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  • Latin name: Jeanine
  • ATH code: G03AA14
  • Active ingredient: Ethinylestradiol (Ethinylestradiol) + Diyenogest (Dienogest)
  • Producer: Bayer Pharma (Germany)


As active components 2 mg of a diyenogest and 30 mkg of ethinylestradiol are Zhanin's part.

In addition to these substances as a part of tablets there are lactose in the form of monohydrate, a potato starch, magnesium stearate, talc, gelatin. The cover is made with use of sucrose, a dextrose, macrogoal 35000, calcium carbonate, a polividon, titanium dioxide, karnaubsky wax.

Release form

Dragee with smooth, white color a surface. Jeanine's drug is packaged in blisters on 21 dragees. One pack from a cardboard can contain 1 or 3 blisters.

Pharmacological action

Monophase contraceptive tablets with anti-androgenic activity.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Action of a dragee is directed to oppression of secretion of gonadotropic hypophyseal hormones, braking of maturing of follicles and suppression of an ovulation. Against use of drug viscosity of the slime filling the cervical channel increases that creates obstacles for penetration of spermatozoa into a uterine cavity.

Reception of a dragee of Jeanine is followed by normalization of a menstrual cycle, reduction of morbidity of periods and intensity of allocations thanks to what the risk of development of the anemia connected with deficit of iron significantly decreases.

Diyenogest — the gestagenny component of drug is derivative a nortestosterona. Clinical trials of use of this substance for patients with an acne illness allowed to establish its expressed anti-androgenic activity. Besides, diyenogest it is characterized by ability to increase concentration of LP of high density in blood.

After p/os of reception of 1 dragee diyenogest it is quickly and fully soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract. Plasma concentration reaches a maximum 2 hours 30 minutes later. The indicator of absolute bioavailability is at the level of 96% (and the specified value remains also in a combination with an oestrogenic component of tablets of Jeanine).

About 1/10 of the accepted dose of a diyenogest remains in plasma in a free form, other 90% nonspecific contact albumine. Substance does not contact specific transport proteins. And it caused the fact that it does not force out cortisol and testosterone from bonds with KSG and GSPG, respectively.

The effect of the first passage is insignificant. The formed products of a metabolism are inactive.

The period of semi-life of a diyenogest at a single dose — about 9 hours, at repeated — about 10. After intake a little more than 85% of a dose are removed in 6 days (about a half — within the first days).

After reception p/os ethinylestradiol is quickly and fully soaked up from a digestive tract, the indicator of the maximum plasma concentration is reached in the next 1,5-4 hours after reception of one dragee.

Substance is exposed to effect of the first passage, than its low bioavailability is caused (this indicator usually does not exceed 44%).

In a free form in plasma there are about 1,5% of ethinylestradiol, about 98,5% of substance contact albumine. Ethinylestradiol strengthens biosynthesis of KSG and GSPG, without contacting at the same time the specified transport proteins.

After reception of one dragee the period of semi-life of ethinylestradiol makes 10 hours. After three cycles of use of drug it raises till 15 o'clock.

From 30 to 50% of products of a metabolism are removed with urine, about 30-40% — with intestines contents.

Indications to use

Drug is used as means of hormonal contraception, for treatment of an acne illness, elimination of manifestations of a hirsutism, at an androgenic alopecia and seborrhea.


Contraindications to use of contraceptive tablets are:

  • vein thromboses and arteries (including in the anamnesis; including including TELA, TGV, a myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular frustration);
  • the states preceding thrombosis (including in the anamnesis; for example, stenocardia or attacks of focal or all-brain frustration connected with disturbance of cerebral blood circulation);
  • the diabetes mellitus proceeding with vascular complications;
  • heavy and/or multiple factors against which the risk of a vein thrombosis or arteries increases;
  • severe forms of diseases of a liver (including in the anamnesis; reception of means is allowed only if indicators of tests of a liver meet standard);
  • liver tumors;
  • the malignant diseases of mammary glands or bodies of a reproductive system caused by an imbalance of hormones (and also suspicion on them);
  • vaginal bleedings of not specified etiology;
  • the established or expected pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to the substances which are contained in a dragee.

Side effects of Zhanin

The most frequent side effects of reception estrogen-gestagennykh of kontartseptiv for oral administration are:

  • increase in the sizes and intensity of mammary glands, their morbidity, and also emergence of allocations from them;
  • bloody allocations from a genital tract of various intensity (can be as smearing, and to have character of bleedings of break);
  • headaches (migraine attacks are also possible);
  • lability of mood;
  • change of a libido;
  • deterioration in portability of contact lenses;
  • vision disorders;
  • abdominal pain;
  • nausea;
  • enanthesis;
  • vomiting;
  • changes of nature of vulval allocations;
  • knotty (nodose) or multiformny erythema;
  • cholestatic jaundice;
  • generalized itch;
  • fluctuations of weight;
  • liquid delay;
  • allergic reactions.

Sometimes side effects of Zhanin are expressed as increase of plasma concentration of triglycerides, diarrhea, increased fatigue, decrease in tolerance to carbohydrates, hloazma (in particular the risk of focal hyperpegmentation at women at whom the hloazma appeared during pregnancy is high).

As well as the other combined hormonal contraceptives for oral administration, Jeanine can become the reason of thrombosis or a thromboembolism.

Contraceptive tablets of Jeanine, application instruction

Jeanine's tablets are intended for regular reception, disturbance of the standard scheme of use provokes intermenstrual bleedings, and also reduces a contraceptive and therapeutic effectiveness of means.

According to the application instruction of Zhanin, accept daily washing down with water in the priority specified on packaging. One cycle consists of 21 days of reception of a dragee and 7 days of a break during which (usually for the 2 or 3 day) at the woman menstrualnopodobny bleeding begins. Sometimes bleeding of cancellation does not stop prior to reception of a dragee from new packaging.

How to accept the first time of a tablet of Jeanine?

If last month the woman was not protected by hormonal drugs, then dragees begin to drink from 1 day of a menstrual cycle (in the first day of bleeding). If reception is begun from 2 to 5 days of a cycle for a week after reception of the first tablet it is necessary to use barrier contraceptives.

How it is correct to accept drug upon transition from other contraceptives?

Upon transition from other combined hormonal means reception of a dragee is begun next day after the last pill with active agents of the previous drug is taken.

Reception has to be begun not later:

  • the next day after a standard week break (if the woman used the drug containing 21 dragees);
  • the next day after reception of the last dragee -" placebo" (if packaging No. 28 is used).

Upon transition from gestagenny drug (an implant, mini-saw, injection contraceptives) dragees begin to accept without interruption:

  • in any day if transition is carried out with mini-saw;
  • from day when the next injection was planned if transition is carried out from contraceptives in pricks;
  • in day of removal of an implant.

In all above-mentioned cases in the first week of reception of a dragee of Jeanine it is necessary to use barrier contraceptives.

Regulations of Admission after the delivery or abortion

After abortion in its first 13 weeks, drug can begin to be accepted immediately. Additional contraception at the same time is not necessary.

After abortion on term between 14 and 27 weeks, and also if pregnancy comes to the end with childbirth, reception of a dragee is begun for 21-28 days. If the first dragee is accepted later, in the first week of administration of drug it is necessary to use barrier contraceptives.

If during the period between administration of drug and childbirth/abortion the sexual relations took place, before Zhanin's reception it is necessary to exclude probability of pregnancy or to wait for the first monthly.

How to drink a dragee in case of their admission?

The passed dragee should be accepted as soon as possible, following from packaging — in usual time. Delay for less than 12 hours does not reduce contraceptive effect of drug.

Breaks between reception of tablets should not be more than 7 days as in 7 days of continuous use of means adequate suppression of funkitsonalny activity of system a hypothalamus-hypophyses-ovaries is reached.

If delay exceeds 12 hours in the first 14 days of administration of drug, the following dragee is accepted at once when remember it (even if it assumes reception at the same time of 2 dragees). In the next 7 days it is necessary to use barrier contraceptives.

What the bigger quantity of a dragee is passed by and the admission is closer to a standard week break, the higher at the woman risk to become pregnant.

If delay more than for 12 hours happened from 15 to 21 days of administration of drug, the following dragee needs to be accepted at once when remember it (even if it assumes reception at the same time of 2 dragees).

Further reception is continued as usual and at the same time. In 7 days following after the admission it is necessary to use barrier contraceptives. In addition, reception of a dragee from new packaging will need to be begun at once when ends previous, i.e. without maintaining a seven-day break.

Usually cancellation bleeding in that case does not begin before the second packaging is finished. Nevertheless, the probability of emergence of the smearing bloody allocations and even breakthrough bleedings is not excluded.

Absence of bleeding of cancellation after the admission of a dragee during the seven-day period, free from Jeanine's reception, yavlyaetya the basis to assume pregnancy.

Vomiting ranging from three after reception of a dragee reduces till four o'clock absorption of active agents of drug. In that case it is necessary to be guided by recommendations at the admission of tablets.

If the woman is not going to change the usual scheme of reception, if necessary it is recommended to accept an additional dragee from the following packaging.

To delay the beginning of cyclic bleeding, drug continues to be accepted continuously, using new packaging. It is possible to accept a dragee from a new pack as long as it will be wanted by the woman (up to that time, the pack will not end yet). At this time the smearing allocations and bleedings of break are possible.

Reception from the next pack is begun after a week break.

How it is long possible to accept Jeanine? If means is well transferred, it can be used so many years how many the need for contraception remains.

Jeanine and endometriosis

The exact origin of endometriosis is not established, it is known only that not the last role in development of pathological process is played by a hormonal imbalance. Efficiency of drug at endometriosis is caused by the mechanism of its action.

In the second phase of a cycle after an ovulation is noted the strengthened preparation of bodies of reproductive system for pregnancy, one of manifestations of which growth of a mucous uterus is.

Jeanine interferes with an ovum exit from an ovary (that is ovulations), and, therefore, reduces expressiveness of posleovulyatsionny changes of an endometria of a uterus.

For what tablets are appointed at endometriosis?

According to the instruction, effect of drug of Jeanine is directed to stopping of pain, normalization of the broken cycle, reduction of intensity of bleedings, that is to elimination of symptoms which are main (though not only) at endometriosis.

Release of blood at monthly is normal caused by the fact that mucous formed in the second half of a cycle is torn away, and at the same time vessels are damaged. As Jeanine suppresses an ovulation, the endometria not so actively expands, respectively, fabrics do not inflame around and do not squeeze nervous trunks.

Besides, as well as any hormonal means, drug allows to normalize a cycle, having made it strictly periodic.

How to accept at endometriosis?

Jeanine it is effective both at genital, and at extragenital (out of generative organs) endometriosis. Components of drug show high activity an organism that allows to use them in minimum possible dose.

Several schemes of use of drug of Jeanine at endometriosis are developed. At the same time for each woman the doctor has to select treatment individually.

In some cases it is considered it expedient to drink a dragee according to the contraceptive scheme: on one in day, from the first day of a cycle. After three cycles "21 days of reception + 7 days of a break" the patient should make tests on coagulability of blood, to carry out control of a condition of the centers of endometriosis, and also to estimate a functional condition of a liver on biochemical analysis of blood.

Administration of drug according to the prolonged scheme according to which the dragee should be accepted continuously for 63 or 84 days in a row is also possible, and then to take a week break.

In addition to direct influence of active components of drug on fabrics and bodies, at such scheme of treatment drug reduces quantity of menstrual bleedings (instead of 3-4 one usually passes) that also favorably affects a condition of the patient.

Comments of doctors on Zhanin at endometriosis testify to high performance of drug. Their statements confirm also results of numerous researches and experience of practical application: according to the statistics, use of drug allows to achieve positive takes approximately in 85% of cases.

Besides, specialists note that Jeanine is well acquired in an organism (the indicator of its bioavailability makes 90%) and rather seldom provokes side effects.


Symptoms of overdose are nausea, vomiting, emergence of the smearing bloody allocations from a genital tract or bleedings of various degree of intensity.

Therapy — symptomatic. Drug has no antidote.


The concomitant use of contraceptive tablets of Jeanine with the means inducing microsomal enzymes of cells of a liver (including barbiturates, hydantoins, Rifampicin, Carbamazepine, Primidonum and probably Topiramat, Griseofulvin, Felbamat), provokes increase of clearance of a diyenogest and ethinylestradiol that can become the reason of decrease in contraceptive effect.

As a rule, the maximum activity of enzymes of a liver is noted 2-3 weeks later after an initiation of treatment by the specified means, however, it can be noted on an extent of the next 4 weeks after end of a course.

Against Zhanin's use in a combination with drugs of an ampitsillinovy and tetracycline row concentration of ethinylestradiol decreases.

It is necessary to remember that women who accept any of above-mentioned means a short course in addition should use barrier contraceptives throughout the entire period of treatment and within 7 days after its end.

If the woman receives medical treatment for Rifampicin, then the need for use of additional measures of contraception remains within full 4 weeks after its end. If the accompanying therapy is begun at the end of reception of packaging of hormonal tablets, following it is necessary to begin, without maintaining a usual break.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the place, hardly accessible for children, at a temperature no more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

36 months.

Special instructions

Use of drug of Jeanine is contraindicated before a menarche and after approach of a climax.

In a row a case use of drugs of sex hormones can become the reason of development of tumors in a liver. Increase in the sizes of a liver, severe pains in a stomach, and also symptoms of intraperitoneal bleeding without fail it is necessary to consider when carrying out the differential diagnosis.

Let's accept Jeanine's drug can be followed by irregular bleedings (both in the form of the smearing allocations, and in the form of break bleedings), in particular in the first months of therapy. In this regard the assessment of irregular bleedings should be carried out only after the adaptation period which makes about 3 cycles.

If such bleedings repeat or arise after the previous regular cycles, it is necessary to look for the non-hormonal reason. Diagnosis is carried out with the purpose to exclude existence at the patient of a malignant new growth or pregnancy. In some cases carrying out a diagnostic scraping can be required.

Jeanine does not protect from STD and HIV infection.


Generics: Zhenetten, Diyetsiklen, Siluyet, Bonade.

Zhanin's analogs on the action mechanism: Belara, Yarin, Dailla, Midiana, Jes, Logest, Evra, Lindinet 30, Mersilon, Marvelon, Egestrenol, Femoden, Oralkon, Dimia.

Jeanine or Siluet — what is better? Drugs of Jeanine and Siluet are structural analogs, that is in their structure as active components there are identical substances at an identical dosage, they have identical the mechanism of action, the indication and contraindication.

Means are issued the different companies and have essential difference in the price, the Silhouette is approximately half cheaper than the analog.

That it is better: Klayra or Jeanine?

Basis of drug of Klayr make diyenogest and oestradiol valerate (substance, being the predecessor developed by a human body 17β-эстрадиола). At each packaging there are tablets of 5 types which differ in composition of active components and their concentration.

The ethinylestradiol which is contained in Jeanine's dragee shows big metabolic stability unlike the oestrogenic making Klayra, however at the same time exerts also more expressed impact on a liver.

The mechanism of action of Klayra is caused by ability of its active components to suppress an ovulation and to change properties of cervical slime. Besides, drug reduces morbidity and intensity of bleedings during periods, interferes with development of an iron deficiency anemia, reduces risk of development of cancer of ovaries and cancer of an endometria.

That it is better: To Jeanine or Diana 35?

Diane-35 represents a combination of a tsiproteron (2 mg) and ethinylestradiol (35 mkg). If Jeanine is appointed mainly for contraception at women with endometriosis, then use of Diane-35 is reasonable for contraception at the women having the expressed androgenization signs.

Jeanine or Vizanna — what is better?

As a part of Vizann's drug as active component is present 2 mg of the micronized diyenogest. Drug is intended for treatment of endometriosis. For achievement of therapeutic effect a pill is taken within half a year.

The main indication to use of drug of Jeanine is contraception (in particular contraception at women with endometriosis).

According to the doctors and patients who were receiving medical treatment for both drugs, treatment of endometriosis by Zhanin not always is so effective as treatment using Vizanna. Besides, the last often is better had and provokes smaller quantity of side effects.

Asking a question on what after all drug to stop the choice, it is necessary to remember that the organism of each woman is individual, besides, in each case also indications to use can differ. In this regard the specialist has to appoint this or that means.


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  • Jeanine No. 21х3 a drazheshering Gmbh and To. Produktsions KG

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