The condition of slackness and drowsiness disturbs many people from time to time. These symptoms reduce not only working capacity, but also the general quality of life. At the same time the person suffering from the expressed weakness and slackness often does not realize that such sign can testify to the beginning of a disease.

How slackness is shown?

Weakness and slackness at the person is shown by decrease in the general vitality, a breakdown, feeling of weakness. Even after rather full-fledged dream the feeling of slackness does not disappear. Pathological weakness is not connected with the physical tension, emotional overloads.

The patient in such state aims to have a rest as much as possible, working capacity sharply decreases. It is overcome by drowsiness — desire to fall asleep in the middle of day when it is necessary to show activity. In a condition of slackness of people can feel a febricula. As a result, the general activity sharply decreases, the person does not manage to realize everything that he planned for a certain day. To it does not get energy, and this state repeats day by day. Sometimes at the general condition of drowsiness also slackness of muscles, dizziness is noted. At some diseases of the person slackness and vomiting at the same time overcomes.

Sometimes the person notes a starvation of forces of an organism, moral exhaustion. Doctors call such state an adynamy, an anergy. Usual physiological weakness differs from painful in the fact that in the first case slackness and weakness after rest completely disappears whereas painful weakness remain throughout the long period.

Why slackness is shown?

Weakness and slackness are symptoms which can be connected with the most various diseases of different systems and bodies. Slackness which is constantly shown at the person in certain cases is a consequence of inflammatory processes which happen in an organism. If timely treatment of inflammatory diseases is not made, then the state every day can worsen.

Slackness is often observed at diseases of oncological and hematologic character. Also the feeling of slackness constantly is present at those who completed a course of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for treatment of serious oncological and hematologic illnesses. The slackness reasons in this case are explained by the general exhaustion of an organism owing to so aggressive treatment.

Вялость и усталостьUrological illnesses can also cause feeling of slackness and weakness. Painful slackness in this case can be followed by fervescence.

One more reason of weakness and the general feeling of weakness — shortage of iodine in a human body. Decrease in content of iodine leads to development of a hypothyroidism at which disturbances of work of a number of bodies and systems, and also slackness and drowsiness are noted. Other pathologies of endocrine system also provoke emergence of this symptom. So, at a diabetes mellitus slackness can testify both to a lack of glucose of an organism, and to its surplus. If the condition of drowsiness is considerably aggravated, then the person needs to pay special attention to a condition of the health as it can be a coma sign.

In search of the reason of slackness it is necessary to define whether the person has heavy neuropsychiatric illnesses.

The state which is followed by drowsiness is characteristic of some cardiovascular pathologies. At the same time not only weakness, but also the expressed exhaustion, slackness of muscles can be shown. Therefore it is desirable to pass the necessary researches to exclude serious heart troubles.

It is not necessary to dismiss also those medicine which the person regularly takes for treatment of chronic diseases. Many drugs have collateral sedative influence and can cause the expressed constant slackness. In that case it is necessary to cancel reception of these drugs or to ask the doctor to pick up other medicines which do not have so expressed side effect.

In a condition of constant slackness the patients suffering from a syndrome of chronic fatigue and also people at whom psychological problems, shortage of a dream are noted often stay. If the organism is exposed to a stress, then drowsiness is a peculiar defense reaction on the events. Sometimes the help of the professional psychologist is required to overcome such state. But if the syndrome of chronic fatigue is diagnosed for the person, it needs complex treatment under the leadership of the experienced specialist.

Вялость после рабочего дняExcept the reasons stated above slackness and drowsiness can be observed at a number of the following morbid conditions. At an iron deficiency anemia at the patient dizziness, slackness and drowsiness, and also other unpleasant symptoms is noted. After carrying out the treatment directed on recovery of norm of iron in an organism, the condition of the patient is normalized.

Constant slackness and drowsiness is observed at the people having hypotonia. The lowered arterial pressure at this disease is explained by a low tone of vessels. As a result, the blood stream in a brain decreases, as conducts to constant feeling of slackness and weakness.

Drowsiness and weakness is characteristic of people at whom disturbance of breath in a dream — a so-called syndrome of an apnoea is noted. Often people who endured a craniocereberal injury recently test slackness.

Except the reasons of slackness and drowsiness described above it should be noted also existence of the natural factors leading to development of such state. For example, some people complain of constant drowsiness in autumn and winter time. It is connected with a lack of a sunlight. Having established in a fluorescent lamp, it is possible to improve a little a condition of the person, inclined to "winter" drowsiness. Slackness and weakness overcomes also those who are constantly forced to be in too stuffy room. Sometimes rather regularly to air the room and to reduce a little in it temperature to find cheerfulness. As a rule, the expressed slackness is noted at the one who just too nourishingly ate. To overcome these "attacks" very easily: it is necessary just not to overeat. Feels weakness and degenerate drowsiness of people at sharp change of time zones.

How to overcome slackness?

Вялость у маленьких детейIf the condition of slackness and drowsiness is shown periodically, then it is enough to person to show consideration more for own organism and to try to understand that it is to that the reason. Sometimes it is enough to correct way of life, food, to show physical activity.

If slackness does not disappear for an appreciable length of time, the patient needs to see a doctor and to pass those researches which will be appointed by the specialist. At suspicion on problems with a thyroid gland or on development of a diabetes mellitus it is necessary to visit the endocrinologist. Those who suffers from the lowered pressure need to measure regularly pressure and to take measures for its normalization.

Ferriferous drugs will help to overcome anemia which provokes feeling of slackness.

If slackness is shown in connection with mental disturbances, then the specialist psychiatrist or the psychotherapist leads with the patient a number of discussions then he establishes whether the person suffers from a depression or from other disturbances of mental character. Reception of medicines, psychotherapy and other methods of treatment allow to improve a condition of the patient significantly.

Sometimes the short day dream helps to overcome slackness. Nevertheless, such method of overcoming of slackness suits not all. At some people, especially at advanced age, after a day dream, on the contrary, the feeling of slackness amplifies.

If morbid conditions are not the reason of slackness, then for overcoming of this state it is necessary to have a rest surely fully at night. For a dream it is necessary to allocate enough hours. Both to go to bed, and it is desirable to wake up approximately at the same time. Daily walks in the fresh air, physical exercises and the diet enriched with vitamins will allow to cheer up and find new forces noticeably. It is desirable not to drink some alcoholic beverages, not to smoke and not to use too many coffee. This drink allows to cheer up only for a short time, but at the same time caffeine accelerates loss process by a calcium organism. Therefore it is better to use coffee only in the mornings.

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