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  • Latin name: Janumet
  • ATH code: A10BD07
  • Active ingredient: Metforminum + Sitagliptin (Metformin + Sitagliptin)
  • Producer: Patheon Puerto Rico Inc. (USA)


Depending on a drug dosage, can contain in one tablet:

  • 500 mg of Metforminum and 50 mg of phosphate of monohydrate of a sitagliptin;
  • 850 mg of Metforminum and 50 mg of phosphate of monohydrate of a sitagliptin;
  • 1000 mg of Metforminum and 50 mg of phosphate of monohydrate of a sitagliptin.

As auxiliary inactive substances cellulose microcrystallic, povidone, the stearylfumarating sodium and sodium lauryl sulfate is used.

The cover of Opadry II of pink color 85 F 94203 consists of polyvinyl alcohol, titanium of dioxide (E171), a macrogoal, talc, ferrous oxide of black (E172) and ferrous oxide of red (E172).

Release form

Yanumet is issued in tablets with a covering in the form of a film cover. Tablets are packed in aluminum or PVC blisters on 14 pieces. In a cardboard pack there are 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 blisters.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Yanumet's drug is a combination of two hypoglycemic substances with the complementary (complementary) mechanism of action. It was developed for the best control of a glycemia at the patients suffering from a diabetes mellitus ІІ type. By the nature sitagliptin is inhibitor dipeptidilpeptidazy-4 (abbr. DPP-4) whereas Metforminum is a representative of a class guanyl guanidines.

Pharmacological action of a sitagliptin as DPP-4 inhibitor is mediated by activation of inkretin. At DPP-4 inhibition, concentration of 2 active hormones this increases. inkretin: glyukagonopodobny peptide-1 (GPP-1), and also glyukozozavisimy insulinotropny polypeptide (GIP). These hormones — part of the internal physiological system regulating a glucose homeostasis. If glucose level in blood the normal or raised, then above-stated inkretin assist in increase in synthesis of insulin and its secretion. Besides, GPP-1 suppresses allocation of a glucagon that suppresses process of synthesis of glucose in a liver. Sitagliptin in therapeutic doses does not suppress activity of enzymes — dipeptidilpeptidazy-8 and dipeptidilpeptidazy-9.

Thanks to increase of tolerance to glucose at patients with a diabetes mellitus ІІ type by means of Metforminum, basal and postprandialny concentration of glucose in a blood flow decreases. In addition, reduction of synthesis of glucose in a liver (gluconeogenesis) is observed, absorption of glucose in intestines decreases, sensitivity to insulin due to capture and utilization of molecules of glucose increases. Its pharmacological mechanism of action differs from other peroral hypoglycemic means of other classes.

Indications to use

Yanumet's drug is shown as addition to the mode of the exercise stresses and observance of a diet promoting the best control of a glycemia at a diabetes mellitus of the II type. Treatment can be also carried out to combinations:

  • with drugs which active agents are derivative sulfonilmochevina (a combination of 3 drugs);
  • with PPAR agonists (for example, tiazolidindiona);
  • with insulin.


  • supersensitivity to any of Yanumet's components;
  • the serious conditions capable to influence function of kidneys, such as shock, dehydration, infections;
  • the acute/chronic forms of diseases conducting to a hypoxia of fabrics: heart, respiratory failure, recent myocardial infarction;
  • moderate or heavy disturbances of kidneys, liver;
  • condition of an acute drunkenness or such disease as alcoholism;
  • diabetes mellitus І type;
  • acute or chronic metabolic acidosis, including diabetic ketoacidosis;
  • radiological researches;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

  • headaches;
  • drowsiness;
  • cough;
  • nausea, abdomialny pains;
  • diarrhea, lock;
  • dryness in a mouth;
  • vomiting;
  • pancreatitis;
  • peripheral hypostasis.

The instruction on Yanumet (A way and a dosage)

Yanumet's pill is taken twice a day during meal. To minimize possible collateral manifestations from a gastrointestinal tract, the dose is increased step by step. The initial dose is selected depending on the current stage of hypoglycemic therapy.

In the application instruction Yanumeta is specified the maximum daily dose of a sitagliptin – 100 mg.

Attention! The mode of dosing of hypoglycemic drug of Yanumet should be selected individually, in view of the current therapy, its efficiency and portability.


At reception over Yanumet's dose at first it is recommended to hold standard events: to remove the remains of not absorbed drug from a gastrointestinal tract, to control vital signs (ECG), to carry out a hemodialysis and to appoint if necessary a maintenance therapy.


Researches of intermedicinal interaction of drug of Yanumet were not made, but enough researches on each active component — to a sitagliptin and Metforminum are conducted.

  • Sitagliptin at interaction with other HP causes increase in AUC, the maximum concentration (With max) Digoxin, Yanuviya, Cyclosporine, however these pharmacokinetic changes are not considered as clinically significant.
  • The single dose of Furosemide leads to increase From max of Metforminum and AUC in plasma and blood approximately for 22% and 15% respectively whereas From max and AUC Furosemide decreased.
  • After reception of Nifedipine also AUC for 9% increases With Metforminum max by 20%.

Terms of sale

The recipe is necessary for acquisition of tablets of Yanumet.

Storage conditions

Temperature not higher than +25 ° Celsius.

For the purpose of safety it is necessary to limit access to children.

Period of validity

Not to apply after two years.

Yanumet's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

There is a drug with the same active ingredients – Metforminum and Sitagliptiny is Velmetiya. Other analogs of Yanumet have similar action and automatic telephone exchange a code:

  • Avandamet;
  • Glibomet;
  • Duglimaks;
  • Triprayd;

About Yanumeta

About Yanumeta at forums say that it is the best drug for treatment of a diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type. It possesses high performance and lack of side effects.


  • Yanumet of 500 mg +50mg No. 56 tabletkimerck Sharp & Dohme B.V.
  • Yanumet of 850 mg +50mg No. 56 tabletkimerck Sharp & Dohme B.V.
  • Yanumet of 1000 mg +50mg No. 56 tabletkimerck Sharp & Dohme B.V.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Yanumet tbl p / about 50/500 No. 56, Merck Sharp & Dohmeniderlandy
  • Yanumet tbl p / about 50/1000 No. 56, Merck Sharp & Dohmeniderlandy
  • Yanumet tbl p / about 50/850 No. 56, Merck Sharp & Dohmeniderlandy
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  • Yanumet56
  • Yanumet56
  • Yanumet56


  • Yanumet of a tablet 50/1000mg No. 56merk and To
  • Yanumet of a tablet 50/1000mg No. 56merk and To
  • Yanumet of a tablet 50/1000mg No. 56merk and To


  • Yanumet of 50/1000 mg No. 56 tabl.p.p.o.
  • Yanumet of 50/850 mg No. 56 tabl.p.p.o.
  • Yanumet of 50/500 mg No. 56 tabl.p.p.o.
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