High level of sugar in blood worsens memory

Too high content in blood of the person of sugar can significantly worsen his memory, scientists from Germany claim.

Researchers could draw such conclusion from experiment in which 141 volunteers which age on average equaled to 63 years took part. All people who agreed to experiment were healthy. It became clear that increase of sugar in blood rather badly influences both on long-term, and a short-term memory of the person. At the same time it is important to note that problems with memory are shown not only at patients with a diabetes mellitus, but also at healthy people.

To confirm this theory, participants of experience performed various tasks. For example, in one of them it was necessary to reproduce 15 words in half an hour after these words were heard. The higher the person of sugar had contents indicators in blood, the less words he remembered.

Scientists assure that sometimes it is possible to prevent problems with thought processes and memory at mature age at the person by decrease in content of sugar in blood. For this purpose it is enough to person to reduce the caloric content of daily consumed food and to conduct as much as possible active image of everyday life.

At the same time the full-fledged dream will allow to avoid development and progressing of a diabetes mellitus and illnesses of cardiovascular system. Scientists from the USA the other day published results of the last research during which they found genes which have communication with deficit of a dream. Researchers for several months watched people who did not fill up or slept a normal amount of time. It became clear that the risk of development of a diabetes mellitus of the second type and cardiovascular diseases is increased at those people who for one reason or another suffered from sleeplessness.

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