The expressed muscular weakness

The expressed muscular weakness is shown by strong fatigue and weakness of muscles. Often this symptom is one of the first signs of a hyperparathyreosis.

How the expressed muscular weakness is shown?

The muscular fatigue is characterized by the expressed reduction of force in one muscle or at once in several. It is very important to distinguish accurately weakness in muscles and the general condition of fatigue, weakness and slackness. The chronic fatigue of muscles is felt both in a certain extremity, and in any other area of a body.

In medicine muscular weakness is defined objective (in this case in the course of research the fact of reduction of a myodynamia is confirmed) and subjective (the person feels fatigue in a muscle, however results of research demonstrate that force is kept). The classification connected with area of defeat practices. Differs the localized and generalizirovanny forms of this illness.

Fast fatigue of cross-striped muscles which will define functioning of a musculoskeletal system of the person is characteristic of this state. Rather often the person, feeling low in muscles of hands or legs, only suffers from the general overfatigue therefore the doctor needs to be very attentive in the course of establishment of the diagnosis.

Often muscular weakness in hands or muscular weakness in legs is a myasthenia symptom – an illness which is caused by autoimmune attacks of an organism. This illness is, as a rule, shown periodically. Exacerbations of an illness replace the remission periods. At patients with a myasthenia the muscular device loses ability to reduction as the person gradually loses force of muscles. In most cases the illness affects women of young and middle age, and also men after 50 flyings.

Proximal muscular weakness is shown generally in hands and in legs, but it can sometimes be noted both in upper, and in the lower extremities.

With such symptom it is often difficult for patient to move on a long distance, to go on a ladder. In certain cases it is even difficult to such people to stand and sit. Often their gait gets signs of so-called "duck" walking – they go, being as if rolled here and there. If foot muscles are surprised, then over time at the person flat-footedness develops. Afterwards at the person the hyperparathyreosis — the disease connected with too active products of hormone of parathormone that leads afterwards to development of a hypercalcemia can be shown. At such patients except weakness in muscles disturbances from kidneys are noted, by a gastrointestinal tract, signs of changes in a nervous system.

Why the expressed muscular weakness is shown?

Проявления мышечной слабостиThe reasons of muscular weakness are connected with the different diseases and factors influencing a human body. Strong muscular weakness at elderly people and at patients of younger age can develop against both muscular, and mental diseases. The reasons of muscular weakness in legs and a hand are often connected with development of a myasthenia. This illness has the autoimmune nature. At a myasthenia synapses – places where nerves and muscles connect are surprised. Therefore, this process conducts to an innervation. The myasthenic syndrome often develops against a tumor of a thymus, a hyperplasia, and also at some diseases of a nervous system of the person. The symptoms of muscular weakness connected with a myasthenia are observed at women more often. Sometimes this illness is a consequence of a severe stress or the postponed infectious disease. Weakness of muscles is sometimes noted at children. As a rule, manifestation of this symptom demonstrates development of dystrophy of muscular tissue. At the child with this symptom any disturbances in the TsNS functions, malformations of muscles or existence of certain disorders of genetic character are often noted.

Nevertheless, the weakness reasons in hands and legs are not always connected with a myasthenia. If the person feels normally, but at the same time notes strong fatigue and easing in legs, then in certain cases manifestation of this symptom is explained by overfatigue, permanent job in a standing position or even regular carrying not too convenient footwear. In that case the patient suffers from fatigue, a rumble in legs, fast fatigue. More often this symptom is observed at elderly people, however the women preferring footwear on heels quite often note fatigue and feeling of weakening in the lower extremities. Besides, this phenomenon can be a sign inof arikozny phlebectasia, backbone diseases.

Слабость мышц у пожилого человекаWeakness of muscles of a neck, back, pelvic bottom, extremities, etc. is shown not only owing to an independent autoimmune illness, but also can be a symptom of some diseases and morbid conditions. Often weakness in muscles is noted at constant deficit of protein, at active development of inflammatory processes or infectious diseases, at intoxication or dehydration of an organism. Patients with a diabetes mellitus, illnesses of a thyroid gland periodically complain of weakness of muscles of hands and legs. Muscle pain and weakness is a symptom of severe poisoning, overdose of some medicamentous means. Weakness in muscles of legs is characteristic of a pseudorheumatism. It is necessary to consider also the fact that in certain cases the weakness reasons in muscles are connected with development of an asthenic syndrome. The expressed feeling of fatigue in gastrocnemius muscles of people sometimes notes after the endured stress, a serious emotional overstrain.

The amyocardia leads to development of heart failure and arises against many cardiovascular pathologies.

How to get rid of the expressed muscular weakness?

Treatment of muscular weakness always depends on a basic disease and is appointed only after carrying out full diagnosis and definition of the reason of an illness. It is very important to patients who suffer from a myasthenia to establish the diagnosis as soon as possible as at an early stage the illness is more effectively treated. In the course of diagnosis both laboratory, and tool methods of research practice.

Мышечная слабость после занятий спортомIn the course of therapy the doctor appoints a symptomatic treatment, and also a course of the physiotherapeutic procedures promoting recovery of a normality of muscles of the person. However, as a rule, the disease has a chronic current therefore completely it is impossible to get rid of symptoms. The doctor appoints medicamentous drugs and the scheme of their reception for patients with a myasthenia individually as it is necessary to consider surely features of symptomatology and the course of a disease. To most of patients drugs which block destroyers of acetylcholine – substance which is formed in an organism are appointed and takes part in a momentum transfer to muscles.

If necessary radical methods of treatment, in particular surgical removal of a thymus or its tumor are appointed. Beam influence is in certain cases shown. At the correct treatment most of patients note noticeable improvement of the general state. However periodically it is necessary to carry out a maintenance therapy throughout all life of the patient.

The question how to take off fatigue of muscles, is actual and for people at whom the fatigue and extremity pain is an effect of influence of other factors. If constant pain and feeling of fatigue it is connected with the general overfatigue, it is necessary to reconsider surely way of life, to provide regular good rest, to reduce loadings. Often fast and very severe pain and fatigue in muscles is shown after training. It is important to approach responsibly selection of exercises, to consider at the same time the general condition of an organism, existence of chronic diseases. Nevertheless, has to practice adequate exercise stresses of people constantly.

It is important to balance a diet, to constantly observe the correct drinking mode not to allow organism dehydration. If necessary it is worth taking care of change of footwear on more convenient. It is effective massage, the heat weakening bath helps to take off fatigue.

If weakness of muscles are connected with other diseases, surely it is necessary to tell about this symptom to the attending physician who will correct the scheme of therapy. It is necessary to pay special attention to a state health of subjects at whom the amyocardia as in the absence of the correct treatment this state can be life-threatening is noted.

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