Locks: treatment and prevention

Locks it is similar to system of the sewerage: only if the sewerage is faulty, we immediately address the plumber and if with health it is unimportant, for some reason we hesitate of it.

Hemorrhoids, inflammations of pelvic area which will not respond to treatment can turn out to be consequence of not treated locks. And such diseases as an idiopathic hypertensia, colitis, gastritis, a neurasthenia just do not recover if not to get rid before of locks.

Alimentary locks can arise because of the wrong and irregular diet. For example, you a long time eat the same food or drink insufficient amount of liquid. Products which do not contain a cellulose become "provokers" of locks.

Nervous diseases and stresses can also become the reason of locks. At dyskinesia of a large intestine there are inflammations in one of departments: for example, in sigma or a rectum. Tumors, commissures of guts, adenoma of a prostate become premises to emergence of mechanical locks.

Contact of the person with poisonous chemicals or drug taking can provoke emergence of toxic locks. The hormonal type of a lock arises at diseases of ovaries at women and a thyroid gland. Atonic locks arise at a mucous atony of tissues of intestines: it weak muscles of a press, muscles and disturbance of a blood-groove promote.

It is possible to cure a lock only by means of elimination of emergence of the reason of a lock, and also in parallel it is necessary to carry out treatment of diseases of abdominal organs.

How to get rid of a lock?

It is necessary to begin with cleaning of an organism. It is possible to choose cleaning across Malakhov or Semenov. It is obligatory to complete a course of cleansing enemas: and, the locks are stronger and is longer, the it is longer necessary to carry out treatment. Frequency of carrying out klizmenny procedures depends on weight of a lock: beginning from two weekly and finishing with daily clarifications.

Some patients are afraid of the fact that will not be able after to defecate without the aid of an enema. On the contrary: after a course of enemas you get rid of inflammatory processes in intestines, improve activity of nerve centers, strengthen intestines muscles. After such complex treatment work of an organism will return to normal.

It is very useful to carry out clarification by means of mini-enemas from grass infusions. This procedure at proctites is recommended. Liquid temperature in microclysters – about 23-25 degrees. If treatment is carried out at the diagnosis "neurogenic colitis", then water temperature can reach 38 degrees. Grass enemas do during the period from 7 to 9 o'clock in the morning or in the evening several hours prior to a dream. The microclyster is done an hour later after usual cleaning procedure. The cleansing enema will require about two liters of water, for microclysters – to 100 milliliters.

Not to do without folk remedies which strengthen a peristaltics of intestines and work in an enveloping way. Red beet in any kind: boiled, stewed, baked. The good laxative effect gives juice of crude beet. It is necessary to take it on a half-glass twice a day for half an hour to food. Juice of carrots affects softly and gently intestines. It is useful to use carrot juice, both to adults, and children. It is possible to drink on an empty stomach 1/3 glasses. Juice of crude potatoes is also drunk on an empty stomach, also it can be combined with juice of a celery and to accept one fourth glasses several times a day.

The excellent laxative effect gives broth of seeds of an anise. Make it in a proportion a tablespoon of seeds on a glass of water. It is necessary to boil broth five minutes, and to insist – six hours. Use for half an hour to food on one third of a glass.


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