The lock is an often found disorder of work of the alimentary system of the person.

How the lock is shown?

The disorders of work of a gastrointestinal tract conducting to problems with bowel emptying occur both at children, and at adults. Doctors say that elimination of this problem is at a loss, first of all, in connection with shyness of patients and unwillingness to tell about the problem. If the person is disturbed by very strong lock a long time, he tries to get rid of a symptom independently, uses strong laxative, thereby only aggravating a situation.

It is important to know what symptoms of a lock at adults as the person can sometimes suffer from a so-called imaginary lock at which there are difficulties with defecation, however by the nature they do not treat a lock.

It is possible to speak about a physiological lock if the patient regularly cannot empty intestines on an extent of more than 48 hours. At the same time the patient is disturbed by feeling of incomplete bowel emptying, the act of defecation is at a loss, the calla departs very little firm. The lock is diagnosed and if the chair occurs every day, however its volumes very small. In intestines of the person at which problems with bowel emptying are noted, hyposecretion is noted, the peristaltics amplifies and propulsive activity decreases.

If the healthy nutrition at locks at adults is not provided, the state can worsen over time. In particular, food at elderly people often provokes periodic problems with defecation. The wrong menu can influence work of a gastrointestinal tract of the pregnant woman, nursing mother.

At the healthy person who does not suffer from problems with intestines the frequency of defecations varies over a wide range. At most of people the act of defecation happens once a day, in more exceptional cases for the person bowel emptying once in two days is normal. If more rare or more frequent excrement passes without unpleasant feelings, pain, difficulties, then such changes are physiological. At the same time fecal masses leaves accurately issued, without impurity.

Очень сильный запорThe atonic lock which occurs owing to easing of motility of a large intestine is shown by a chair delay, swelling, overflow of a stomach, a meteorism. The person can suffer from nausea, appetite loss. Also symptoms of the general intoxication of an organism are sometimes noted. At defecation there is plentiful, issued fecal masses. Initially there is very dense portion a calla then less dense fecal masses appears. In the course of bowel emptying of the patient feels pain, emptying happens to very big work. Due to the anguishes of a mucous membrane when passing masses a calla on them bloody streaks can appear. After a lock of the person still some time pains can disturb.

If symptoms of a spastic lock are shown, then its fecal masses leaves in the form of dense lumps (so-called sheep a calla). Both the atonic, and spastic lock is followed by feeling of pressure, pains, a meteorism. If at the patient the spastic colitis is noted, he can often feel fatigue, slackness, reduced working capacity.

Sometimes frequent locks at the adult are replaced by ponosa. In this case the speech already goes about an unstable chair. At the same time at the patient also other symptoms, for example, a frequent urination can be observed. As a rule, in that case ponosa take place at an exacerbation of a disease, and locks – during remission.

The lock of urine is shown by total absence or a delay of an urination, the events owing to inflammatory processes and other diseases of urinogenital system of the person.

Why the lock is shown?

Причины появления запораAdults and the reason at children can have very different reasons of locks. Both the lock, and a diarrhea, and abdominal distention at men and women often develops owing to improper feeding. However there are many factors influencing development of a lock. Such reasons at women are often connected with incubation of the child and reorganization of an organism during pregnancy and after the delivery.

In medicine there is a classification of locks depending on the reason of their emergence.

The alimentary form of a lock is a result of improper feeding. Mainly the question how to get rid of a lock quickly and forever, disturbs those who include in a diet of very little vegetable food, vitamins, drinks not enough liquid. Problems with intestines often arise at those who eat a lot of farinaceous food and sweet.

Very often the neurogenic form of this disease meets. In this case the lock reason – disturbance of motor control of intestines. Such state is also called a syndrome of a lazy gut. Sometimes under certain circumstances of people does not pay attention to desires to defecation. As a result, the usual lock develops.

The similar situation can arise when the person goes to trips, some time lives in the place, unusual for it. Also the unwillingness to go to a toilet in connection with pain which arises at the act of defecation can become the reason of development of a neurogenic lock. Often similar problem is observed at bed patients, it is psychologically difficult to them to make the act of defecation at strangers.

Development of a hypodynamic form of a lock is connected with insufficient physical activity of the person. Most often such form of a disease is noted at elderly people, bed patients, future mothers, and also at those people who mainly lead a sedentary life.

Sometimes inflammatory diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, in particular an inflammation of a large intestine, chronic colitis are the reason of difficulties with bowel emptying.

Неприятные ощущения при запореProktogenny lock – a consequence of an acute paraproctitis, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and also other diseases. If at the person intestines tumors develop, hems on a large intestine appear, the rectum is squeezed, then development of a mechanical lock is possible. Also anomalies of development of a large intestine can be the cause of problems with emptying.

Poisonings with toxic substances, heavy metals which are, as a rule, connected with features of a profession of the person are the reasons of a toxic lock. Sometimes this form of an illness is diagnosed also for the heavy smokers who are constantly poisoning an organism with nicotine. The factor provoking a toxic form of an illness are also waste products of helminths.

The people having renal or heart failure, the lock disturbs in connection with disturbances of a water and electrolytic exchange. Similar processes are observed also at constant dehydration of an organism.

Endocrine lock – a consequence of disturbance of functions of a thyroid gland and epithelial bodies. Sometimes this symptom is present at pituitary insufficiency, at patients with a diabetes mellitus, and also at women in the period of a menopause.

Treatment by some medicines can provoke development in the person of a medicamentous form of a lock. Such impact on an organism has aspirin, spasmolysants, diuretic drugs, antidepressants, etc.

In general two basic reasons of development of locks are defined. First, it is the dyskinesia of a large intestine developing owing to disorder of coordination of reduction of intestines or disturbance of a tone of a wall of intestines. Secondly — disturbance of the act of defecation when sensitivity of a rectum and muscles of a pelvic bottom decreases.

How to get rid of a lock?

Как избавиться от запораBeing puzzled with a question how to get rid of a chronic lock at children or at adults, it is not necessary to resort to independent treatment by house means. Continuous repetition of difficulties with bowel emptying is possible also at chronic pancreatitis, and at patients at whom colitis chronic, and also other diseases of a gastrointestinal tract and the general illnesses develops. Therefore first of all it is necessary to address the specialist, to pass all appointed researches and to define the reason of a lock and its form.

Estimating the patient's condition, the doctor not only conducts survey and appoints tool and laboratory researches, but also uses in the course of an assessment of a condition of the patient the special criteria allowing to define whether really the patient suffers from a chronic lock.

Defining how to treat a lock at adults or at the baby, the attending physician shall take an interest whether the patient in house conditions such manifestations tried to treat already, than it tried to treat a lock.

Treatment of a lock demands big efforts from children and adults. In this case a lot of things depend also on the patient as, practicing treatment of a lock in house conditions, he has to observe precisely all doctor's advice and follow recommendations. Both the atonic, and spastic lock demands obligatory change of a food allowance of the person. Treatment demands especially careful control of the daily menu from elderly people of problems with emptying. Treatment of a lock folk remedies also provides the use of certain products which affect an organism as laxative.

The diet at a lock at children and adults has to be under construction so that daily at the menu there were products which stimulate activity of a large intestine. During a diet at an atonic lock it is necessary to increase in the menu the maintenance of products with food fibers. These are cereals, vegetables, fruit. It is not less important to adhere to the correct drinking mode, using daily up to 2 l of liquid in the form of teas, juice, clear water. However it is necessary to consider that at colitis and at hemorrhoids the diet has to be especially sparing as after a diet the general state of health should not worsen.

Средства от запораWhat to do if the constant lock is combined with other chronic diseases and how to optimize a diet, it is worth consulting to the doctor surely. Later during treatment it is possible to enter beet, carrots, bran into a food allowance. However it is necessary to begin treatment with a besshlakovy diet which it is necessary to observe at least a week. Especially carefully it is necessary to make a diet at the kid who suffers from locks. Such diet has to include fats, boiled vegetables, boiled meat and fish. If the dietotherapy is inefficient, and the lock proceeds for 4 days and more, then the doctor can enter flax seeds, wheat bran, drugs of fibrous substances into a diet.

It is important to limit consumption of some products surely. If it is about how to cure a lock quickly, then initially it is worth excluding completely from the menu white loaf and rich pastries, fat meat, preservation, smoked products, chocolate, strong coffee and tea. To normalize intestines, it is worth limiting consumption of semolina, vermicelli, potatoes, rice. About whether it is possible to use specific products, it is necessary to consult on the doctor as some, at first sight, useful dishes, can negatively influence work of a gastrointestinal tract of the person suffering from locks.

The young feeding mothers for whom the question is actual how to cure a lock at the baby, have to trace the diet not less fixedly. First of all, it is necessary to switch off completely those products which stimulate gas generation process. These are bean, spinach, juice from grapes and apples. It is impossible to include products which contain a large amount of essential oils in a diet.

How to fix problems with intestines in house conditions, it is possible to define only after exact definition of the reason of locks. If the diet and house means do not allow to get rid of so unpleasant symptom, then about what to do at a lock at the adult, or what to do at a lock at the baby, it is necessary to consult on the doctor. Both at the adult, and at the baby the lock can demonstrate development of serious diseases.

Sometimes the patient just goes to a drugstore and tries to learn what tablets from a lock at adults are most effective. It is impossible to rely at all on the fact that the offered tablets on herbs or chewable tablets will help to cope with a problem. If the person a long time uncontrolledly accepts even the sparing purgatives, then serious complications can be shown over time: diarrhea, inflammatory processes, severe dehydration, disturbances of processes of digestion.

It is impossible to accept purgatives without approval of the doctor at all if the lock is combined with swelling, an abdominal pain, decrease in body weight, coloring a calla blood.

Лечение слабительными препаратами при запореAll laxative medicamentous means are subdivided into several groups depending on features of their impact on an organism. It means which increase intestines contents volume the osmotic laxatives (slow down water absorption, increase contents volume in intestines) which are poorly absorbed by di - and the oligosakhara, means softening excrements, and also purgatives which increase motility of intestines.

Being interested what candles from a lock of fast action to choose, it is necessary not only to read responses, but also to define what mechanism of influence of such drugs will be the most effective in a specific case. Sometimes, if it is about need to get candles children's, then, at first sight, safe sea-buckthorn or glyceric candles are chosen. In this case not the price of a candle for children and even not efficiency of their use, but appointment of the doctor has to become the defining indicator for parents.

If it is about what medicine for a lock at elderly people will be the most efficient, it is necessary to track whether the patient of healthy nutrition adheres, whether he is treated by the drugs provoking difficulties of process of bowel emptying. Even the most effective medicines from a lock can not conceive the necessary effect if elementary recommendations of the doctor are not observed.

Choosing the best medicine for children, it is worth to remember about some national methods which can be used, previously having got approval of the doctor.

For example, good means for stimulation of work of intestines infusion from prunes from a lock is considered. It is possible to apply any recipe to preparation of such infusion how to make prunes. Qualitative prunes, and also dried apricots are suitable for compote, infusion, dried fruits can also be used in a raw state. Whether broth from prunes helps, it is possible to try to define on own experience, such drink is useful and for health in general.

Сильная боль при запореEffective house remedy from a lock at children – carrot juice which is recommended to be drunk in the morning, before a breakfast. There is an opinion and that the best folk remedies from a lock are fermented milk products. It is recommended to use one glass of fresh kefir for the night. In the morning, before meal, it is necessary to drink a glass of water of room temperature to which it is possible to add a teaspoon of olive oil. Before applying purgatives at elderly people, it is possible to try to use the methods described above.

One more often practiced method — a cleansing enema at a lock in house conditions. Medicinal enemas facilitate emptying process therefore the people suffering from locks well know how to make an enema. For this purpose oil enemas are most often applied: fish oil, vegetable oil is added to solution for an enema. How it is correct to give an enema, it is possible to learn from the detailed instruction. However it is necessary to consider that at regular locks the enema should not be a constant way of simplification of a state. Both children, and adults can do an enema only incidentally when other methods do not bring the expected result.

Locks at children of infantile age – the widespread phenomenon. To cure a lock at the baby, it is necessary to define his nature, first of all. Most often at babies the functional children's lock which proceeds not for long and passes independently is noted. In that case the child who uses children's mixes should try to change baby food. The pediatrician can advise to accept the means helping to improve very softly allocation process a calla. It is lactulose, mineral oils, children's tea with fennel, etc. Such means can be used for several weeks and even months, it is necessary to complete their reception gradually. The feeding mother has to know what products from a lock at the baby help most effectively. She needs to observe the correct drinking mode, to switch off from the menu of a dish, the provoking gas generation, fixing.

How to provide prevention of locks?

Запор у маленьких детейNot to allow emergence of difficulties with bowel emptying, important not only to balance a diet, but also to adhere to the correct diet. Not less than 5 times a day are desirable to eat food. A good preventive measure for the people inclined to locks, is periodically reception of bran. It is necessary to consider that the continuous use of grass collecting for activation of process of bowel emptying can cause strong dependence and afterwards only worsen a state.

It is important to develop an individual rhythm of bowel emptying and not to suppress desires to defecation at their emergence. It is desirable to visit every day a toilet in certain time. Positively increase of physical activity influences a condition of an organism. Thanks to physical exercises a physical activity of intestines also increases.

Sometimes for improvement of the gastrointestinal tract functions the dysbacteriosis course of treatment is shown. It is also necessary to remember that chronic locks lead to development of hemorrhoids, proctal cracks, inflammatory processes that considerably worsens afterwards a condition of the person.

Prevention at babies provides carrying out daily gymnastics, a vykladyvaniye on a tummy. The feeding mother should use every day a small amount of dried apricots, raisin, prunes. Prevention at children of problems with emptying provides also observance of the drinking mode and the use in food of the products stimulating active work of intestines.

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