Abdominal distention

Abdominal distention is a state at which the person is disturbed by the increased gas generation in a gastrointestinal tract.

How abdominal distention is shown?

If the meteorism becomes a constant problem, then the person begins to reflect why constant abdominal distention disturbs him throughout a long span. Continuous gas generation brings notable discomfort. In a normality at the use of food a small amount of air is swallowed, and a bit later it comes out back therefore in intestines takes place through a stomach only part of this air. Frequent abdominal distention disturbs those who swallow a large amount of air. At the same time continuous overflow of a stomach is felt. It is quite clear that the person inclined to the increased gas generation, also that fact why abdominal distention is shown in an improper situation disturbs.

In a normality the vypuskaniye of gases occurs about 10 times a day. At the people suffering from the increased gas generation it occurs much more often.

Very often at the increased formation of gases of the person nausea and abdominal distention disturbs. Except abdominal pains heartburn, vomiting, an eructation, a diarrhea is noted. Temperature can rise, the general weakness and dizziness is observed.

Pain in a stomach — a consequence of accumulation of gases in an intestines gleam. They annoyingly influence pain receptors in intestines walls. After a vypuskaniye of gases pain decreases. Pain can be shown in the form of periodic spasms, be noted in different points of a stomach. At the same time the stomach is increased and strongly intense. Strong abdominal distention causes intensive, but, as a rule, short-term pains.

Why abdominal distention is shown?

Severe swelling and abdominal pains quite often are a consequence of meal which is rich with cellulose. Cellulose which in large numbers contains in vegetables, fruit, whole cereals, bean provokes the increased gas generation owing to what the person is hurt by a stomach, and swelling can disturb throughout long time. Sometimes swelling causes a back pain and other symptoms. The same problems are shown owing to the frequent use of the carbonated drinks containing carbon dioxide.

Also other reasons of abdominal distention at women and men are allocated. For example, the abdominal distention reasons after food can be defined by swallowing air in the course of acceptance of food. Especially a lot of air of people swallows, eating food hasty, talking during food.

Sometimes severe swelling is reaction of an organism to a stressful situation. Owing to an emotional overload there is a spasm of smooth muscles of intestines, the peristaltics is slowed down.

Постоянное вздутие животаConstant abdominal distention often begins to be noted at the person with age. The reason of such phenomenon — age weakness of muscles of intestines. Symptoms of abdominal distention can be observed at women at monthly.

However it is worth remembering also that the eructation and swelling can demonstrate development of a chronic disease. Swelling, nausea, an abdominal pain and other symptoms can be shown at a cancer of a large intestine, a diverticulum, nonspecific ulcer colitis, etc.

Sometimes the reasons of a meteorism are covered in reception of some medicines. For example, antibiotics destroy intestinal microflora and provoke dysbacteriosis. If the person abuses laxative, then over time it leads to problems with formation of gases.

Constant abdominal distention and gases are often noted at people who suffer from locks. The fecal masses which are late in intestines trouble a passage of flatus. As a result, the lock conducts to the fact that the person feels a periodic abdominal pain and frequent swelling.

Most often those people who do not pay attention to rules of healthy food complain of abdominal distention and gas generation. Therefore doctors strongly recommend to correct surely seriously at manifestation of the increased gas generation a diet. If gas generation is noted after the person ate some specific product, then it is possible to suspect intolerance of products. Some people have a lactose intolerance which can be shown, as from first years of life, and later, at school age. At a celiac disease the organism does not perceive proteins of cereal cultures

Strong abdominal distention at pregnancy — very frequent phenomenon at women who bear the kid. Abdominal distention on early terms begins to disturb the woman because the pancreas at pregnancy produces not enough enzymes. As a result, the food is digested not so intensively. During pregnancy the uterus gradually increases and puts pressure upon intestines. Because of it motor functions of intestines are broken, and the woman has a constant heavy feeling and swellings in a stomach. It is worth to remember also that at pregnancy at the woman the hormonal background therefore the first signs of pregnancy are often expressed by abdominal distention changes. Swelling as a sign of pregnancy can be shown on its first weeks. In spite of the fact that swelling during pregnancy, as a rule, is not pathology, at constantly shown meteorism and swelling it is necessary to tell about these symptoms to the attending physician. At the pregnant woman pancreatitis, colitis and other diseases of a gastrointestinal tract can develop.

Тяжесть и вздутие животаWeight and abdominal distention at women can be shown differently during the period before periods. As a rule, the woman gradually has a feeling that abdominal distention accrues. Pain and swelling occupies all area of a bottom of a stomach, but sometimes pain is localized at the left below or below on the right.

Very often newborn babies suffer from abdominal distention. It is accepted to call this phenomenon intestinal gripes. The abdominal distention reasons at newborns have the physiological nature: The gastrointestinal tract of the child has a special structure. Gradually, over time the alimentary system ripens, and gripes stop. Nevertheless, severe swelling after food at the kid can testify also to gastrointestinal tract diseases. Therefore to consult with the doctor if abdominal distention and a fence disturbs the kid constantly.

In spite of the fact that there are many reasons conducting to abdominal distention, the gas generation sometimes increased mistakenly is accepted by the person to other illnesses. In certain cases gastric flatulence and a stomach of people confuses to heart attack, appendicitis, cholelithiasis. Only consultation with the doctor and inspection will allow to establish the correct diagnosis. It is worth addressing surely the specialist and if the abdominal pain proceeds very long and is followed by vomiting, loss of body weight, temperature increase, emergence of blood in a chair.

How to get rid of abdominal distention?

Often for elimination of the increased gas generation it is necessary to correct daily food only. If the person manages to define what products provoke abdominal distention, then elementary exception them from a diet can normalize a situation. Sometimes swelling of intestines provokes reception of too fat and fried dishes. For a while it is also possible to reduce quantity of a cellulose in a diet.

Беспокойства и вздутие животаIf the person is disturbed by the increased gas generation, from abdominal distention only the doctor will be able to pick up that best means. Any medicines should be accepted only after the correct diagnosis was established. The attack of a meteorism which reason errors in food are will help to remove so effective remedy as absorbent carbon. It is necessary to pound carefully 3 tablets of coal and to wash down such powder with water. To adult patients the doctor can appoint a course of treatment drugs with enzymes which promote lactose splitting.

What tablets from abdominal distention to choose, depends also on the frequency of manifestation of this symptom. If the increased gas generation disturbs the person incidentally, drugs which basis is simetikon will approach. This is Espumizan and other known means. Such drugs are applied also during the postoperative period.

On a question of what best medicine for abdominal distention, also traditional medicine can answer. There are effective recipes of means on the basis of herbs which reception significantly facilitates a condition of the adults and children inclined to abdominal distention.

National treatment of abdominal distention assumes use of recipes which the camomile, seeds of caraway seeds and fennel, a valerian root, a yarrow grass, etc. enters. Sometimes treatment by folk remedies allows to replace any tablets completely. Nevertheless, uncontrolled use of folk remedies can lead to unexpectedly unpleasant effects afterwards. Therefore it is the best of all to tell the doctor about all symptoms which accompany abdominal distention initially. The patient has to report surely whether the diarrhea, a lock, an eructation, etc. disturbs him. It is especially important not to apply national recipes without approval of the doctor at treatment of a meteorism at children. Besides at reception of grass broths and infusions the dosage, features of preparation, reception time — to or after food is important. Even if the person has checked ways how to get rid of abdominal distention, it does not mean that in a specific case they will be effective.

To relieve of symptoms of abdominal distention of the newborn, many ways practice. The light massage of a stomach, applying of a warm diaper to a tummy can facilitate a condition of the child. If the kid shows strong concern, after consultation with the pediatrician it can give some medicines. These are drugs with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, the spasmolysants, drugs stimulating motility of intestines, means on the basis of a simetikon.

The meteorism often arises at the smoking people, and also at those who got used to lead a slow-moving life. If abdominal distention is a frequent symptom, it is desirable to eat food more often, but in smaller portions. It is always desirable to eat food in a quiet situation, without haste. So the alimentary system will work well-coordinated more.

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