Apples give a tone to our muscles

For preservation of symmetry of a figure it is necessary to eat apples. Researches showed what at daily inclusion in a diet of apples, a body will longer remain harmonous and healthy. Scientists made experiment on mice and established that the best means of fight against a muscular atrophy — apples.

Medicine for this illness is not found still. During this research activity of the genes connected with muscles for identification of the means capable to prevent an illness was studied. Such component was found in an apple peel. This substance — ursolovy acid.

Results of experiments on mice showed that their muscle bulk increased approximately by fifteen percent, at the same time, weight remained the same, and here fat more, than decreased by a half.

Scientists assume that ursolovy acid will reprogram genes which are responsible for loss of muscle bulk of a body and substitution with its fats. After experiments on mice specialists will be to test the unique find on the person.

Apples have the mass of useful properties. They promote decrease in cholesterol, remove excess fatty acids and considerably lower sugar level in blood. Scientists consider that thanks to the natural properties, apples help at diabetes.

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