Yogurt positively influences a brain

Yogurts with a probiotics allow to overcome feeling of alarm, to overcome a depression and to avoid stresses. As the last researches of scientists from the Californian university testify, the people twice a day using such yogurts endure much less frustration and less often feel depression attacks. Thus, researchers once again proved that the diet directly influences emotions and mood of the person.

However, the last researches concerned only women. 36 women whose age fluctuated from 18 to 53 years took part in recently made experiment. At the very beginning of researches of women divided into three groups. Volunteers from the first group used live yogurts with a probiotics, women from the second group ate fermented milk products without existence of probiotics, and those who were in the third group, did not eat some fermented milk products at all.

Before such "food" experiment, and also after its termination careful research of a brain of women with use of a magnetic and resonant tomography was conducted. In the course of carrying out MRT the woman considered photos of persons which expressed different emotions — anger, fear. During the second research it turned out that the women using yogurts had lower activity in that site of a brain which is responsible for these emotions. At all other participants of research activity in this share of a brain did not change or increased.

Researchers also drew a conclusion that there is a two-way communication between intestines and a brain. Therefore, there are signals not only from a brain to intestines, but also in the opposite direction. And intestinal microflora of the person can exert impact on intensity of such signals, increasing or reducing reactions in a brain of the person.

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