Perleches, cracks in mouth corners (angular stomatitis)

The angular stomatitis is an illness which affects a mucous membrane and integuments of corners of a mouth of the person.

How the angular stomatitis is shown?

Causative agents of an illness are streptococci or drozhzhepodobny fungi of the sort Candida. The infection can sometimes be and mixed. In medicine names angular stomatitis or an angular cheilitis are also used. Treatment of an angular cheilitis is carried out by means of special drugs.

Why cracks in corners of a mouth appear most often in the spring, explains the fact that during this period at the person immunity decreases, the use of products, vitamin-rich and useful substances decreases. There are cracks in mouth corners at children and at adults.

The Kandidamikotichesky perleche appears in mouth corners, in this case the reasons of cracks in mouth corners — sort Candida fungi. At the same time on a crack there is no crust, there is only this way a called slit-like erosion. If the mouth at the person is closed, then the crack is not noticeable. When the oral cavity opens, there are a notable discomfort and pain. If treatment of cracks in corners of a mouth is not carried out timely, then the disease gains chronic character and periodically becomes aggravated.

At a streptococcal perleche in corners of a mouth appear a bubble which disappears rather quickly, and on its place the crack with a crust develops then. As a rule, such crust is periodically torn off (especially often it is torn off by children). How to treat cracks in mouth corners in this case, the doctor defines. But if not to use special ointment or other means, then the disease can drag on for a long time.

Angular stomatitis is shown by the following symptoms: it becomes sick to talk, the woman cannot make up lips at this disease. The person constantly feels an itch or burning on site of a crack. If to use acid, salty or spicy food, then pain considerably amplifies. If treatment of angular stomatitis is not made in time, and the illness is aggravated, then the person can even sometimes refuse to eat as pain becomes very strong.

Why the angular stomatitis is shown?

Проявления ангулитаWhy there are perleches on lips, the doctor can define when carrying out diagnosis more precisely. The reasons of perleches can be the most various. Cracks on lips arise more often at those people who constantly lick lips. In this case skin in corners of lips is constantly moistened with saliva in which there is a large number of the bacteria existing in an oral cavity of the person. If the perleche in mouth corners already was, then the additional infection gets to a crack. As a result, perleches at a mouth do not pass very long.

Finding out why on lips cracks appear, it is necessary to pay attention to a condition of an organism. This disease is characteristic of the people having avitaminosis, a hypovitaminosis, in particular, a lack of B2 vitamin.

The reasons of perleches in corners of a mouth are and a number of the general diseases. First of all, it is those diseases which negatively influence exchange processes. It is a diabetes mellitus, HIV infection, etc.

The answer to a question why on lips the angular stomatitis develops, sometimes can be received, having studied features of a bite of the person. If it wrong, then can occur maceration of skin and mucous mouth corners. Fabrics constantly become impregnated with saliva, and perleches in corners of lips as a result appear. The similar situation can be seen on some photos. Mechanical irritations, for example, lack of teeth or incorrectly carried out prosthetics, can also cause an angular stomatitis.

Long treatment by some drugs can provoke emergence of perleches. In this case it is about treatment by antibiotics, corticosteroids, cytostatics. What to do in that case, the doctor has to define. Perhaps, replacement of some drugs is required.

Perleche streptococcal and kandidamikotichesky are diseases which are characteristic of people with bad hygiene of a mouth, numerous carious cavities in a mouth, and also with allergic reactions. Both some food stuffs, and detergents, toothpaste, etc. can provoke an allergy. Perleches at children sometimes appear at an intestinal dysbiosis.

So that to define why there are perleches, it is necessary to pass comprehensive inspection. It is especially important to address the doctor if the angular stomatitis already passed into a chronic form. In that case the reasons and treatment of perleches is information which to the patient will be in detail told by the attending physician in the course of diagnosis.

Often women have perleches at pregnancy. In that case self-treatment is inadmissible, the angular stomatitis during pregnancy often is a serious signal of disturbances in a condition of an organism. Chronic perleches at pregnant women are especially dangerous.

How to get rid of an angular stomatitis?

Ангулит на губахIf the person sees a doctor with desire to define why cracks do not pass in corners of lips throughout a long span, then initially it needs to pass some laboratory researches. Sometimes in corners of lips the general blood test, a smear which undertakes from an oral cavity for definition of a bacterial and fungal infection allows to define the reasons of cracks. The analysis on blood sugar, the test for HIV infection, the analysis on definition of herpes allows to exclude serious diseases.

If to define why in corners of lips of a crack, it is not possible, the specialist appoints to the patient carrying out immunological research and crops to sensitivity to antibiotics.

Treatment of cracks in corners of lips and its feature depend on the established reasons. If the diabetes mellitus or other serious disease is found in the person, then the scheme of therapy will be appointed by the doctor specializing in treatment of such illness. It is important to carry out sanitation of an oral cavity — to cure diseases of gums, caries and other diseases of teeth.

The most common cause of an angular stomatitis — immunity disturbance. In that case how to treat cracks in corners of lips and than to strengthen immunity, the immunologist will explain. But in this case only ointment or other outside means will not be an effective measure of fight against perleches.

If in the course of inspection fungal infections, streptococci and staphylococcus were found, then the course of treatment with drugs which were appointed by the doctor is necessary. Regardless of what to treat cracks in corners of lips, it is desirable to accept vitamin complexes, especially vitamins of group B.

Single question — how to cure perleches at the child. Sometimes perleches at children pass independently. However if for three days the angular stomatitis on lips at the child does not disappear, then in that case intensive treatment is necessary. Inspection can define the reasons of why perleches appear, and more precisely to answer a question what to do and how to treat perleches at the child.

For treatment the doctor most often appoints the means promoting healing of wounds, for example, cream panthenol, levomekol. In parallel for not less than a month it is necessary to give to the child a vitamin complex which will be recommended by the doctor. That in the future the question of how to treat perleches at children, did not disturb parents at all, it is necessary to watch carefully hygiene of the child and since the childhood to accustom him to the basic rules of care of an oral cavity.

For treatment of perleches in house conditions it is regularly necessary to use that ointment from perleches which was appointed by the doctor. If it is about the angular stomatitis provoked by a fungus Candida, then against perleches it is possible to apply levorin or Unguentum Nystatini. If necessary also fortifying treatment is carried out.

Thus, on a question how to treat an angular stomatitis, it is impossible to answer unambiguously. If, despite, apparently, correct treatment of an angular stomatitis, disease symptoms all the same do not disappear, and at the same time the reasons of an angular stomatitis remain uncertain, that is sense to pay attention to what the patient got used to eat. A persistent angular stomatitis it is necessary to treat not only by means of medicines, applying ointment. It is worth including in a daily diet also the products containing as much as possible B2 vitamin. These are dairy products, a liver, eggs, beef. This vitamin is contained by beer yeast. The angular stomatitis at children which is shown very often has to guard parents and also set them thinking on correction of a diet. It is important to fill shortage of iron and zinc in an organism. A lot of iron contains in nuts, parsley, peaches, garnets, porridge, buckwheat. Zinc contains in eggs, seafood, meat, greens.

Заеды и трещины на губахTreatment of perleches folk remedies also perhaps, but it it is necessary to practice only in a case of an easy form of a disease. Before treating perleches, it is possible to try to use hygienic lipstick constantly. It needs to be done several times a day. If at the person there does not pass the perleche, it is possible to try to grease the struck places with Solutio oleosa of vitamin A and vitamin E. Also vaseline, goose fat, dogrose oil is suitable for this purpose. Perleches in corners of a mouth are recommended to be oiled sea-buckthorn and linseed.

How to treat perleches on lips by means of medicinal herbs? For this purpose it is necessary to prepare broth of a train, a camomile, a calendula, celandine and to foment several times a day on the struck places.

If the doctor recommended what ointment to treat a perleche, then it is necessary to adhere to his recipe. In parallel it is possible to grease cracks with honey, vegetable or butter.

In traditional medicine there are many most different recommendations how to treat perleches. The streptococcal perleche passes quicker if periodically to wipe them with juice of a celandine, a kalanchoe. There are also recommendations how to cure perleches on lips by means of garlic. But they need to be applied very carefully as garlic can leave burns on a mucous membrane.

Perleches at children can be greased periodically with different vegetable oils, beeswax, to put to them the cut leaf scarlet. Than it is possible to cure perleches, sometimes it is possible to learn only how the person will try to use several different national methods.

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