Hair loss after the delivery

During incubation of the child most of women note that the condition of their hair considerably improves. Ringlets become more elastic and dense, hair find gloss and force. For the entire period of pregnancy hair practically do not drop out, respectively, the hairdress looks magnificent and beautiful. These positive changes of pregnancy are most noticeable in recent months.

Such pleasant changes in an organism of future mother happen in view of active saturation of her organism the useful microelements, vitamins and other substances which are favorably influencing a female organism in general. Besides, improvement of structure and the general condition of hair is promoted by a hormonal background.

Very often visible changes of a condition of hair during pregnancy are noted by natural blondes: the hair color at them becomes more dark. However after a recovery puerperal period the shade finds initial paints.

Condition of hair after the delivery

But, unfortunately, so pleasant changes disappear after the birth of the kid already after a while. Gradually process of a hair loss amplifies, and in several months the woman already notes unpleasant effects: hair become thinner and look far not so magnificently, as during pregnancy. Guards the woman and the fact that the hair loss progresses: their impressive quantity is constantly observed both on hairbrushes, and on clothes, and in a bathroom during washing of the head.

As a rule, hair at young mother begin to drop out approximately two months later after the kid was born. If process is natural, then in four-five months less hair drops out, and growth of new hairs, on the contrary, becomes active. However often it happens and so that the hair loss begins later and drags on for much more long term.

It is quite clear that so important changes in appearance cannot but upset also so morally exhausted young mother. Sometimes it seems to the woman that such changes are irreversible, and the dense bush of hair any more will never be recovered. But actually a hair loss after the delivery – process quite explainable from the point of view of the changes which happened in a female organism.

Specialists allocate several basic reasons which directly influence deterioration in a puerperal condition of hair. First of all, the woman has to understand that a certain number of hair drops out at each person as updating of indumentum – process regular and constant. At a usual condition of an organism of loss of hair are insignificant therefore such changes of fears do not cause. But nine months of pregnancy become a certain pause in this process. After the organism of the woman returns to a prenatal state, there is active "a making up missed": hair drop out the accelerated rates.

But if process of blood circulation is not broken, and a condition of head skin normal, then the hair loss stops rather quickly, and their general state does not suffer too striking changes.

One of the main reasons for which the hair loss at women after the delivery is observed is sharp reduction of level of estrogen (female sex hormones) in puerperal and the lactic period. Are oestrogenic, except other, define the general condition of hair of the woman. By the way, in the period of a climax hair become less dense also because of reduction of amount of estrogen.

Also as factors which influence a condition of hair of the woman it should be noted a condition of constant deficit of a dream at young mother, often arising stressful situations. Food of mother in most cases also leaves much to be desired from the point of view of providing an organism with necessary useful substances and microelements. Thereof roots of hair do not receive necessary food, blood circulation gradually worsens, and growth of hair is slowed down. And loss, on the contrary, becomes more intensive.

Hair can drop out also after the postponed general anesthesia at operation, in particular, after Cesarean section. As a result of all specified reasons, the feeding mother suffers from a plentiful hair loss.

How to prevent an excessive hair loss after the delivery?

Выпадение волос после родовConsidering that the hair loss after the delivery is quite natural natural phenomenon, its duration should not exceed admissible terms. So, hormonal changes in a female organism come to the end approximately in half a year after the birth of the kid. Therefore, the intensive hair loss has to stop gradually during this period.

But even after the hormonal balance in an organism is completely recovered, some other, the factors stated above continue to exert direct impact on health of the woman. Therefore each newly made mother, despite strong employment and need of a permanent care of the baby, has to find a little time for providing regular procedures for hair.

If to provide correct, and, above all – regular leaving, then excessive loss and an intensive poredeniye of hair can be prevented. When using effective remedies also the normality of head skin and the injured hair is recovered.

Specialists advise the women who recently became mothers, it is obligatory to visit a hairdressing salon and to be tonsured. In this case this is not about too short hairstyle: just it is necessary to straighten the ends to accelerate growth of hair.

During feeding by a breast the woman can continue reception of vitamin complexes. However in order that it is correct to pick up vitamin means, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor. Special complexes of vitamins for nursing mothers who most optimum recover deficit of the substances necessary for a female organism will be the most optimal variant.

Separate recommendations concern catering services of young mother. The condition of hair will surely improve the everyday use of natural products, fresh fruit and vegetables. During recovery smoked, too salty and marinated dishes after the delivery will not bring benefit.

Care of hair

The woman who is disturbed by too severe hair loss is obliged to consider some rules of care of a hairdress and head skin. First of all, young mother has to put aside the brushes and hairbrushes made of metal. Such hairbrushes in the course of use can pull out hairs. It is the best of all to get a qualitative soft hairbrush or a brush from natural material.

Washing of the head has to be made most accurately and carefully. At the same time it is desirable to use special shampoos with the strengthening action. It is necessary to rinse hair qualitative balms for rinsing of hair which promote easy combing of a bush of hair. Respectively, during a combing much less hairs are lost. Besides, it is recommended to wash periodically the head in grass broth.

One more important point: at a severe puerperal hair loss it is impossible to use the hair dryer. The strong flow of hot air can injure even healthy hair. The weakened and fine hair in puerperal time suffers from use of the hair dryer even more.

By the way, on a bright sunlight with uncovered hair to leave extremely harmful too. If in the flying young mother constantly puts on a hat or a kerchief, then the condition of her hair later considerably will improve several months.

The strengthening masks and broths for hair in a puerperal period

Выпадение волос после родовThere are many recipes of special masks for hair which make salutary impact on the injured hairs and the general condition of head skin. As raw materials for such masks it is possible to use rye bread, an egg yolk, kefir or serum. To prepare a mask from rye bread, it is necessary to steam out a crumb and to apply it on the moistened hair, having rubbed in skin. The head needs to be covered with a warm scarf and to keep a mask about half an hour. Washing away the mask remains, it is necessary to massage a little the head, and after washing off to rinse the head one of grass broths.

It is similarly possible to use also a yolk of egg: after use of a mask it is necessary to wash up carefully the head shampoo. The mask can also be done of a yolk with vodka addition: for this purpose it is necessary to mix one yolk and one tablespoon of vodka, to rub this mix in the head and to take 40 minutes.

Aloe juice also is suitable for recovery and strengthening of hair. For preparation of mix it is necessary to cut off the leaves located from below and in the middle of a plant and, having papered them, to take in the refrigerator of 12 hours. Leaves which did not turn black it is necessary to cut and squeeze out from them juice. It is rubbed in a head integument. But you should not do it Bol of two weekly. For rubbing in in head skin prepare red pepper tincture. One pod of pepper it is necessary to fill in 70% with alcohol at the rate of one to ten. Infusion prepares week then it is rubbed in head skin twice a week.

As for grass broths, the most effective impact on a condition of hair is made by broths of a root of a burdock, acorus, a grass of a nettle and camomile. Recommend to the feeding mothers rubbing in in oil head skin jojoba or burdock oil.

Also for washing of the head broth which is prepared from a honeysuckle fragrant is used. For broth would use plant stalks from calculation of tablespoons of the crushed stalks on 1 l of water. After ten-minute boiling broth has to be drawn half an hour. It is necessary to wash with such broth the head for three weeks regularly.

The infusion prepared from leaves of a burning nettle and a nasturtium big is rubbed in head skin.

Besides, for washing of the head broths from bark of a willow, flowers of a calendula medicinal, hop cones prepare. It is the best of all to prepare collecting herbs. So, broth from roots of a burdock and an acorus with addition of cones of hop is considered effective.

One more effective collecting – mix of oak bark and a peel of onions. These herbs perfectly suit those young mothers who have fat hair.

Those women who normally perceive aroma of garlic can use its juice for rubbing in in the head. Previously juice should be mixed with honey, having taken two parts of honey and one – garlic. Such rubbing in should be done every other day for one month. Similar means for rubbing in in the head can be done of honey and onions. After use of such house means the head needs to be washed out very carefully shampoo and to rinse hair with balm.

Some recipes of traditional medicine are based on rubbing in in salt head integuments. It is necessary to take usual table salt on skin no more than three minutes then the head needs to be washed up well strengthening shampoo.

Other methods of treatment of a hair loss

Выпадение волос после родовIf national methods and careful care of hair do not bring the expected effect, then treatment of a puerperal hair loss can be carried out by means of special procedures which make in the conditions of clinic. By means of the procedures developed for a hair reconstruction simultaneous massage of integuments of the head and putting medicines on hair is made. Such complex techniques allow to achieve desirable results much quicker.

In the course of complex treatment of a hair loss also sessions of ozonotherapy, a mesotherapy are applied.

In more detail to learn about hair reconstruction opportunities after the delivery, young mother can address the specialist trichologist who not only will recommend suitable procedures, but also will prompt how to get rid of puerperal problems with hair in house conditions.

But the most important task for all who surround the kid and the woman – to try to provide to young mother at least a little rest and rest for day. Only in rather quiet state the organism of the woman is effectively recovered after the delivery, and she does not suffer from unpleasant changes of appearance.

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