Lock at pregnancy

The lock is a state at which the person cannot for three days and more empty intestines. Very often locks are noted at pregnant women on different terms of incubation of the kid.

How the lock at pregnancy is shown?

There are data that two third future mothers complain of a lock during pregnancy periodically. After the birth of the child of a problem with bowel emptying every third woman notes. The lock at pregnancy is followed by periodic abdominal pains, feeling of incomplete release of intestines. Abdominal distention, a constant abdominal murmur, nausea, feeling of bitterness in a mouth, weakness can be also noted. Sometimes the lock at the pregnant woman is complicated by development of hemorrhoids. At the same time in Calais there can be blood streaks, hemorrhoidal nodes appear. In that case the woman often suffers from strong pain.

Why the lock at pregnancy is shown?

There are several factors influencing a condition of a gastrointestinal tract of the woman during pregnancy. During incubation of the child in an organism there are essential changes. Locks develop as a result of hormonal changes. Hormone the progesterone which is actively produced by the pregnant woman's organism considerably slows down digestive processes. Besides, the muscles of intestines of future mother are reduced not so actively as it is necessary for its normal work. Intestines and a uterus of the woman have the general innervation therefore too active peristaltics could provoke strong reductions of a uterus. Therefore, in such a way the organism prevents abortions and premature births.

In the second half of the period of incubation of a fruit intestines are squeezed significantly by the increased uterus. As a result, the blood stream is broken, and in the vessels located in a small pelvis there is a venous stagnation. Hemorrhoids and disturbances of an otkhozhdeniye a calla can turn out to be consequence of such phenomenon.

One more factor provoking locks at the woman's pregnant women – constant stresses. Future mother cannot brag of emotional stability. Emotional explosions and psychological disbalance leads to frequent emergence of locks. After the delivery, when the emotional condition of young mother is gradually stabilized, and the hormonal balance becomes same as before pregnancy, work of intestines is normalized.

How to get rid of a lock at pregnancy?

Запор на поздних сроках беременностиThe women suffering from problems with work of intestines should not make independently the decision how to treat a lock at pregnancy. During pregnancy the doctor has to appoint any medicine for a lock. About what to do if the lock at pregnancy disturbs the woman almost constantly it is possible to consult to the gynecologist who regularly watches a condition of the woman.

There is a number of the indirect signs testimonial of conception approach. Some women believe that sometimes very strong lock – a sign of pregnancy rather one of signs. To define whether really there was a conception, the test in that case will help. It is better to make it as soon as possible. It is thoughtless to take a pill for a lock on early durations of gestation, and also it is undesirable to apply folk remedies from a lock at pregnancy.

Considering the fact that locks and abdominal pains – a frequent problem of future mothers, doctors can give a lot of advice on the subject of how to get rid of locks at pregnancy. Concerns the woman expecting replenishment many questions connected with her state of health. In particular, often patients are interested whether it is possible to make an effort at locks at pregnant women. The doctor will tell in more detail about what to do at locks at pregnancy and what it is necessary to refrain from.

It is not recommended to accept laxative drugs and candles from a lock at pregnancy as their use increases risk of an abortion on early terms. Such drugs are provoked by manifestation of the speeded-up liquid chair, abdominal pains of skhvatkoobrazny character that can threaten the normal course of pregnancy.

Правильное питание при запорах при беременностиTherefore the answer to a question how to fight against a lock at pregnancy, it is necessary to look for, first of all, in change of a daily diet. Future mother should use every day enough cellulose which promotes more active bowel emptying. It is regularly important to include in a diet of a dish from carrots, vegetable marrows, beets, pumpkin and other fruit and vegetables. It is very useful to use fermented milk products, to add fats of a plant origin to dishes. Also it is recommended to include pearl barley, buckwheat, thoughts, oat bran in a diet. And here it is better to abstain from the use of strong tea, coffee, chocolate, cream of wheat, polished rice, white loaf, and also other products having the fixing impact on an organism.

It is a lot of councils how to eliminate unpleasant feelings and how to cure a lock at the pregnant woman, is in traditional medicine.

For example, it is possible to prepare infusion from prunes, the gulf of 100 g of plums by two glasses of boiled water. It is necessary to draw plums about 10 hours then infusion needs to be drunk on a half of a glass before meal. Plums are eaten too – they have laxative influence.

If the woman suffers from strong abdominal distention, a meteorism, pain, it is possible to drink daily the tea made from leaves of mint, flowers of a camomile, fennel seeds. The doctor can recommend reception of absorbent carbon, however without consultation with the doctor it is better not to practice such treatment.

It is recommended to drink on an empty stomach in the morning a glass of cold water or to drink tea from fennel before a breakfast.

The pregnant woman should pay attention and to the general rules of way of life. It is not necessary to lift heavy objects. At the same time physical activity is shown to pregnant women: the exercises directed to strengthening of muscles of a pelvic bottom are especially important in this case. Moderate physical activity promotes activation of a vermicular movement of intestines.

At strong locks doctors sometimes recommend to use candles with sea-buckthorn oil or with glycerin. However such means need to be applied with care as they can provoke noticeable strengthening of a vermicular movement, afterwards leads hundred to uterus spasms.

Как бороться с запором при беременности?Also such candles from a lock after the delivery are used if work of a gastrointestinal tract at young mother is not normalized throughout a long time. If this problem brings essential discomfort, it is necessary to ask the doctor how to get rid of locks after the delivery. The specialist taking into account specific features of a current of a puerperal period will give advice what to do if the lock after the delivery is a regular problem.

Very often the women who just gave birth to the kid face unpleasant displays of hemorrhoids. If at hemorrhoids defecation with blood is noted and at the same time pains torment, behind the answer to a question why it occurs and what to do, it is necessary to go not to a forum, and to the specialist. The doctor, first of all, will advise what has to be a diet, considering breastfeeding and problems with intestines. Also he can appoint the medicamentous means which are fixing a problem of locks and removing an exacerbation of hemorrhoids. It is important to the feeding woman to watch that drug intake did not provoke allergic reactions at the kid carefully.

Not to allow manifestation of locks at pregnancy and after the delivery, it is necessary to treat methods of prevention of this phenomenon seriously. First of all, it is necessary to follow the rules of a balanced diet. Every day it is necessary to include liquid dishes in the menu, it is obligatory to eat many fruit and vegetables, fermented milk products.

Special attention is paid on drinking regime of future mother. The woman has to drink so much how many she wants, not to allow feeling of acute thirst. To avoid hypostases, it is necessary to switch off salty dishes from a diet and to reduce total quantity of the consumed salt.

Locks will help to warn moderate, reasonable exercise stresses. It is impossible to lead a slow-moving life if there is no threat of abortion.

It is not necessary to apply an enema at pregnancy, to practice physiotherapeutic methods of treatment. That treatment was the most effective, it is necessary to find out the reason of a lock and to apply those methods which will help to get rid of it effectively.

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