How to fight against addictions at children?

Practically, each parent faces a problem of addictions at children at any age. From them even the healthiest children are not insured. Bad habits equally cling both to hooligans, and to gray mice, and to clear heads.

The type of the child gnawing nails or sucking a finger can bring parents to white heat. Children's psychologists consider that addictions in itself do not pass and it is necessary to fight with them. Fortunately, to gnaw nails, to suck fingers or to twist hair on a finger is not an illness yet. It is only a signal that something disturbs the child also an occasion to pay attention of parents to a condition of the offspring.

The picture when the pink-checked kid peacefully lies in a bed is familiar to all and with concentration sucks a finger. Such picture touches many, however, actually - it is not idyll. Roots of future habits are put at this age. Especially often the children — "bottle-fed babies" deprived of natural breastfeeding suck a finger.

To extract milk from a mother's breast, the baby needs to work, and from a pacifier, especially, with a wide opening it is possible to make it. However the need for suction put by the nature remains therefore nothing remains to the kid how to suck what is available. Very important at artificial feeding to pay attention to the opening size in a nipple. The less hole, the more the kid should work to get small bottle contents.

If the child began to suck fingers after 2 years, then it is necessary to look for the reason it in excessive parent severity or in any fear (early gave to kindergarten, fear of darkness, etc.). It is impossible to abuse and punish the kid, to strike a bargain, to smear fingers with bitter ointments. Try to find the reason of fear and to eliminate it. Under a ban there have to be scary movies or animated cartoons. You praise the child for small progress more often, occupy his leisure with the developing games and physical activity.

It is noticed that at preschool and younger school age suck a finger and more boys, than girls gnaw nails. Most often it occurs in those families in which parents impose the overestimated requirements to the child. Psychiatrists consider that in such a way boys dump the emotions if something is impossible: anger, disappointment, despair, grief.

If you want that these habits did not become satellites on life of your child, then try not to do constant notes, distract the child something interesting better. Help it to believe in yourself, trust small instructions, encourage at failures, rejoice for its progress. It is possible to buy the child the bicycle or rollers until he learns to ride, to him will once be distracted by bad habits. Generally, the more from the child of time it will be borrowed with something useful, the less time will remain on addictions.
Very important, to parents to change the attitude towards the child and not to demand from it impossible. Remember, it is better to be the healthy mediocre pupil, than the sick excellent student!

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