not earlier than in a month after the child's birth. If certain complications were at the time of delivery observed, then it is longer necessary to wait a little with exercise stresses. In the first weeks it is possible to carry out only simple exercises. On the expiration of month it is possible to be engaged more intensively: most suitable for young mothers will be the dances, yoga, simple fitness programs developed by the trainer. It is possible to play sports and in house conditions while the child sleeps. Two times a week for 30-40 minutes are initially enough to train, later the number of trainings can be increased. It is important that weight was lost not promptly, and gradually: in a week no more than 500 g of weight have to leave.

But if young mother plays sports, does not overeat, and weight nevertheless is not lost, then it is a reason for consultation at the endocrinologist.

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