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  • Latin name: Iodum
  • ATH code: D08AG03
  • Active ingredient: Iodine + [Potassium iodide + Ethanol] (Iodide + [Potassium iodide + Ethanol])
  • Producer: Yaroslavl farmfabrika, PFK Updating, Rostov farmfabrika of closed joint stock company, Rosbio, Samaramedprom, Troitsk iodic plant, Drugstore Farmikon, Asfarm, Moscow pharmaceutical factory (Russia) and others


50 mg of iodine, and also auxiliary components are a part of one milliliter of 5% spirit solution: 96% ethanol, potassium iodide and the purified water.

Release form

Solution of Iodine of spirit 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%.


  • bottle of dark glass of 10 ml;
  • bottle dropper of 10 ml;
  • bottle pencil of 1 ml.

Pharmacological action

Yoda solution spirit (on Latin — Solutionis Iodi spirituosae) has antiseptic, local irritative and antiinflammatory effects.

Iodine crystal renders the antimicrobic, distracting, antiseptic and hypolipidemic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

What is Iodine?

Iodine (MNN: Iodine + [Potassium iodide + Ethanol]) is the firm, having molecular crystal lattice, substance. Represents black-gray color with a violet shade crystals (or plates) with a characteristic smell.

At easy heating it is sublimated (sublimation of iodine is a transition of substance from a firm state in gaseous), letuch.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic parameters

Substance is characterized by ability to form iodamines. The absorbed part is distributed in bodies and fabrics, selectively absorbed by ShchZh (thyroid gland).

Substance with kidneys (the main part), and also intestines, milk and sweat glands is emitted.

Shows the cauterizing and tanning properties, has bactericidal effect. Irritates receptors mucous and skin. Takes part in synthesis of a tirotoksin (ShchZh main hormone), favorably affecting at the same time a protein and lipidic metabolism (reduces concentration of LPNP and cholesterol), strengthens processes of metabolic disintegration (dissimilation).

Indications to use

Spirit solution is applied as an antiseptic agent and a revellent at infectious and inflammatory diseases of an integument and mucous membranes, to prevention of infection of insignificant injuries of skin, to reduction of inflammatory processes at neuralgia and miozita (has the distracting effect), to processing of edges of wounds, fingers of the surgeon and a surgery field.

Also means can be used at the following indications:


Contraindication to use of solution is hypersensitivity to iodine. Means should not be used for processing of trophic and diabetic ulcers.

Side effects

Side effects of iodine and drugs of iodine carry the name an iodism. They are shown in the form of the damage of mucous membranes strengthened salivary and/or dacryagogues, skin rash, bronkho-and rhinorrheas, small tortoiseshells, frustration of the alimentary system, contact dermatitis, a Quincke's edema.

At especially sensitive to I people the indisposition and the increased temperature are added to the listed phenomena, metal taste in a mouth appears.

The most frequent skin manifestations — iodide eels who have an appearance disseminated through a face and a trunk of papulo-pustular rashes.

The I toksikodermiya (yododerma) connected with intolerance which is shown in the form of purpura, blisters, an erythema, vegetans nodes or bubbles can sometimes develop.

How the allergy to substance is shown?

The allergy to Iodine is one of kinds of medicinal intolerance. As a rule, toxic influence of iodine is caused by chronic diseases of internals or overdose of iodinated means. More rare it is connected with an individual idiosyncrasy.

Iodine belongs to family of halogens which are not capable to be true allergens. However it is necessary to remember that being hapten, substance gains molar weight due to the high-molecular proteinaceous connections which are in blood of the person.

The antigenic complex which is formed as a result of reaction of substance with fabric proteins (antibodies) just is also the reason of allergic reaction and a sensitization.

Symptoms of an allergy differ depending on a way of receipt of an element to a human body.

At external use displays of allergic dermatitis are possible: reddening, an itch, burning, hypostasis of fabrics on a site of putting solution, sometimes — pain.

At reception of iodinated drugs inside there is a rash reminding the small tortoiseshell which is followed by an itch and burning.

In more hard cases the Quincke's edema develops and breath is broken (if hypostasis extends from a face to a throat). At intravenous administration of drugs of iodine the bronchospasm and an acute anaphylaxis were fixed.

Continuation of contact with substance despite an allergy promotes strengthening of its manifestations.

Application instruction Yoda (Way and dosage)

The instruction on solution of Iodine spirit

At external use moisten with solution a cotton plug which is used for processing of the injured skin.

Inside Iodine is accepted after food, previously having dissolved in milk. The dose is selected individually depending on indications.

For treatment of atherosclerosis by the adult appoint reception of 10-12 drops of solution of 3 rubles/days. In the preventive purposes drug is accepted by 2-3 rubles/year courses for 30 days in the dose varying ranging from 1 to 10 drops.

At tertiary syphilis accept till 5-50 drops 2-3 rubles/days.

Upper admissible limit of a single dose — 20, daily — 60 drops.

Children can accept solution inside from five-year age. A single dose — 3-5, daily — 6-15 drops.

The grid from iodine is an effective remedy from bruises, bruises, a SARS, quinsy, flu, bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis, tracheitises, laryngitis. Its drawing is reasonable also at a mialgiya, injury of ligaments, arthritises and arthroses, lumbosacral radiculitis, backbone osteochondrosis.

Getting through skin into deep fabrics and blood, solution with drug has local irritative effect, activates blood circulation, removes an inflammation and puffiness of fabrics. When putting solution on skin does not cause system effects that does safe its use for patients is more senior than one-year-old age (in the absence of an allergy to I).

Eye drops of Potassium iodide — 2% solution in bottles droppers are applied to treatment of ophthalmologic diseases.

Indications to appointment are: a fungal keratitis and conjunctivitis (supportive application), atherosclerotic and miopichesky changes of a choroid of an eyeglobe and vessels of a retina, the atrophy of an optic nerve, hemorrhage connected with syphilis in a crystalline lens, a phacoscotasmus.

At infectious and inflammatory (acute or chronic) vagina diseases, and also for prevention of infectious and inflammatory complications after gynecologic operations drug Yodoksid — vaginal candles about povidone-iodine is used.

Radioiodine for treatment of diseases of a thyroid gland

In Wikipedia it is specified that iodine-131 (radio iodine) is a radioactive nuclide of iodine with mass number 131 and atomic number 53 which is applied to treatment of diseases of ShchZh with a hyperthyroidism syndrome (first of all, DTZ — a diffusion toxic craw).

The preference is even more often given in the majority of the countries of the world to a cancer therapy of ShchZh and Greyvs's illness by iodine-131 (in the USA it is received by from 70 to 90% of sick DTZ). Higher performance of a method in comparison with conservative therapy by Thiamazolum (mercazolil), and also lack of such dangerous side effects as reactions of hypersensitivity and an agranulocytosis is the reasons of it.

I-131 accept inside in the form of capsules. At the same time to the patient, as a rule, rather single dose of drug. The radioiodine selectively collects in ShchZh fabrics that is caused by high capture of ShchZh iodine at DTZ.

At disintegration of I-131 also γ-radiation is formed β-.......... γ-radiation gives beam load of fabrics, sensitive to it (first of all on gonads) which is comparable to loading when carrying out in urography.

β-beams are not capable to get further integuments because of what do not pose any threat for people around; beams of this type cause a radiation inflammation of ShchZh from the outcome in fibrosis.

At the same time function of body decreases (is irreversible) up to development of a hypothyroidism that is the expected result of treatment.

Treatment of DTZ a radioiodine is discussed at forums very actively. As doctors (and it is confirmed by statistical data) speak, by the end of the first month the thyrotoxicosis develops approximately at a third of patients. In general the thyroid status quickly changes within the first three months, further rates are significantly slowed down.

Most often patients cannot decide on diseases of ShchZh, where to pass treatment by a radioiodine — in Obninsk or Nizhny Novgorod.

About effects of treatment of a thyroid gland in Nizhny Novgorod in the majority good. There is information that according to the statistics in clinic after passing of therapy no more than 6-8% of patients return.

In Obninsk, according to the people passing treatment, the cost of procedures is much higher, and the percent of the returning patients is more.

As an alternative doctors quite often advise the Russian medical institutions clinic in Tartu. One and all About treatment by a radioiodine in Estonia positive. The patients undergoing procedure note simplicity of treatment, lack of by-effects, and also attentiveness of personnel and the good organization of treatment.

Iodine and soda from the milkwoman

Syringing with soda and iodine is means, very popular in traditional medicine, for treatment of vaginal candidiasis. Iodine removes an inflammation, soda suppresses a fungus. Besides, such procedures promote washing away of curdled allocations from a vagina.

Solution is prepared as follows: in 1 l of water boil within 2 minutes 30 g of salt and when liquid cools down, add 5 g of baking soda and 5 g of iodine to it.

Syringings carry out twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) for 5 days.

Depriving treatment Iodine

Depriving treatment at the person iodine carry out using one-percentage solution. Means is rather effective at the cutting, multi-colored and pink herpes, nevertheless the best results manage to achieve if the disease proceeds in not too started form.

It is very simple to apply it — solution is applied on the body parts struck with a fungus by greasing of 3 or 4 rubles/day. Alternation of iodine with brilliant green is allowed. As a rule, treatment lasts no more than 10 days.

Whether it is possible to smear deprive iodine if the disease was found in the child? It is possible, but also no more than 10 days in a row and provided that the child has no allergy to drug. As the disease is transmitted to children most often from animals, can be required to treat also an animal.

It is necessary to grease spots at herpes at cats during the first 3-4 days after an initiation of treatment. In addition the animal in the first 5-7 days of a course is given Clotrimazolum.

How to check deprive Iodine?

For check depriving the spot which appeared on skin wipe with the cotton plug moistened in iodine. If the contour of a spot became black — deprive it. The technique is applied at a chromophytosis. Sometimes spots on skin are so small that use of iodine is the only way to define — a fungus it or not.

Whether it is possible to cauterize papillomas Iodine?

Before solution use the place of education is washed with soap and dried up. Then sites around papilloma grease with fat cream, and by means of a wadding stick apply drug on education.

At such method of treatment of papilloma independently disappear approximately in 2 weeks. It is necessary to remember that at the wrong use of solution there can be hems.

Treatment of gout Iodine with Aspirin

At gout iodine in combination with Aspirin has salutary effect. For preparation of medicine, it is necessary to crush Aspirin tablets (5 pieces) and to add 10 mg of iodine to powder. If everything is made correctly, iodine will become colourless.

Mix is applied to greasing of the affected joint and a zone around it. (medicine is applied on clean, dry legs). Procedure is repeated by no more than 3 rubles/day for 3 days, after that do a two-week break and repeat a three-day course. It is necessary to continue treatment before emergence of noticeable improvement.

Treatment of stones standing

It is several ways of elimination of cones and stones:

  • to apply on the steamed-out leg with a thin layer camphoric oil, and from above to draw a grid with iodine;
  • to process an outgrowth iodine, from above to impose a layer of medical bile, polyethylene and to warm everything a sock (procedure is done for the night);
  • to fill in 0,5 glasses of hot water 200 of medicinal raw materials from dandelion flowers, to add iodine (20 drops), to draw medicine within 4 days, then to apply to greasing of a sore point;
  • to pound Analginum tablets (6 pieces) and to mix powder from 50 g of iodine; to apply the received gruel on a stone of 1 ruble/day, under a bandage from x / to fabric.

There are no restrictions of duration of use of any of these means in the absence of side effects and an allergy.

How to treat a calcaneal spur?

On the basis of iodine it is possible to prepare several efficient means for treatment of a calcaneal spur.

First way of treatment: to mix in one capacity liquid honey (1 tablespoon), small table salt (1 h a spoon) and iodine (1 fl.) to put a proprietary medicine to a sore heel once a day, before going to bed, under a bandage (a leg before procedure steam out in warm water).

Before removing a bandage in the morning, it is necessary to resemble with it about half an hour. After that the remains of medicine wash away water. Treatment duration — 5 days. Means promotes elimination of pain, strengthening of a blood-groove in fabrics, improvements of work of a sinew.

The second way of treatment is effective when it is necessary to kill pain quickly. At prolonged use of means the spur disappears completely.

For preparation of medicine Analginum tablets (4 pieces), Aspirin tablets (4 pieces) and 100 ml of solution of iodine are necessary. It is mixed with the tablets pounded in powder and insisted in the dark place within a day. It is necessary to apply ointment on a sore point once a week. The course consists of 4-5 procedures.

It is possible to soften heels and to reduce pains by means of trays with soda. For their preparation for 3 liters of water add 1 tablespoon of soda and 2 tablespoons of iodine. Legs soar 15 minutes, then put on socks.

For stopping of pain and improvement of blood circulation it is possible to resort to massage with camphoric oil. Before carrying out massage of a leg steam out, then apply oil on a sore point, from above do an iodic grid and put on a sock.

Both trays, and massages can be done every day to a total disappearance of a spur.

I will merge rinsing of a throat also Iodine

Rinsing of a throat with salt, iodine and soda is the means checked by time from a pharyngalgia. Rinsing of a throat soda can be applied as addition to an antibioticotherapia and at quinsy. Such structure, of course does not treat, but significantly facilitates a condition of the patient as promotes washing away from lacunas of purulent traffic jams.

To prepare solution which it is possible to rinse a throat, salt, soda, iodine (in proportions, respectively, 1 h l., 1 h l. and 3 drops) mix up from 250 ml of water (boiled).

It is necessary to rinse a throat salt, soda and iodine of 3-4 rubles/day. Temperature of solution has to be close to body temperature. After rinsing within half an hour nothing is eaten and not drunk.

Iodine for nails: whether it is possible to smear nails with spirit solution?

Cosmetologists do not recommend to use pure iodic solution for strengthening of nails more often than once a month as such treatment can give a converse effect — at regular use iodine will dry up a nail plate and it will exfoliate even more.

It is optimum to do trays for nails with iodine or to add drug to masks.

Responses allow to draw a conclusion that oil trays with orange juice, and also oil lemon and iodine masks are the most popular.

For preparation of a tray iodine (4 drops) is added to the solution prepared from orange juice (100 ml), water (100 ml), sea salt (2 h l.). Influence time — 15 minutes.

The oil mask is used for food of nails. Add iodine (3-4 drops) to a tablespoon of the warmed-up olive oil, then grease with the received mix nails and put on cotton glove hands. Procedure is done weekly, for the night.

Similarly prepare structure for an iodine-lemon mask. Add only to oil and iodine also lemon juice (3 drops). The mask is rubbed in nails, left for 10 minutes, then wipe fingers a napkin.

Treatment of a fungus of nails Iodine

At a fungus of nails solution is applied on the affected nail of 2 rubles/day on 1 drop (trying that drug did not get on skin around a nail). Nails on the next fingers also subject to processing: solution is applied on them on 1 drop of times in 2 days.

Approximately in a week of treatment unpleasant feelings (an itch, burning) can appear. It is considered that they are signs that drug began to work. Responses demonstrate that full treatment requires from 3 to 4 weeks.

Whether the breast from Iodine grows?

At forums recommendations, as by means of means to increase a breast which can be even confirmed by reviews of efficiency of use of iodine for increase in a breast sometimes meet.

So, how to increase a breast by means of iodine? If to trust articles on the Internet, for increase in a bust it is necessary to apply on a breast a frequent iodic grid daily.

However specialists assure that increase in a breast by means of iodine, is no more, than the myth. Besides, regular use of iodine for a breast can provoke corrosive burns of skin.

Thus, the answer to the question "whether it is possible to smear a breast with iodine for growth?" is unambiguous — is not necessary. At least, it will not yield any result.

Iodine from extensions

Йод от растяжек, фото "до" и "после"

Iodine from extensions, a photo "to" and "later"

Some women use iodine for fight against extensions. At regular use of five-percent spirit solution upper layers of skin "are burned" and substituted with a layer of new cells. In it effect of iodine is similar to action of the Fresh-water sponge (a fresh-water sponge).

For disposal of striya iodine is applied on the place of their appearance of 4 rubles/day. After 5-6 in the afternoon skin begins to be shelled and exfoliate (as at an obgoraniye on the sun) together with a relief of extensions, and instead of it the layer of young skin forms.

As this new layer very thin and gentle, it is impossible to apply on it drug — it can cause a burn. That it did not occur, it is necessary to take a break in 7-10 days. Further treatment is continued depending on the achieved results.

Whether it is possible to cauterize spots Iodine?

Iodine is a good antiseptic agent and possesses ability to get well into fabrics. In this regard there are following questions: whether it is possible to smear with iodine spots and whether iodine from spots on the face helps?

Dermatologists most often do not object to use of iodine from spots. Means dries skin, removes an inflammation, cleans excess greasiness. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to put it pointwise and not to use for treatment of the inflammations occupying big sites of skin at all.

Solution I against spots is usually used for the night, since morning it is better to wipe a face with salicylic acid.

It is possible to clean comedones aqueous solution with salt and solution I. That to prepare it, add 1 tablespoon of salt and four drops of drug to 100 g of boiled water. Medicine is used for wiping of the person (procedures 2 rubles/day using warm solution repeat).

For disposal of internal spots lotion is prepared similarly, add only to the listed components still the Analginum tablets pounded in powder.

Than to wipe Iodine solution from skin?

At treatment of spots quite often there is a question how to erase the red spots left drug from face skin.

So, than to wash away solution from skin? Means, suitable for elimination of spots, are hydrogen peroxide, a lemon, liquid ammonia, alcohol, solvent for removal of a varnish.

Than more sensitive painted skin, especially means has to be sparing.

Councils how to wash away iodine from a face, there is a lot of. Usually recommend to wipe a face with alcohol, then lemon juice in the beginning, and after that to wash and apply cream on skin (both alcohol, and substances which are contained in juice strongly dry skin).

One more council how to clean from spot face skin from solution I: the cotton plug is plentifully moistened with peroxide and put to the painted skin site for several minutes, then removed and properly wipe the same place with a new tampon with peroxide.

Suntan by means of solution

To prepare a suntan preparation, solution I (3-5 drops) add to olive oil (100 ml) and carefully mix. Apply oil on a body with a thin layer, the massage movements.

Whether it is possible to smear chicken pox with Iodine?

At chicken pox iodine as the disinfecting means is not applied as it promotes strengthening of a skin itch.

Whether it is possible to smear herpes with Iodine?

For treatment of herpes not solution I in pure form, and the drug Iodinolum is used. It is also possible to apply independently prepared solution I with sugar, starch and citric acid.

To make medicine, (boiled) add citric acid to 50 ml of warm water (on a knife tip), starch and sugar (on 10 g), and also — right at the end — a solution I teaspoon.

Such means can be applied on affected areas several times in days.

Whether it is possible to smear a furuncle?

If the furuncle only developed, it is impossible to cover it with the painting solutions (brilliant green, solution I). If the furuncle was opened, it is processed peroxide, and a site around a wound — an antiseptic agent (for example, the same solution I). After such processing on site of an abscess fix the napkin moistened in Furacilin solution.

Whether it is possible to smear a callosity?

The burst callosities cannot be processed solution I — it can cause a burn. Usually sore point in such cases is powdered with streptocide. I can be used only for processing of edges of a wound.

Use of solution for removal of "tattoo"

Use of iodine is considered the safest way of removal of a tattoo in house conditions. To get rid of the bothered drawing on skin, solution is applied with a wadding stick on contours of the picture of 3 rubles/day.

In 4-6 weeks if to trust responses, it is possible to reduce "tattoo" iodine.

Фото "до" и "после" применения раствора Йода

Photo "to" and "after" Iodine solution use

The instruction on Iodine monochlorated

Iodine monochlorated is a veterinary drug which is used for the treatment cutting depriving, antiseptic processing of an udder of milch animals, forced and preventive disinfection of rooms.

Concentration and route of administration of solution are selected depending on indications.

So, for example, after milking by means of the sprayer apply 10% on an udder of cows the drug solution on triethylene glycol and cutting deprive treat, putting with a wadded and gauze tampon or a brush 10% solution on triethylene glycol or 10% aqueous solution.

Use of drugs I for rabbits is reasonable at an intestinal and hepatic coccidiosis (to pregnant females give 0,1%, and to krolchata — 0,2% solution I).

Aerosol processing of air in rooms where there are patients with respiratory diseases animals or a bird, carry out by means of exothermic sublimation of vapors chlorine - and iodaluminium which are formed when connect monochlorated iodine to aluminum (for example, with pieces of the rejected products of aluminum or aluminum shaving).


Overdose symptoms at steam inhalation of I: a laryngospasm, a burn of upper respiratory tracts, an aseptic inflammation of mucous membranes in places of release of substance (okolonosovy bosoms, sialadens, respiratory tracts).

Poisoning symptoms at reception of strong solution inside: erythrocytolysis, severe burns of the digestive channel, haemoglobinuria.

The dose equal of 3 g is deadly.

Elementary I is very much toxic. Poisoning is shown by it in the form of severe pains in a stomach, vomitings and diarrheas. Shock from irritation of a large number of nerve terminations is a cause of death.

In conditions of production influence of vapors I causes dacryagogue, cough, swelling of parotid glands, conjunctivitis, a sonitus, headaches, dizziness. Owing to chronic intoxication the general disorder of food and Qatar of mucous membranes develop.

Surplus symptoms Yoda in an organism

The standard daily rate of I varies ranging from 100 to 200 mkg.

Surplus symptoms in an organism are noted at a hyperthyroidism when the general level I sharply increases in a human body. At the same time are possible: increase in ShchZh, development of a bazedovy illness with a craw, tachycardia and exophthalmos, tendency to diarrhea, emaciation, muscular weakness, irritability, perspiration.

At the person standard metabolism amplifies, dystrophic changes of skin and its appendages, a hyperthermia, early canities, an atrophy of muscles, vitiligo are observed (disturbance of a xanthopathy on limited sites).

How to bring excess of substance out of an organism?

Treatment of poisoning of I means use of antishock therapy, and also the therapy directed to recovery of balance of water and electrolytes.

Recommendations how to bring iodine out of an organism, differ depending on the ShchZh function.

At hypofunction of body the ShchZh hormones normalizing a metabolism are applied. At hyperfunction of body (if it is not enough drug withdrawal for self-recovery of an organism) can be applied:

  • thyreostatic (and if it is required, intensive) therapy;
  • plasma exchange;
  • thyroidectomy.

Symptoms of a lack of Iodine of an organism

Symptoms of shortage of iodine in an organism arise against decrease in receipt of this element with water and food, and also at people with the ShchZh reduced function.

Signs of a lack of an organism:

  • drowsiness, fast fatigue, chronic fatigue;
  • decrease in reaction, memory impairment, bad resistance to stress;
  • xeroderma, stratification of nails, fragility and hair loss;
  • anemia, increase in weight, frequent colds, puffiness, a chill;
  • frustration of reproductive system;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • locks.

At sharp hypofunction or full removal of ShchZh the myxedema which signs are develops: joint pains, puffiness of the person, relative deafness, a thickening mucous, a voice hoarseness, drowsiness, feeling of "crawling of goosebumps" on a body, a hypophrasia, baldness.

At children the lack of iodine leads to sharp change of all structure of a body: at the child the expressed delay of intellectual and physical development is noted.


Substance pharmaceutical is incompatible with ammonia solutions, essential oils and amidomercury chloride (at interaction explosive mix is formed).

At simultaneous use with the means containing organic compounds for external use the denaturation of proteinaceous components is possible.

Weakens goitrogenic and hypothyroid effect of the drugs Li (lithium).

Iodine and starch

One of properties of starch is ability to be painted in blue color at interaction with substance I. To see effect of iodine on starch, it is possible to drip solution on a slice of bread or a cut of a potato.

If to add solution of iodine to starch solution, blue coloring will appear. When heating blue solution gradually becomes colourless, when cooling its color is recovered.

The equation of reaction of starch with iodine looks so: I2 + (C6H10O5) of n => I2*(C6H10O5)n

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Bottles have to be stored in the svetozashchishchenny place at a temperature not above 15 °C.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

Chemical element belongs to group of halogens. Its molar weight — 126,90447 (3) a.e.m. (g/mol). Structure of a crystal lattice — orthorhombic.

In the Pharmacopoeia the following drugs are listed: solution of spirit 5% and solution of spirit 10%.

Physical properties

Substance is among nonmetals. Dry iodine firm, has an appearance of crystals of dark-violet or black-gray color. There is a specific smell. Couples are painted in characteristic violet color.

When heating substance with an atmospheric pressure, it sublimates, turning into couples and when it is cooled, passing a liquid state, turns into crystals. Liquid substance is received by heating under pressure.

It is badly dissolved in water, it is good — in organic solvents, carbon sulfur, aqueous solutions of iodides.

What temperature of melting Yoda?

Substance melting temperature — 113,5 °C.

Other thermodynamic properties of substance:

  • boiling temperature — 184,35 °C;
  • warmth of evaporation — 41,95 kJ/mol;
  • warmth of melting — 15,52 kJ/mol;
  • heat conductivity (300 K) — 0,45 W / (m • J);
  • density (at N at.) — 4,93 g/cm ³.

Chemical properties

The element which is contained in the nature consists only of one isotope (I-127). In connections the following oxidation levels are shown: −1, 0, +1, +3, +5 and +7 (valencies — I, III, V, VII). Is halogen. On activity concedes to bromine and chlorine.

Electronic formula of iodine: 1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p64d105s25p5.

Vigorously interacts with metals, forming at the same time iodides. So, for example, as a result of reaction of substance with aluminum in which as the catalyst the water drop is used heat is allocated, but not reacted I it heats up and sublimated, forming at the same time couples of violet color.

It is capable to form a number of acids: iodide, iodic, iodic, hypoiodous, yodovodorodny. Is weaker in comparison with bromine, chlorine, fluorine an oxidizer.

At dissolution partially reacts with water. With hydrogen reacts not completely and only when heating.

What do I of?

Ways of receiving iodine:

  • processing of algas;
  • processing of production wastes of saltpeter;
  • production from natural iodinated solutions;
  • ionite way.

Iodine comes to environment from sea water.

Security measures when using spirit solution

It is necessary to use with care drug for processing of mucous membranes as the alcohol which is contained in solution can provoke strong irritation and a burn.

Not to allow hit of solution on mucous an eye.

Extra care is recommended to be observed at use of means for fair-haired patients.

Because of risk of development of a burn it is not necessary to use drug for processing of extensive body surfaces.

Whether it is possible to burn skin solution of Iodine and what to do at a burn?

Spirit solution is very available antiseptic agent. However, in spite of the fact that the bottle with dark liquid is in each house, quite often the people who faced need to disinfect the injured skin ask questionswhether "it is possible to smear a wound with iodine? whether" and "it will become the burn reason?".

Doctors say that the burn iodine when using five-percent spirit solution is not a rarity. There is it at disturbance of recommendations in the instruction which is attached to it (it is used for processing of open wounds, it is applied on mucous or extensive body parts, etc.).

Ожог от Йода на фото

Burn from Iodine on a photo

There is a number of recommendations, as well as than to treat a burn iodine in house conditions. At corrosive burns necessary measures have to be taken in the shortest possible time. It will allow to stop impact of substance on skin.

If burn is got just, washing off requires 10 minutes if passed Bol 20 minutes — at least half an hour.

After washing leather is processed a corrective: solution of sugar of 20% or soap water. Then the burned place is powdered with chalk or a denture powder. Good results are yielded also by use of sea-buckthorn oil.

Also councils meet how to treat a burn for iodine Herculean porridge. Such mask is effective at strong damages of skin. It is necessary to impose it directly on a site of the burned skin.

The burn allows to accelerate healing, to disinfect and anesthetize use of an aerosol Panthenol.

Advantage and harm Yoda: than it is useful to an organism and what can constitute danger?

It is an element which deficit affects first of all a condition of ShchZh. He participates in synthesis of a tirotoksin — the I-containing ShchZh hormone which actively influences function of all bodies and a metabolism. At its deficit the organism cannot normally grow and develop, intellectual activity decreases.

Iodine is necessary for hair, teeth, nails, skin. If it arrives in insufficient quantity, hair become fragile and begin to drop out strongly, skin — dim and dry, nails fragile.

However not less dangerous, than deficit, for an organism is also its surplus. Abuse of drugs of iodine and a diet at which there are products with the high content of this element can become the reason of dysfunctions of ShchZh and hormonal failures.

It is necessary to remember that norm in days for the adult — 1-2 mkg/kg (that is about 120-150 mkg/days). To pregnant women and the feeding women this dose is increased by 25-50 mkg.

The products containing Iodine: in what products Yoda and where the minimum quantity Yoda contains in products is a lot of?

It is very important to the people having problems with ShchZh to know where iodine and where it is few of it most of all contains.

Content of iodine in food stuffs depends on that, the soil and plants on fields on which animals are grazed is how saturated with this element, and also from what forages are used for bringing up farm animals and a bird.

So, for example, fish who is grown up on special sterns in farms is a product with high content of iodine if to compare her to the fish living in the wild nature.

Products with the high content of iodine are first of all seafood (sea fish, a laminaria, shrimps, oysters).

What contains still iodine? In the baked breast of a turkey, boiled eggs, milk, natural yogurt, cheddar cheese, the Himalaya salt, sea beans, white loaf. The teaspoon of iodized salt contains 400 mkg of substance.

What vegetables and fruit contain iodine? In the baked potatoes, a cranberry, bananas, a persimmon, green beans, tinned corn, strawberry.

The table of the products containing iodine:

What products contain iodine in a large number? Concentration (mkg in 100 g of a product) In what products there is a small amount of iodine? Concentration (mkg in 100 g of a product)
Cod liver 370 Firm grades of cheese 11
Crude fresh-water fish  243 Wheat flour  to 10
Salmon, pollack 200 Beet 6,8
Fresh shrimps, flounder  190 Cabbage, carrots 6,5
 Grouper, smoked mackerel  145 Potatoes  5,8
 Eggs, processed cheeses, champignons  to 18  Buckwheat 3,5
 Milk (depending on fat content)  15-19 Fruit (on average)  2

In what products Iodine contains in the minimum doses?

The table of the products which are not containing iodine (or containing it in the minimum quantity)

 Fresh fruit Vegetable oils
 Fresh juice (an exception — revenevy and from maraskinovy cherry)  Spices
Unsalted nut oil / unsalted nuts  Proteins of eggs and products on their basis
Vegetables (an exception — potatoes peel, some bean) Cereals and grain
 Honey, jelly, white zephyr, black treacle (not sulfonated), maple syrup Fresh meat

Iodine drugs for prevention of iodine deficiency states

For prevention of the morbid conditions caused by insufficient intake of iodine in an organism iodinated drugs in tablets are used: Yodomarin, Antioksikaps with iodine, Beer yeast with iodine, etc.

Whether it is possible to drink Iodine solution with water?

What will be if the person drinks water with iodine solution? The substance irritant action in this case depends on concentration of solution. If the dose is small, there is no threat.

In high concentration solution causes destruction of proteinaceous structures of cells of an organism. Reception of such solution provokes a burn mucous, hypostases and severe pain. Reactions of hypersensitivity and an acute anaphylaxis are possible.

Hypostasis of a throat, bronchial tubes and lungs leads to asthma and as substance is well soaked up in blood from a gastrointestinal tract, symptoms of the general intoxication with signs of damage of a liver, nervous and cardiovascular systems, kidneys are quickly enough shown.

About what emergence of smack Yoda in a mouth signals?

Characteristic smack in a mouth can be a signal of existence of problems with teeth, disturbances of work of a gastrointestinal tract, an exacerbation of diseases of a liver, dysfunction of ShchZh, an iodine surplus in an organism or poisonings with it (at poisoning color of language changes, vomiting develops and temperature increases).

Also it can be a consequence of prolonged treatment by hormonal drugs.

Use in gardening

To plants it is applied in the form of the drug Humate +7 Iodine. Means is used as fertilizer for vegetables, houseplants, bushes and fruit-trees.

Comments at forums of him quite good, but most of gardeners recommend to use it not as the main top-dressing but only as an additional source of microelements.

The instruction on the Humate 7 differs depending on to what culture means is applied.

Solution divorced in the following proportions is usually used: 1-1,5 g of the Humate on 10-20 l of water (though for processing of strawberry, though for top-dressing of tomatoes), however schemes of use for different plants different.

Spraying of strawberry is carried out in the spring (1 or 2 times), and also after harvesting (1 or 2 times with a break in 10-15 days). According to the similar scheme carry out also root top-dressing.

Spraying of tomatoes and other vegetable cultures carry out 3-4 times for a bucketed season in 10-15 days. Root top-dressing for tomatoes is shown also 3-4 times during the season. It is necessary to begin it after emergence of shoots or after disembarkation of seedling.

At a phytophthora experienced gardeners advise to do sprayings milk and iodine tomatoes. Processing of tomatoes from a phytophthora is done by the solution prepared according to the following recipe: 1 l of low-fat milk and 20 drops of iodine on 10 l of water.

Than to wash iodic spots from clothes?

To clean a spot from clothes, the soiled place is moistened with water, strew a spot with starch and then rub starch in fabric. After starch turns blue, the thing is washed as usual.

Also for removal of spots it is possible to use a concentrate for washing of ware. It is applied on wet fabric and left on it for a couple of hours. After that the thing is washed as usual.

Iodine solution with sugar: effects of artificial temperature increase

Many teenagers know that couple of drops of spirit tincture I with sugar are a reliable tool for temperature raising. The effect develops quickly enough — already in half an hour temperature rises higher than 37 degrees.

However it cannot be a reason for pleasure: effects of reception of undiluted solution can be quite serious. Most often they are expressed as a burn of a throat, a gullet and a stomach, nausea and/or vomiting, a diarrhea, toxic damage of a liver.

Milk and Iodine for abortion

On the Internet many doubtful recommendations how to break early pregnancy meet.

Unfortunate advisers recommend to drink milk with iodine for monthly according to different schemes, however any of them is not reasonable from the medical point of view.

Positive About such ways to cause menstrual bleeding can be caused only by the fact that actually pregnancy was not at all, and the beginning monthly. with is connected by "treatment" in any way at all

Nevertheless it is worth understanding what will be if to drink iodine with milk and how it works "medicine for children"?

At pregnancy of I it is irreplaceable both for mother, and for the child, but in reasonable quantities.

The regular use of milk with iodine provokes pregnancy dying down which will unambiguously demand the address to the doctor for carrying out abortion.

At the unsuccessful course of operation or the untimely request for the help in hospital of an effect can be very serious. Especially hard cases can end with sepsis and even infertility.

Irreversible dysfunction ShchZh and a hormonal imbalance can become one more side effect of reception of means for an abortion.

How to check honey?

To check quality of honey, it should be dissolved in a glass of warm water, and then to drip in solution 3-4 drops of solution I. If liquid did not change color, natural honey. Emergence of bluish stains can demonstrate that flour or starch are added to honey for bodying or increase in weight.

It is possible to reveal low-quality products also, having dripped in honey solution a small amount of vinegar. Hissing specifies that in honey there is a cretaceous crumb.

Interesting experiments: reaction to alcohol

Cotton wool is moistened with "alcohol" (which role carries out ammonium thiocyanate), then wipe with it skin. For disinfection of a scalpel use "iodine" which role carries out FeCl3 solution (ferric chloride (III)).

"Scalpel" is processed, without feeling sorry for an antiseptic agent and after that carry out by him on the skin site processed by "alcohol". Emergence of "blood" is result.

For healing of "wound" NaF solution (sodium fluoride) is used.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Fukortsin, Solution green diamond, Lugol, etc.

Brilliant green or Iodine — what is better?

Iodine and brilliant green are an antiseptics which fundamentals is alcohol. Effect of iodine more aggressive, and is in what this means differs from brilliant green. That is the difference of drugs is that the first categorically cannot be applied to processing of open wounds (it is applied only on the whole skin or on edges of a wound), brilliant green it is possible to process including body parts with the broken integrity of an integument.

Solution of diamond green not only does not dry skin, but also stimulates healing of wounds. Besides, people can use it with sensitive skin.


  • Iodine of 5% solution of spirit 10 ml a bottle (with a shovel) the PFK Updating of closed joint stock company
  • Gematogenka with iodine 40 of
  • Yodokomb 75/150mkg tablets No. of a 100berlin-Hema of AG
  • Yodokomb 50/150mkg tablets No. of a 100berlin-Hema of AG
  • Vita-Yodurol of a drop eye 10 ml No. 1 bottle-kapelnitsanovartis of Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Yod-Aktiv 100 tbl No. 180, Diode, Moscow plant ekopitaniyarossiya
  • Yod-Aktiv tbl No. 40, Diode, Moscow plant ekopitaniyarossiya
  • Vitrum Yunior tbl zhev. No. 60 (with iodine), Unipharmssha
  • Yodomarin 200 tbl 200 mkg No. 100, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • Yodomarin 200 tbl 200 mkg No. 50, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
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  • Akutol Stopyodin Ampere-second spray 50mlaveflor. (Germany)
  • Vernant's hematogen plus iodine tile of 40 g No. 32 Exon. RUP (Belarus)
  • Yeast No. 100farmakom tablets 0.5g, beer with iodine (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Iodine active No. 80elit-farm tablets 0.25g (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk)
  • Iodine solution of 5% spirtovy 10mlagrofirma Yang (Ukraine, Zhytomyr)


  • Iodine solution of 5% spirtovy 10mlfitofarm
  • Iodine solution alcohol. 5% 20mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Iodine solution alcohol. 5% 20mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Iodine solution of 5% spirtovy 10mlfitofarm
  • Iodine solution alcohol. 5% 20mlzhitomirskaya FF


  • Yodofol No. 150 of the tab. Kendy (Bulgaria)
  • Yodomarin of 200 mkg No. 100 of the tab. Berlin-Chemie (Germany)
  • Povidone-iodine of 10% 50 ml solution for an external primen. in flakonakhmedoptik (Kazakhstan)
  • Iodinolum of 100 ml solution naruzhn. Borisovsky ZMP (Belarus)
  • Yodomarin of 100 mkg No. 100 of the tab. Berlin-Chemie (Germany)
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