Second month of pregnancy

Второй месяц беременности

September 1, 2011

The second month of pregnancy is characterized by the fact that at the woman new feelings, so-called subjective manifestations of pregnancy begin to appear. For example, the selective relation to a certain foodstuff forms. To the woman it can be wanted salty, either acid, or products which were never pleasant.

Periodic headaches, sick which is made by some smells (for example, fishes), vomiting, sometimes — dizzinesses can disturb the pregnant woman. Problems with a chair, heartburn, abdominal distention, a frequent urination can be observed. Nausea is a natural sign of pregnancy. After a while this symptom passes.

The woman on the second month of pregnancy feels very tired, even at insignificant physical exercises or loadings. Besides, also emotional changes — emergence of excessive irritability, sensitivity, tearfulness, sharp change of mood, feeling of concern are observed. However at this particular time the woman can have a feeling of boundless happiness that brings pregnancy. These changes are natural, they are caused by increase in amount of hormones in blood.

Also the face and a body of the pregnant woman changes. During this period the woman literally blossoms, quality of skin, a hair, nails improves. Increase of fat content of skin, formation of the spots and a nevus pigmentosus provoked by sunshine is sometimes observed. In this case try to put as little as possible make-up, to wipe a face with the cleaning lotion and to happen less on the sun. At the pregnant woman veins on a stomach and on a breast since for requirements of the growing fruit vessels extend are shown. On hips "vascular asterisks" which after pregnancy will disappear become rumpled.

Complications of the second month of pregnancy

Второй месяц беременностиOn the second month of pregnancy veins standing, sometimes also in the field of generative organs are surprised. It is caused by relaxation of a muscular layer in veins, caused by increase in volume of the circulating blood in an organism. Symptoms of it are feeling of weight in legs, manifestation of veins, their morbidity.

It is possible to prevent similar varicose changes of veins of legs at observance of certain rules. First, it is necessary to try not to allow an excess increase in weight, to regularly do exercises or walking. Secondly, the long time, especially with the crossed legs is not recommended to stand or sit and to try to raise during sitting legs above hips.

It is necessary to wear special panty hoses for support of muscles of legs, convenient clothes and footwear. Doctors recommend to accept enough ascorbic acid which promotes preservation of elasticity of veins. Operation on treatment of a varicosity is not recommended to be done. The matter is that most often in a puerperal period at return of the woman to former weight, symptoms of varicose veins pass.

On the second month of pregnancy there are heavier breasts, around nipples there are small knots (sweat glands), breasts become more sensitive, and can even hurt during walking. The stomach owing to expansion of pelvic bones can increase.

Unpleasant symptom which appears on the second month of pregnancy is the increased salivation. Besides thirst since during this period the organism accumulates water for a fruit can constantly torment.

On the second month of pregnancy there can be also plentiful allocations from a vagina, usually white color. However if these allocations have an unpleasant smell, and there is an itch, then it is worth seeing a doctor. Also pains in the bottom of a stomach, especially at women at whom painful periods were observed earlier can be shown. However if against severe nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach there are bloody allocations, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently.

Fetation of the second month of pregnancy

The second month of pregnancy — the period of further development of an embryo. During this time it reaches 3 cm in length, and 1,5 g of weight. During this period there is a placenta thickening, and the umbilical cord is attached to a uterus wall. Forming of a face, a nose, eyes, a mouth, jaws continues. His internals form, especially the liver, a small brain of an embryo already begins to work, heart in which partitions and cameras are already created fights with frequency of 150-180 beats per minute.

In pictures of ultrasonography tiny handles and legs on which the fingers which still are pulled together with membranes begin to grow are visible. During this period the head of an embryo is more, than a trunk, auricles, skin almost transparent are made out, veins on which blood circulates are visible. During this period at boys testicles which begin to produce male sex hormone form, at girls generative organs are not changed. On the end of this period the embryo turns into a fruit, and it begins to move.

On the second month the embryo is very sensitive to various disturbing factors. Therefore it is necessary to be attentive to the organism, not to be overstrained and not to lift weights. During this period it is necessary to minimize unpleasant manifestations of pregnancy.

Rules of conduct on the second month of pregnancy

Второй месяц беременностиIt is very important to eat properly during this period. To drink as much as possible liquid, juice, fruit drinks, mint tea, tea from hop and flowers of a lavender, eat fresh fruit, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts. Cereals, grain, meat, eggs, dairy products will be sources of protein. Obligatory refusal of coffee, sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol, and also of greasy and heavy food. It is necessary to eat food in the small portions and it is frequent. Not to smoke, and do not visit the place where smoke.

Show consideration for the clothes. To select convenient linen and clothes from natural fabrics. If pungent smells give an inconvenience, trips in public transport are limited, it is better to walk on foot. At thirst for ashes, starch or clay, so that the organism lacks minerals, iron, calcium. The doctor will appoint drugs for this purpose to fill their lack of an organism. If severe headaches disturb, then consult to the doctor what drugs can be used.

When pregnancy takes place normally, to abstain from sex life there are no reasons. At the heavy course of pregnancy it is better to consult to the doctor.

Unfortunately, now almost each pregnancy is followed by complications, the risk of an abortion is high. Symptoms of threat of abortion are complications of the second month of pregnancy and their signs: the long smeared allocations, sharp pain, bloody allocations. If these symptoms disturb, follows, will urgently see a doctor.

On the second month the doctor can establish already precisely durations of gestation, and the woman has to address to clinic for women where she should make a number of tests: Ultrasonography, the general analysis a calla and urine, a vulval smear, a gemostaziogramma, measurement of weight and also to pass inspection at the therapist, the otolaryngologist, the stomatologist, the oculist, the endocrinologist.

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