Smell from a mouth

Not always now say that the person is disturbed by a strong smell from a mouth openly as this subject is very ticklish. Nevertheless, this symptom can not only spoil life, but also confirm certain problems with health. In medicine it is accepted to call a constant smell from a mouth halitozy.

Whether the bad smell from a mouth is caught?

In an oral cavity of the person there are always bacteria which waste of life activity is the center of an unpleasant smell. As a rule, such bacteria collect on a language surface, however they can be also between teeth and gums, and also in intervals between teeth.

The human body is arranged so that practically it can adapt to any smell very quickly. Besides to determine how unpleasant the smell from own mouth difficult also for the reason is that the oral cavity is connected with a nose. Therefore to understand what aroma at own breath, not easy. And if, for example, the onions smell from a mouth can be foreseen on those dishes which were used recently by the person, then other, constant aromas, it is more difficult to define. Of course, it is the simplest to ask about it other people. But in the majority a case of people simply hesitates to make it. Therefore it is possible to try to learn about existence or lack of an unpleasant smell from a mouth independently.

There are some of very simple tests. For the first it is necessary to take a usual spoon, to turn it and to carry out by it several times on a language surface that on it there was a little saliva or a plaque. On these particles it is also possible to understand whether there is an unpleasant smell.

It is possible also just to lick a wrist and to wait until saliva completely dries. However that smell which the person will catch on the wrist is much weaker, than that aroma which proceeds from a mouth actually. The surface of front part of language is always cleared by saliva, and here the maximum of bacteria which are the reason of an unpleasant smell also gathers on its back part.

Why there is a smell from a mouth?

Как убрать неприятный запах изо ртаIf not to consider those aromas which "give" us some products (for example, a garlic smell from a mouth or an alcohol smell from a mouth) then most often emergence of a smell from a mouth is connected with diseases of an oral cavity. Most often badly smells from a mouth at the people having caries, a pulpitis, periodontitis. The bad smell from a mouth arises also at diseases of gums, at the wrong toothbrushing, in the presence of a dental calculus. In certain cases on a smell from a mouth it is possible to understand, than the person suffers. Such specific smell takes place at a gangrenous pulpitis.

The unpleasant smell from a mouth at the child and the adult is very often caught if he has diseases of ENT organs which have inflammatory character and are followed by purulent discharges. The bad smell can periodically appear at quinsy, sinusitis, tracheitis, antritis, etc.

The smell from a mouth most often disturbs in the morning the person if it develops a xerostomia, that is regularly developing dryness in a mouth. The reasons of a bad smell in this case are simple: when the person sleeps, in an organism the smaller amount of saliva why in a mouth everything dries up is developed. By the way, the same phenomenon takes place at those who constantly speak throughout a long span. If dryness in a mouth gradually becomes the chronic phenomenon, then the speech already goes about a xerostomia. In that case about what to do and how to get rid of this disease the patient will be prompted by the specialist after inspection.

The matter is that saliva is an excellent means for clarification of an oral cavity: it not only helps to get rid of unnecessary parts of food which can provoke a putrefactive or acid smell, but also destroys bacteria. If at the person not enough saliva is produced, then over time he can notice that the specific smell from a mouth appeared. By the way, the xerostomia sometimes develops also after reception of a number of drugs. Sialadens begin to work less actively with age therefore at elderly people dryness in a mouth is noted more often.

The unpleasant smell often appears in the morning also after reception on the eve of high doses of alcohol. Depending on when the alcohol was drunk, it can be both aroma of the reek of alcohol, and persistent smell of alcohol. If owing to organism poisoning with alcohol at the person the stomach or a liver ceased to function normally, then from a mouth the musty smell of hydrogen sulfide can appear. At disturbance of functions of kidneys the urine smell sometimes appears. Often person feels that the morning smell from a mouth after alcohol intake awful, and tries to clean teeth that to get rid of it. But such procedure practically does not help in this case.

Неприятный запах изо рта утромFrom a mouth in the morning, and also constant bad aroma for all day also diseases of internals (kidneys, a liver, a stomach) can provoke an unpleasant smell. To eliminate this phenomenon, it is initially necessary to understand why the smell appeared and to cure a basic disease. And in this case the help of the specialist is unambiguously necessary. By the way, the acetone smell from the adult's mouth, and, sometimes happens, as the child, can testify to an initial stage of development of a diabetes mellitus. Therefore at the first signs of stale breath by acetone it is necessary to send for consultation to the doctor. He will appoint the necessary researches to understand why it occurs.

Often how to clean a stench from a mouth, those who carry dentures reflect. In this case the reasons of emergence of an unpleasant smell are, as a rule, simple: the wrong care of prostheses that promotes proliferation of bacteria. To understand how to get rid of such phenomenon, it is necessary to wash just more carefully and often prostheses. They need to be cleaned initially from outer side, and then from internal. If it helps, so no additional problems exist.

There are also other reasons of a smell from a mouth. People who smoke very often have a fetor which people around feel is very expressed. Such unpleasant aroma can be a miscellaneous — to remind a smell of urine or even began to smell a calla. If the stomach badly works for the smoking person at the same time also, then from a mouth the strong acid smell is sometimes caught. It is impossible to overcome such unpleasant phenomenon, unfortunately, as means which helps in this case, does not exist. The only method to win against a decay smell — completely to leave off smoking.

The putrefactive smell from a mouth arises at those who suffer from emergence of traffic jams in almonds. Why the smell from a mouth appears in that case, it is very simple to understand: such traffic jams lead to active reproduction of bacteria. That the rotten smell disappeared, it is necessary just to remove traffic jams by means of washing or procedure of vacuum suction.

On emergence of a smell from a mouth, of course, also what we eat influences. If disturbs the person why smells from a mouth of acid or stale aroma, it has to analyze that he ate recently. If to eat several days stale food or low-quality products, then and breath becomes stale. In the mornings in that case even breath can be felt as ammonia. It is natural what at abuse of alcohol from a mouth will constantly strike alcohol. And after long observance of a low-carbohydrate diet at the person the acetone smell from a mouth can be felt.

How to overcome an unpleasant smell from a mouth?

Ужасная вонь изо ртаIf to consider, a basic reason of a bad smell are those bacteria which are in a mouth of the person, treatment of a smell from a mouth, first of all, has to be in watching hygiene of an oral cavity of a mouth carefully and regularly. To remove a smell from a mouth, it is necessary to reduce quantity of such bacteria.

However it is worth knowing also other important points. The matter is that those substances which provoke emergence of an unpleasant smell are formed after the use of proteinaceous food. Therefore vegetarians have a question much less often how to clean a smell from a mouth. If to include in a diet it is as much as possible fruit and vegetables and to reduce quantity of proteinaceous food a little, then bacteria in an oral cavity will become much less, and the question of how in general to clean a smell from a mouth, perhaps, will be solved by itself.

It is not less important to clear carefully gums and teeth, using for these purposes not only a toothbrush, but also a thread for toothbrushing, and also special mouthwash. By the way, in the course of a chishcheniya of teeth every day it is necessary to clean also very well and all surface of language. Periodically it is worth visiting also the specialist who will professionally clean teeth. It will promote reduction of quantity of a plaque.

It is regularly necessary to visit the stomatologist as problems with teeth can initially be imperceptible, and the doctor will define them at once and will help to get rid of them at an early stage. The doctor can also advise to remove a dental calculus of which it is impossible to get rid without the professional help.

Besides, the doctor can give simple, but very effective recommendations of what to do if smells from a mouth. If in the morning or during day from a mouth strongly smells of decay, it is worth trying to increase amount of the drunk water. In case of a lack of liquid it is allocated much less saliva why smells from a mouth even stronger. However, if at the person, for example, smells of acetone from a mouth, it will hardly help.

To accelerate production of saliva, it is possible to stimulate this process by means of chewing. It is the best of all to chew periodically mint, parsley, fennel. If to choose a chewing gum for these purposes, then it is necessary to know precisely that it does not contain sugar. Sugar promotes development of caries.

It is possible to try to rinse a mouth different infusions and broths of herbs from time to time. It is infusion of fennel, leaves of a wormwood and mint, a grass of a camomile and a St. John's Wort, oak bark. As a last resort, it is worth rinsing a mouth usual water.

That breath was fresh, it is useful to drink green tea as it contains antioxidant the catechin capable to destroy bacteria in a mouth. Also it is regularly worth eating natural yogurts, pears, apples, berries.

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