Rather often children and adults are disturbed by heat. The symptom is connected either with fervescence, or with periodic feeling that sharply goes hot the person.

How heat is shown?

Adults at many diseases complain of manifestation of a state when often goes hot and feels sick, at the same time there is no increased temperature. As a rule, these symptoms are shown so: sharply goes hot the person, he suddenly has a feeling as if all body pours a hot wave. Cheeks begin to burn strongly, heartbeat becomes frequent. Sometimes only goes hot, and sweat begins to be emitted very actively too. Most often goes hot women as this symptom is connected with hormonal changes. So, goes hot women at pregnancy, in the period of a menopause.

In certain cases the people suffering from manifestation of this symptom note what goes hot them, in cold that strengthens unpleasant feelings. Even during a dream goes hot at night those who constantly suffer from this feeling. At some diseases sharp emergence of heat in separate bodies and parts of a body is noted.

Goes hot the child at fervescence. Most often temperature sharply increases at catarrhal diseases. Then this symptom is accompanied by other symptoms of a catarrhal disease — cough, cold, weakness, dizziness , etc. However sometimes heat and fervescence at the child is a symptom of more serious diseases. Therefore at manifestation of heat at the child it is necessary to see surely a doctor to make the correct diagnosis and to provide timely treatment.

Why heat is shown?

If goes hot the person, then such manifestation, first of all, demonstrates disturbances in functioning of an organism, and also about problems in its separate systems and bodies. For example, the heat reasons in legs are often connected with strong fatigue of extremities. However the heat reasons in a body and, in particular, in legs can consist also in development of diseases of vessels, joints, allergic reactions, a diabetes mellitus, etc. People feel inflow in spin at backbone diseases, gynecologic illnesses, after the postponed injuries, etc.

But most often the heat reasons in a body are connected with the general disturbance of regulatory processes in an organism owing to what functions of vegetovascular system are broken. Because of this phenomenon often throws in heat of women at whom the hormonal balance in an organism is broken. However not always feelings of heat in the head, in a stomach are connected only with pregnancy or with a menstrual pause. Sometimes heat — a symptom which is noted against hormonal disturbances even at young girls. As a rule, it occurs before the ovulation period. Therefore to answer a question why constantly goes hot, it is possible only after careful inspection.

This symptom are often observed at people at whom work of a thyroid gland is broken owing to what there is an insufficient production of the hormones regulating functions of an organism.

Бросает в жарWhy the head goes hot and is turned, it is not always possible to answer, investigating only the hormonal status of an organism. Sometimes attacks of heat are shown also at other diseases. So, notable heat is noted at sharp increase of arterial pressure which happens at an idiopathic hypertensia. Races ABP are characteristic also of vegeto-vascular dystonia. Periodic manifestations of heat and inflow occurs after too strong exercise and emotional stresses, after severe and long vomiting. These processes negatively influence an organism owing to what such reaction is noted.

Heat at the child can arise owing to the different reasons. At children of the first year of life of manifestation of heat can be connected with dehydration, overheating of an organism. However most often heat and the increased body temperature are a consequence of the infectious diseases affecting an organism. By means of the increased body temperature the immune system tries to protect an organism from attack of viruses and bacteria. Therefore parents should not try to remove at once high temperature at the child if indicators of a thermometer are not too high (to 38 degrees).

How to get rid of heat?

Жар у детейIf attacks of sudden heat appear at the person situationally, once in several months, then such manifestations should not cause special concern. As a rule, they are connected with a stress, a physical overstrain. However at systematic manifestation of heat in all body or in separate bodies it is necessary to define what reason provoked such symptom. For this purpose the doctor appoints necessary researches. As a rule, first of all the level of hormones is investigated.

If it is about a menstrual pause and about the inflow of heat connected with a climax, then to the woman medicines which promote increase of level of estrogen are appointed. If it is about a heat during pregnancy, then in that case drug treatment is not carried out. It is necessary to conduct quiet and a healthy lifestyle during incubation of the child. After the delivery gradually all unpleasant symptoms disappear on the course of recovery of a normal hormonal background.

At an idiopathic hypertensia of people has to control regularly strictly the level of arterial pressure, receive medical treatment for the drugs reducing pressure or to accept them constantly.

At vegeto-vascular dystonia of people can reduce quantity of such attacks if leads a life which will not worsen its state. It is important to reduce to an overload minimum, stresses.

If the child has a heat what to do in that case, depends on the reason which provoked this symptom. If goes hot the child or at him temperature for no apparent reason rises, it is necessary to pass surely all researches and to establish the reason of this phenomenon.

Heat at children which appears owing to catarrhal diseases needs to be removed if body temperature very high, and it brings to the kid discomfort. At temperature increase at the baby independent treatment cannot be practiced at all. How to remove heat at the child about one year, only the pediatrician after survey has to define.

Жар и большая температураIf there is a question how to remove heat at the child in 3 years and is more senior, and it is about a catarrhal disease, it is important to adhere to some recommendations. It is necessary to provide surely to the kid correct the drinking mode: it is important to drink enough warm liquid (water, compote, light tea). It is not necessary to wrap up the child too strongly. Also doctors do not recommend to pound a body of the kid liquids which contain alcohol as alcohol is soaked up in an organism through skin. The child at whom body temperature rose does not need to be awoken. In a dream the organism struggles with an infection more effectively.

If folk remedies from temperature and heat do not help, this symptom is removed by means of medicines. Antipyretics need to be given to the child in such doses that temperature did not fall too low. It is quite enough to lower of it to indicators 37,5 — 38o degrees. In such state the child already feels well. Febrifugal drugs can use no more than 1-2 days as their regular reception can "grease" symptoms owing to what development of a serious infectious disease can remain unnoticed. If treatment by means of antibiotics is carried out, febrifugal drugs, as a rule, are not appointed.

As a rule, children are recommended to remove high temperature of a body by means of drugs on the basis of paracetamol or an ibuprofen. At the same time it is necessary to know that effect of paracetamol more short-term. Means on the basis of paracetamol and an ibuprofen are released in drugstores without recipes. If body temperature at the child remains very high throughout a long time, it is necessary to lead surely it on consultation to the doctor not to miss the beginning of serious diseases.

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