Diagnosis of a disease of hair in a trikhologichesky office

The trichology (from Greek "trichos" — hair, "logos" — knowledge) is a section of a dermatokosmetologiya which studies a structure and functions of hair and pilar part of the head, and also is engaged in diagnosis and treatment of hair. According to the statistics three quarters of the population of the planet have problems with hair. Enters their number not only a hair loss, but also exhaustion, and easing, dandruff and seborrhea, and many others. The trichology which was created as the separate direction of a dermatokosmetologiya in the fifties of the 20th century is engaged in the solution of these problems.

The trichology develops very in high gear, and now the trikhologichesky office is practically in any cosmetology policlinic.

Thus, if you have dry lifeless hair, fat head skin and dry tips of hair if your hair quickly are soiled and need daily washing and also if your hair drop out, then you should visit the trichologist's office. Stresses, bad ecology, low-quality food and other factors have an adverse effect on health of hair, and can lead to their loss. It is important to note that if you are disturbed by problems with hair, most often it is connected with associated diseases, with endocrine disturbances, digestive tract diseases.

Reception in a trikhologichesky office begins with primary consultation of the doctor. He asks the patient on his complaints, way of life, existence of stresses, nature of food, the postponed diseases, and also on care of hair. After that inspection of head skin of the patient is performed. The doctor estimates the general condition of a hair, injury of hair, hair loss degree, and also the possible accompanying disease-producing processes — excessive fat content or a xerasia, dandruff, rashes, wounds. Also eyelashes, eyebrows and nails as they are directly tied with diseases of hair then expanded diagnosis of diseases of hair is appointed are subject to survey.

On primary consultation, the trichologist can direct the patient to doctors of other specialties — to the gastroenterologist, the endocrinologist, the gynecologist, the neurologist and to various analyses, for example, analyses of hormones, blood and urine, an immunnogramma and ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity.

After that the computer microscopy of hair and pilar part of the head is carried out. The handheld video camera transfers the enlarged image of roots and cores of hair to the monitor. The microscopic picture gives important information on the number of hair on one square centimeter, percent of the growing and dropping out hair, a condition of a bulb of a hair, functioning of a sebaceous gland, about a condition of a surface of a hair core, extent of blood supply of hair follicles, activity of sebaceous glands, and also a condition of head skin, the whipped tips, expressivenesses of seborrhea. Such diagnosis of diseases of hair is very effective, this visual and objective teaching method enjoys popularity.

Диагностика заболевания волос в трихологическом кабинетеIf you are disturbed by the strengthened hair loss, then the doctor will make a trikhogramma – a method of the microscopic examination directed to the analysis about 100 hair from different sites of pilar part of the head – occipital and parietofrontal and definition of a ratio between stages of development of hair — an anagena, a telogena and a katagena. These trikhogramma will allow to reveal type of an alopecia and dynamics of its development. Here the computer Trichoscience program and digital trikhoskopa is used. On the basis of these researches it is possible to understand in what state your hair, to define intensity of a hair loss and extent of thinning of hair, to estimate thickness and diameter of a hair.

In the presence of indications after the computer microscopy of hair is carried out, the doctor can suggest to carry out the analysis of a mineralogramma of hair allowing to define quantity micro and microelements in an organism since hair are the indicator of their lack of an organism, problems with hair can indicate other diseases. It will allow to learn how the stomach, intestines, a liver and kidneys works, will help to reveal existence of chronic diseases, and also to make recommendations for drawing up the correct food allowance, to appoint necessary vitamins and microelements in the necessary doses.

Exact diagnosis of a disease of hair gives the chance to appoint the correct treatment, the doctor chooses the individual scheme for each patient. Most often this scheme consists of purpose of the medical drugs applied on head skin and on hair, and also various procedures. Massage, acupuncture, a mesotherapy — are appointed for stimulation of growth of hair. The reflexotherapy, physiotherapeutic procedures (cryomassage by liquid nitrogen, darsonvalization — a kind of electrostimulation) are appointed individually. For intake appoint complexes of vitamins and microelements, and also phytotherapeutic drugs.

Besides, the trichologist will be able to pick up to you individual care behind hair — shampoo, the conditioner and masks, as well as means for laying depending on a condition, type and a type of hair.

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