Allocations from a genital tract at men

Sexual allocations at men can be considered as the direct certificate of in what state the male reproductive system stays. Rather often it happens so that atypical allocations from a genital tract at men are the first symptom of a serious illness. And, such symptom can sometimes be the only thing. For this reason each man has to show consideration for changes of nature of such allocations very much.

How allocations from a genital tract at men are shown?

In medicine the concept of "allocation from a penis" defines both allocations from an urethra at men, and allocation from pathological educations on penis skin, and also allocations from sebaceous glands.

Physicians define three types of allocations which appear normal. At the same time variety of pathological allocations much wider.

Speaking about normal allocations, first of all it is necessary to mention a so-called libidozny (physiological) urethrorrhea. These are transparent allocations at men who appear from an urethra at sexual excitement. At different men the different number of such allocations is observed. Besides, duration of their emergence and quantity depends also on extent of sexual excitement. It is necessary to know that allocations at men at excitement contain a small amount of spermatozoa. Therefore there can be a conception at their hit in generative organs of the partner. Sometimes allocations which remind physiological, but appear in more plentiful quantity, demonstrate development of diseases. In that case the reasons of allocations at men can consist in illnesses of the sexual sphere.

One more type of normal allocations — a smegma. It is the secret allocated by glands of skin of a head and prepuce of a penis. If the man follows all rules of personal hygiene, then such allocations him do not disturb. But at irregular hygienic procedures the smegma collects that can provoke inflammatory processes. Therefore it is recommended to wash a penis not less than 1 time a day, at the same time it is necessary to wash its head carefully.

Normal allocation is also sperm. These white allocations at men contain a secret of gonads and a large number of spermatozoa. Sperm is emitted at an ejaculation during sexual intercourse or in the course of masturbation. Also sperm can be emitted at emissions. This involuntary ejaculation which arises most often at teenage boys with a frequency from several times a month to 1-3 weekly.

All other allocations at an urination, during sexual contact and at rest are pathological. It is especially important to pay attention to allocations with a smell. Suspicious allocations and an itch at men — the reason for the immediate address to the doctor.

Why pathological allocations from a genital tract are shown?

Выделения у мужчин Pathological allocations at men can happen in connection with development of very many diseases. It inflammations which were provoked by hit in an organism of infections or opportunistic microflora. Also sexual allocations at men sometimes are a symptom of diseases which are transmitted sexually, oncological pathologies, by an effect of traumatizing or surgical interventions. Allocations which have pathological character can be scanty, moderate and plentiful, contain blood impurity, have different shades — from transparent to greenish. Their consistence can be both liquid, and dense. The type and nature of such allocations is defined by a disease-producing factor, expressiveness of inflammatory process, a condition of immunity of the person, existence of other diseases. Therefore to carry out diagnosis, being guided it is exclusive studying of outward of sexual allocations, it is impossible.

At diseases which are transmitted sexually allocations also have different character. So, at mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis and clamidiosis, as a rule, there are transparent viscous allocations which contain a small amount of leukocytes. If the specified diseases become aggravated, then in allocations pus can appear. At clamidiosis of allocation can stick to a head of the member.

Emergence of the expressed purulent discharges having a dense consistence, a yellowish-green shade often demonstrate that the man caught gonorrhea. Such allocations contain a large number of leukocytes and appear constantly.

Also often the inflammatory diseases which are not connected with venereal infections are the reasons of sexual allocations at men. They are provoked by colibacillus, staphylococcus, a streptococcus, a mushroom Candida, etc. As a rule, activators become more active at people with reduced immunity. At candidiasis at men burning, an itch, reddening of integuments of a penis is noted. At the same time there are whitish curdled allocations.

If allocations appear between urinations in insignificant quantities, then in this case the speech can go about not gonorrheal urethritis. Allocations in that case, as a rule, mucous, with pus impurity.

At a balanoposthitis purulent or mucopurulent discharges appear in large numbers, at the same time the prepuce reddens, in a head of the member pain is noted. Also mucopurulent allocations are characteristic of prostatitis. Their nature and amount of envy from sharpness of pathological process.

Also several states at which allocations are not connected with specific diseases are defined. At a spermatorrhea sperm appears from an urethra without masturbation and sexual contact. The reason of such phenomenon — the broken tone of muscles of deferent ducts. This state often is result of diseases of TsNS or chronic inflammations which develop in an organism. Doctors cannot sometimes define the spermatorrhea reason.

At a hematorrhea from an urethra blood is emitted. It is, as a rule, connected with injuries, and also with medical manipulations during which there was a traumatizing. Sometimes blood testifies to more serious pathologies — malignant tumors, polyps. Blood can appear when sand or stones at an urolithiasis departs.

At a prostatorrhea from an urethra the prostate secret is allocated. The reason of such phenomenon — prostate diseases owing to which the tone of smooth muscle fibers of an output channel decreases.

But in general pathological allocations can be connected with the most various diseases and confirm many pathologies. Therefore at suspicions on changes of nature of sexual allocations the man has to visit surely the doctor-urologist and pass all researches which were appointed by the specialist.

How to get rid of pathological allocations from a genital tract?

Выделения у мужчин при возбужденииTo carry out the correct treatment directed to elimination of the allocations having pathological character, initially the doctor has to establish the correct diagnosis and to appoint a therapy course which practices at a specific disease.

In the course of diagnosis it is necessary to examine skin of generative organs for the purpose of detection of rashes, reddening, to carry out a palpation of lymph nodes. The laboratory blood analysis and analyses of urine is conducted, the smear from an urethra is investigated. If necessary the doctor appoints carrying out crops of allocations from an urethra, conducts manual research of a prostate, and also ultrasonography, KT, urography.

Capture of a smear from an urethra provides an exception of topical administration of any medicines for three days before the analysis. Before capture of a smear it is impossible to visit a toilet for three hours and to carry out any hygienic procedures.

At an urethritis etiotropic treatment at which the doctor can appoint correctly picked up antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal means, fortifying drugs practices. Also topical treatment can be carried out and practice physiotherapeutic methods. Topical treatment provides instillations of special solutions in an urethra.

At diseases which are transmitted sexually complex treatment practices. As a rule, antibacterial treatment in a complex with other methods is appointed.

At candidiasis practices as use of local drugs (special creams or ointments grease a balanus), and reception of tablets (as a rule, containing flukonazol).

Any pathological allocations from a penis are a reason for consultation at the urologist. Self-treatment or a tightening with therapy can lead to serious complications and to more long and less effective treatment.

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