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  • Latin name: Yarina
  • ATH code: G03AA10
  • Active ingredient: Ethinylestradiol + Drospirenon (Ethinylestradiol + Drospirenone)
  • Producer: Bayer Weimer GmbH & Co, KG (Germany)

Yarina's structure

3 mg of a drospirenon and 30 mkg of ethinylestradiol are a part of tablets of Yarin.

Additional substances: titanium dioxide, starch corn, talc, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate, gipromelloza, macrogoal 6000, K25 povidone, prezhelatinizirovanny starch, iron oxide.

Release form

Light yellow tablets with an engraving of "DO" in a hexagon, 21 tablets in the blister, one or three blisters in packaging from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

Contraceptive and estrogen-gestagennoye action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The summary describes drug as the monophase contraceptive medicine low-dosed peroral combined estrogen-gestagennoye.

Yarina's action is carried out due to blocking of an ovulation and increase in viscosity of slime of a neck of uterus.

At the women using contraceptive tablets of Yarin, the menstrual cycle is normalized, menstrualnopodobny painful bleedings come to light less often, intensity and duration of bleeding therefore the probability of an iron deficiency anemia goes down decreases. There are data on lowering of risk of emergence of cancer of ovaries and an endometria.

Composition of hormones of Yarina: ethinylestradiol and drospirenon.

  • Drospirenon has antimineralokortikoidny effect and is capable to prevent increase of weight and emergence of other symptoms connected with deterioration in removal of liquid from an organism.
  • Drospirenon shows anti-androgenic activity and helps reduction of eels, fat content of skin.



At intake it is quickly absorbed. The largest content in blood is reached later approximately an hour and a half. Bioavailability approaches 75-85%. The use of food does not influence the level of bioavailability of a drospirenon.

Contacts in blood albumine and does not communicate about a corticosteroid - the connecting globulin. In a free look there are only about 4% of the general contents at serum.

It is completely metabolized. Products of transformation are provided by acid derivatives of a drospirenon which are excreted with urine and excrements in the ratio 6/5. Time of semi-removal comes by 40 o'clock.

At women with disturbances of work of a moderately severe liver pharmacokinetic indicators are comparable to those at healthy women, and an elimination half-life of a drospirenon at such patients in 1,8 times more, than at healthy faces with normal function of a liver. At patients with disturbances of work of a liver of average degree lowering of clearance of a drospirenon half in comparison with healthy women is revealed.

Concentration of a drospirenon in blood at approach of an equilibrium state at women with disturbances of work of kidneys of easy degree is comparable to that at healthy. And at women with disturbances of work of moderately severe kidneys the maintenance of a drospirenon in blood is 35% higher, than at healthy women.

Fluctuations of potassium concentration in blood when using a drospirenon are noted.


After the use ethinylestradiol is actively absorbed. The largest content in blood as Wikipedia specifies, is reached for an hour and a half. It is metabolized in a liver, bioavailability makes about 45%. The main way of transformation — an aromatic hydroxylation. About 98% of molecules of substance communicate albumine.

In not changed form from an organism it is not allocated. Derivatives of ethinylestradiol are evacuated with urine and bile. The elimination half-life is equal to 24 hours.

Indications to use

Yarin's tablets — for what they? For the prevention of undesirable pregnancy.


Contraindications to use of tablets of Yarin:

If any of above-mentioned frustration develop for the first time in drug intake time, it has to be cancelled immediately.

Hormonal pill of Yarin should be taken with extra care in the presence of any of the following states or diseases:

  • risk factors of emergence of thrombosis: obesity, smoking, arterial hypertension, dislipoproteinemiya, extensive injury, migraine, long immobilization, defects of heart valves, surgical interventions, genetic predisposition to development of thromboses;
  • other diseases capable to provoke changes of peripheric circulation or superficial phlebitis;
  • gipertriglitseridemiya;
  • Quincke's disease of hereditary genesis;
  • liver diseases;
  • puerperal period;
  • the diseases which arose or became complicated during pregnancy or last reception of sex hormones (a porphyria, jaundice, herpes of pregnant women, a cholelithiasis, an otosclerosis, Sidengam's chorea).

Side effects

As well as at reception of other combined contraceptives in such side effects of Yarina as thromboembolisms or fibrinferments are very seldom possible.

Side effects of Yarina:

  • from the sexual sphere: allocations from a vagina or mammary glands, pains and increase in mammary glands;
  • from digestion: vomiting, abdominal pains, nausea, diarrhea;
  • from sight: discomfort when using contact lenses;
  • frustration from nervous activity: deterioration in mood, change of mood, easing or strengthening libido, headache, migraine;
  • skin: knotty erythema, rash, small tortoiseshell, mnogoformny erythema;
  • from a metabolism: change of weight, water delay in an organism;
  • other frustration: allergic reactions.

Application instruction of Yarina (Way and dosage)

Pill needs to be taken orally one after another, as directed on packaging, in identical time, every day, washing down with water.

Yarin's tablets, application instruction

Drug is accepted on 1 tablet a day within 3 weeks. Reception of tablets from the subsequent pack should be begun after a seven-day break with usually developing "cancellation bleeding". It begins approximately for the 3rd day after the use of the last tablet and is capable to proceed up to the use of tablets from the new blister.

Beginning of reception

How to accept the first time Yarina?

In the absence of the use of any hormonal contraceptives last month use of medicine begins for the 1st day of a menstrual cycle. The beginning of use for 2-5 days of a menstrual cycle is also admissible, but this case it is necessary to use a barrier way of contraception in the 1st week of reception.

If the patient passes from other oral combined contraceptives, a contraceptive plaster or a vaginal ring, then it is desirable to begin use of medicine in the day following reception of the last tablet of "old" drug, but no later than the next days after a standard 7-day break (for the means including 21 tablets) or after the use of the completing inactive tablet (for the means including 28 tablets). When using a vaginal ring or contraceptive plaster use of medicine needs to be begun in day when the plaster or a ring, but no later than day of establishment of a new ring or a plaster is removed.

Transition with contraceptive ("mini-drank", containing only gestagen) to Yarina can be carried out in any day (without temporary break). Transition from the implant containing only gestagen or a gestagenvysvobozhdayushchy intrauterine contraceptive – in day of its extraction. Transition from an injection form – from the date of in which the following procedure has to be executed. In all above-mentioned cases it is necessary to use a barrier way of contraception in the 1st week of reception.

After the delivery or performance of abortion in the second trimester it is necessary to begin drug intake not earlier than 4 weeks after last childbirth (provided that mother does not nurse) or the made abortion. If use is begun later, it is necessary to use a barrier way of contraception in the 1st week of reception. But if the patient already had a sexual contact, prior to Yarina's use it is necessary to exclude pregnancy or to wait for the 1st periods.

After abortion in the 1st trimester of pregnancy it is authorized to begin drug intake – in day of abortion. When performing this condition the patient does not need additional ways of contraception.

The passed tablets

If medicine was taken with delay less than 12 hours, contraceptive protection does not go down. The woman needs to carry out reception of a tablet as soon as possible, the following tablet is used in usual time.

If medicine was taken with delay over 12 hours, contraceptive protection decreases. What the bigger quantity of tablets is passed by, that pregnancy development high probability. If the admission of 1 tablet, probability to become pregnant minimum is carried out. At delay over 12 watch are guided by the recommendations below.

The admission is carried out in the first 7 days of administration of drug

It is necessary to use as soon as possible the last passed tablet even if it is required to take 2 pill together. The subsequent tablet is used in usual time. It is recommended to apply a barrier way of contraception for one more week. If the sexual intercourse within 7 days to the admission of a tablet took place, it is necessary to consider probability of approach of pregnancy.

The admission is carried out in 8-14 day of administration of drug

It is necessary to use as soon as possible the last passed tablet even if it is required to take 2 pill together. The following pill is taken in usual time. If the patient correctly took a pill for the last 7 days, then there is no need for use of additional measures of contraception. Otherwise or at the admission of the 2nd and more tablets it is necessary to apply in addition barrier ways of contraception a week more.

The admission is carried out in 15-21 days of administration of drug

The risk of development of pregnancy increases because of the forthcoming temporary break in administration of drug. The patient has to carry out one of two following options. At the same time if for the last week the mode of reception of tablets was observed, there is no need to apply additional methods of contraception.

  • It is necessary to carry out as soon as possible reception of the last passed tablet even if it means that it is necessary to take 2 pill at the same time. The subsequent tablets from the current packaging use in the usual mode until they end. The following packaging needs to begin to be applied without interruption. Yet tablets from the second packaging will not end bleeding of cancellation is improbable, but breakthrough bleedings and the smearing allocations are not excluded during use of tablets.
  • It is necessary to stop the use of tablets from the current blister and to begin a seven-day break, and then to begin drug intake from the new blister. If the patient broke the mode of reception of tablets and during a seven-day break at her cancellation bleeding did not develop, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy.

At vomiting and diarrhea

When developing vomiting or diarrhea within four hours after the use of tablets, perhaps not their full absorption. In a similar case additional measures of contraception have to be taken, and also it is necessary to be guided by above-mentioned recommendations at the admission of tablets.

How to change the first day of a menstrual cycle?

To postpone the 1st day of periods, it is necessary to continue Yarina's reception from new packaging without seven-day break and to take a pill how many it is necessary. At the same time bloody allocations or bleedings are possible.


The list of symptoms which arise at overdose: vomiting, bloody allocations from a vagina, nausea.

Overdose therapy – symptomatic. There is no selective antidote.


Use of the drugs stimulating work of liver microsomal enzymes can cause increase of removal of sex hormones that causes breakthrough bleedings or easing of reliability of contraception. Phenytoinum, Primidonum, barbiturates, Rifampicin, Carbamazepine, Rifabutin and others belong to these medicines.

Penicillin and Tetracycline are capable to lower enterohepatic circulation of estrogen, lowering thereby concentration of ethinylestradiol. During use of the drugs making impact on microsomal enzymes, and about a month more after completion of their reception it is necessary to use barrier contraception.

The combined contraceptives can change a metabolism of other drugs that leads to increase or reduction of their concentration in blood and fabrics.

Terms of sale

It is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at the room temperature. To protect from children.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

Before or resuming of use of drug it is necessary to study the personal and family anamnesis, to conduct gynecologic and all-medical examination, to exclude pregnancy existence. The structure and volume of researches, and also a regularity of surveys is defined in each separate case individually. It is necessary to conduct standard control examinations a minimum once a year.

The patient has to be informed that drug does not protect from infection with HIV infection and other diseases, sexually transmitted.

The interrelation between reception of the combined contraceptives and increase in frequency of emergence of vascular thromboses and thromboembolisms, including thrombosis of a pulmonary arterya vein thrombosis, a myocardial infarction, vascular disorders of a brain is established.

The risk of emergence of a venous thromboembolism is highest in the 1st year of reception of similar drugs. The increased risk arises after initial use of peroral contraceptives or resuming of their use.

The arterial thromboembolism which risk increases also at administration of drugs like Yarina is capable to lead to occlusion of vessels, a stroke or a heart attack. Symptoms of a stroke: weakness or disappearance of sensitivity of the person or extremities, problems with the speech and its understanding, confusion of consciousness, sudden loss of sight, dizziness, gait disturbance, causeless headache, balance loss, loss of consciousness. Other signs of occlusion of vessels: puffiness, sudden pain, posineniye of extremities, sharp abdominal pain.

Symptoms of a heart attack: weight, discomfort, pain, pressure, feeling of compression in a hand or in a breast; the discomfort giving to a cheekbone, a back, a hand, a throat, a stomach; nausea, cold sweat, vomiting or dizziness, alarm, weakness, asthma, tachycardia.

The arterial thromboembolism is capable to lead to death.

The risk of emergence of thrombosis and thromboembolism increases:

  • at smokers;
  • with age;
  • at obesity;
  • in the presence of a thromboembolism ever at the immediate family or parents;
  • at a long immobilization, surgical intervention, the lower extremity operations (in the specified situations it is desirable to stop use of the combined contraceptives and not to renew it within 15 days after end of an immobilization);
  • at arterial hypertension;
  • at a dislipoproteinemiya;
  • at diseases of valves of heart;
  • at migraine;
  • at fibrillation of auricles.

Increase in frequency and expressiveness of attacks of migraine during use of the combined contraceptives can be the basis for the termination of their reception.

Seldom against the use of the combined contraceptives emergence of benign tumors of a liver was observed, and it is extremely rare – malignant.

At patients with a gipertriglitseridemiya increase of probability of development of pancreatitis at drug intake like Yarina is not excluded.

At women with a hereditary Quincke's edema exogenous estrogen is capable to cause or worsen the course of this disease.

During reception of the combined contraceptives irregular bleedings or bloody allocations, especially for the first months of use can develop. Therefore the assessment of irregular bleedings of any character should be carried out only after end of the period of adaptation, to equal about 3 cycles.

If the above described bleedings repeat, then it is necessary to conduct examination and survey for an exception of malignant tumors or pregnancy.

As cancellation effects at some patients at a break in reception or at the termination of reception of tablets development of bleedings is possible.

Yarina's reception can change results of a number of laboratory tests, for example, indicators of work of a liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, a thyroid gland, content of proteins carriers, a condition of coagulation, carbohydrate metabolism and a fibrinolysis.

Drug does not influence ability to management of motor transport.

Yarina's analogs

The most widespread analogs: Dailla, Regulon, Vidora, Jes, Midiana, Klayra, Jeanine, MODELL, Dimia, Simitsia.

The price of analogs of Yarina usually less available, than the price of the described drug.

That it is better: Midiana or Yarin?

The median and Yarina are full analogs on structure and a quantitative ratio of components in drug. Responses testify to lack of cardinal distinctions in effect of these two means. Midiana is cheaper at cost. The choice should be carried out proceeding from economic reasons and individual portability.

That it is better: Novinet or Yarin?

Novinet and Yarina differ in active ingredients, but not the mechanism of action a little. At Novinet's cost is almost twice cheaper, and also in addition to contraceptive action it reduces risk of development of an iron deficiency anemia. The choice is carried out, proceeding from recommendations of the doctor and economic reasons.

That it is better: Yarina or Regulon?

Regulon and Yarina – analogs and only slightly differ in structure of active ingredients. The mechanism of action is identical. Responses do not fix distinctions in the frequency of development of side effects. Regulon's price approximately twice low prices of the described medicine.

That it is better: Yarina or Klayr?

Klayra unlike Yarina has smaller concentration of hormonal components and is recommended to reception to more mature women. The prices of drugs are comparable. The choice is based on recommendations of the attending physician and individual indications.

To Diana 35 or Yarina – what is better?

To Diana 35 and Yarina analogs on the mechanism of action and the rendered effect. However It should be noted that at the first smaller concentration of hormonal components and higher price. Side effects and therapeutic effect depend on specific features.

Yaren and Yarina Plus

Yarina and Yarina Plus's differences consist that the last drug contains in addition calcium levomefolat, the reducing deficit of folates in an organism of the woman and a fruit in case of unplanned pregnancy. The prices of drugs are comparable.

Jeanine or Yarin – what is better?

Jeanine and Yarina are drugs analogs. According to the statistics of Yaren shows big ability to provoke side effects. The prices of drugs are almost equal.


  • Yaren No. 21 tabletkibayer Schering of Farm of AG
  • Yaren No. 21х3 tabletkibayer Schering of Farm of AG
  • Yaren Plus No. 28х3 tabletkibayer Schering of Farm of AG
  • Yaren Plus No. 28 tabletkibayer Schering of Farm of AG

Drugstore of IFC

  • Yaren tbl p / about No. 21, Schering Aggermaniya
  • Yaren plus tbl p / about No. 28, Schering Aggermaniya
  • Yaren tbl p / about No. 63, Schering Aggermaniya
  • Yaren plus tbl p/pl/o No. 28х3, Schering Aggermaniya
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  • Yaren tablets coated No. 21 Schering (Germany)
  • Yaren plus28


  • Yaren No. 21 tabl.p.o.schering AG (Germany)
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