Apple diet

Apples are an excellent fruit, vitamin-rich and iron, useful to an organism and the main, long time keeping all the properties. It is especially important in a winter season when it is not enough natural fruit and vegetables. On the basis of apples there are very many diets: a usual apple diet for weight loss, a kefiric and apple diet or even a diet on the basis of apple cider vinegar. All of them differ in duration, structure and results so for definition of the fact that it is necessary for you, we will consider some options of these diets in more detail.

It is considered that the rigid apple diet yields results the best. However, in strict option it has to consist of apples and nothing except. Agree, it is quite difficult. In total in day it is necessary to eat one and a half kilograms of apples, and nothing is recommended to be drunk also, being limited to the moisture which is contained in fruit. However usually advise to do a diet after all to softer. For example, to use unlimited number of apples and to wash down them with still mineral water, green tea or infusions of herbs.

Surely it is worth mentioning also the mixed diet on the basis of apples as kefiric and apple diet has the best responses and not only as helping to grow thin, but also promoting easy transfer of some stages of pregnancy of which toxicosis is characteristic. The essence consists in every day to consume not less than 6 apples, and thus after each apple to drink kefir half of liter.

In some options, for example, if you do not perceive apples in itself, you can be helped by the diet using apple cider vinegar. Every time after food we dissolve couple of spoons of home-made apple cider vinegar in a glass with water and we drink.

Speaking about rigid options of an apple diet, once one more menu mentions in which within 6 days it is necessary to eat 1-2 kg of apples (on days 1 – 1,5 – 2 – 2 – 1,5 – 1) and to wash down them with green unsweetened tea. Such option of food also received very positive comments.

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