The abortion is a pathological spontaneous abortion. This phenomenon can be also called a misbirth.

As show statistical data, about 15-20% of all recorded cases of pregnancy come to an end with an abortion. At the same time, these figures can be perceived only as the lower bound as cases when the woman perceives plentiful monthly as norm are frequent, and it appears an abortion, at the same time pregnancy was not known in view of its small term.

Most often abortions happen during the first trimester of pregnancy, only 1% of abortions occurs after this term. As specialists, at those women who do not feel nausea in the mornings speak, the risk of development of an abortion is more because of hormonal failure. As for age of the woman, here it is also important: after 35 flyings an opportunity to give birth to the child is reduced twice, in this case, of course, key factor is female health.


Various symptoms can demonstrate that there can be an abortion, the most widespread of them is sudden bleeding during pregnancy. It is extremely important for preservation of pregnancy in time to substitute all malfunctions which are created in an organism and to see a doctor.

Among other symptoms of an abortion there can be a back pain, the increased body temperature. If in a bleeding time pieces of fabrics are noticeable, then, most likely, pregnancy will already not manage to be kept. Anyway, all these symptoms demands ambulance as can are dangerous not only to the child's life, but also to mother's life.


Many women assume that the abortion can develop only as a result of falling, bruises, a raising of weights. But a real picture such is that the reason of an abortion is covered in pregnancy disturbance. Disturbances of genetic fetation causes about a half of abortions. Such disturbance can be both accidental, and hereditary. In that case the organism understands that the fruit is impractical or defective therefore you should not be afraid of it. Existence of defect in one germ does not mean at all that all subsequent pregnancies will end in the same way.

Various infectious diseases (generally flu, appendicitis, pneumonia), stresses and disorders, bad ecology, addictions, excessive loadings, the prima of some medicines, the previous abortions, pathological development of internals can lead to forced abortion also. That is the organism realizes that for incubation and the birth of the healthy child, and this process "for later" decides to postpone now not the best times.

Usual not incubation of pregnancy is the diagnosis meaning three abortions in a row without approach of healthy pregnancy.

Even after approach of an abortion it is necessary to remember that normal pregnancies happen much more often than misbirths, and observance of all recommendations of the doctor will allow to take out and give birth to the healthy child.

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